Friday, September 23, 2011

Everyone Is In The Kool-Aid

Dan-YELLA: "Awe, I'm flattered you think that I am pretty much the only person making sense in this town right now. Morris keeps me sane. He gives me advice at night to help get me through this Todd situation. I don't know what I'd do without Morris."

Ah! Friday is FINALLY here! I'm so glad cause I have a short week next week...woo hoo! Anyway, I don't know how long my post will be. I don't know what happened on the show but I heard all 3 Ford brothers are in the sauna together and well...let's be serious...that will no doubt make the show suck. Ok let's do this...

Thursday, September 22nd--Marty Is Back In Control And Won't Let Hope Substitute For Her Anymore. Plus, Hope Said To Hell With It...Show Is Terrible Right Now.

OH.EM.GEE. Y'all are they FOR REAL in this first scene?! I mean...are the writers for real?! Sweet Jesus someone please take me out back and beat the shit out of me. I mean...atrosh. Oh, and I could have done without seeing any of the Ford bros but especially NQS. I need him to get locked in the sauna...seriously. There is no other answer...

LOL...really Blair? You were hoping to get to Starr before she heard Todd was arrested? I'm sure you waited like 12 hours to tell her or something. I can't help but laugh at Blair's parenting skills.

Tea defend Todd. Please.

I mean...Brody has more dialogue with McBundle than anyone else on the show. Hilar.

WHY OH WHY is Rodi's playing the music from the Buenos Dias Cafe?! I hate this whiny, high pitched complaining they call music. My ear drums might rupture...

Does anyone wish Dorian's sassy self would just walk into her kitchen and be fierce and fabulous? Le sigh. I want her back! Whannn! I keep thinking she is going to surface during an episode wearing some over the top outfit and red lipstick. I'll continue to hope and dream...

That's right, Roxy. John and Natty are indeed like vodka and orange juice in the sense that you want to just get drunk so you don't have to watch them sober. WOOF! In positive news--I still like John for now and think he is uber cool. Word.

Oh f*@k...well OLTL is just really giving it to me today. Now Jess at Brody's? Dear God I cannot deal. I could be sleeping right now!!!!!

Not commenting on the Ford Brothers scenes unless one of them dies during this episode...

Blair's body is SICK! Lord have mercy...jeal. is ANYONE in this town believing NuJack?! Also, he just said "My head really killed." What? Exsqueeze me? Come again? I don't follow.

Cha ching...Shaun just got paid for a flashback. Good for him.

I want to know who did that hot air balloon picture on the fridge. I'm impressed.

I'd lurve to have beer with John some darts...then I'd like to get in a police car and we go tear up shit. How fun would that be?! I'd place Morris on top of the cop car, too. Wow...Roxy just said "holy acromony." Lawd.

LOL..."You wore them with your dress whites the night of prom." I stupid is that statement when you really think about it? Jess is talking about prom.

Maybe Morris is at Serenity Springs trying to lock the Ford brothers in the sauna...would explain his absence.

Well, I will say that I do like Starr taking up for Todd. Also, I want to choke Blair for saying she doesn't think NuJack is lying. I mean REALLY, Blair?! REALLY?

Sweet lord...I think Dan-YELLA is the only one with any sense right now out of this whole bunch. She is the only one thinking clearly. Hell, I'll even say that with this Todd situation Starr has sense, too. Ummm with the Baz situation...not so much. Oh, and Dan-YELLA for loving NQS. There...

LOL...lawd Jess can't catch a break lately and I lurve it. I'm so mean...

PEEING! Seriously I just wet my pants when John said "Hey look! Dolly Parton!" hahahaha! OMG OMG OMG...John "I love to wear black and whisper and solve crimes" McBain just made a Gary Cooper reference! As if I couldn't love this man more right now. UGH...take it back. He still loves Natalie so I'm a bit miffed.

Oh I like Jessica's coat! Should have said that already...

Don't worry Natty...John still loves you. Le woof.

Jesus...Blair is drinking more Kool-Aid than usual. I mean...only Starr is making sense in this house right now. Blair: "Who says I believe it?" JUST said that you didn't think Jack was lying in the last segment! Make up your mind...

I'm sorry but I can't help but laugh when Blair said she is a bad mother. I words. So y'all are scared y'all have lost Jack and it is too late for him? It sure his. Poor bastard didn't have a chance since the recast. Woof.

Yeah...I'm bored this episode. Also, everyone in this town is not making sense...except Dan-YELLA and Starr. John still loves Natty, Roxy is all over John about it, Brody is losing his mind and asked Natty to marry him, Blair is letting NuJack be a douche, Tea won't defend Todd...need I go on? Ford and Jess. Balls!

God Bless...that little table in the kitchen is so flippin' small! There is NO WAY two people could eat on there.

NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! My Friday just went downhill. John just admitted he still loves Natty. Cool flippin' beans. UGH. Actually, I will not let this affect my Friday. I won't. It is what it is and I knew this was coming. Moving on...

Blair...please go to sleep and get some good rest and by some miracle gain a brain during the night. Please.

Again...Tea and Dan-YELLA are so believable as a mother/daughter duo. Seriously. They really are quite fabulous.

Ugh...I mean Jessica is one of the most boring (yet beautiful) characters in all of soap history. Jesus, I want to pass out. UGH. I do love that coat though...AND those earrings!

Natty...don't be dumb. Don't accept.

LOL...John to Roxy: "Well you can back up your guns. We're done here." hahaha! See...all his wit is going to go to hell in a hand basket as soon as he gets back with Natty. Le woof.

UGH. Brody...this is the beginning of the end, little buddy. Natty ain't gonna marry you and you are now on your way to being Marty Saybrooke. Word. make-up artist just arrived and I have to run!

See y'all later!

Love y'all and mean it!



  1. HOLA!

    I have given up on giving up caffeine as of today - so not worth the missing brain cell boost. I offer that as my only excuse for a Texan spelling Hola as Ola yesterday - sheesh!!

    Maybe that could explain Blair's lack of brain cells? She decided to kick caffeine a few years back? I dunno - her appeal has never been about big brains I guess. Still - I am willing to wait out this theory of bringing Jack around - I can have fun fantasizing that one day he will just POOF! wake up as Carmen's perfect little Jack. It makes my heart ache as well Mija - it really does, just to imagine what a different show this would be right now with that one change of actors. *sniff*

    Speaking of brains and good looks - in my next life can I be born with Dan-yella's hair follicles? PLEASE??

    I guess the criteria for hiring what's his name to play Jack is that all of Todd's kids are required to have exceptional heads of hair. They all do win on that particular account.

    Regarding your comments on Starr yesterday, we really are on the same page - it is just my nature to be very strongly bound by nostalgia. My affection for her is is tied to her being an AWESOME child. I am not sure why that hilarious spunk can't translate to being a young adult at all. But at least she is still KA and I have hopes that some life experience or another will bring back her sharper edges - only a few greats are born to play straight heroines really well - and she ain't no ES or HBS.

    Jack's acting is so bad that the weird smile he showed when Blair hugged him left me mostly confused. Is he really just happy for his Mom's trust and affection or is he self-pleased because he pulled one over on her? Who the hell can tell.

    Mija - you can't have OLTL without a solid display of Buch's. PP HAS GOT to have B&N, they HAVE to!!! And Clint!!

    I am sorely confused as to why they signed Ted King. Confused and pretty nervous as well about what that may imply. Yikes!

    Have a mah-velous weekend my dear! Here is hoping today's show is an improvement over everything else this week so far!

    Young Boots

  2. Ok I know this is going to sound odd but everytime they show irene and todd in their jail cells across from each other all i can think about is what happens when they have to go potty!

  3. @ Young Boots OLA! ;) Darling, I knew what you meant. I type up wrong shit all the time. Speaking of, I feel like I'm getting sick (since everyone in my office has been) so I'm sure when I post this week I won't make sense. You are so right...Blair's appeal hasn't been about her brains. I'm just miffed with this damn NuJack thing. It really makes Blair look like an atrosh parent. Oh, and Blair didn't come across as the sharpest knife in the drawer with the Eli stuff...then she started making out with Tomas rather quickly. I'm praying Carmen surfaces. But that would be like the best news ever so I ain't holding my breath. Oh, Dan-YELLA most def has good hair. Lawd have mercy. I like a lot of women's hair on the show speaking of--Blair's (love the cut), Tea (just love her hair), Nora (lurve the color). I could go on and on. All the Manning children do have good hair...well Sam doesn't have much hair. But he is all kinds of adorbs...good enough for me! Of course, we agree about Starr. I mean...she was a fierce child!!! So badass! Now she is just...ugh. Cole ruined her. Woof. Oh and Nujack...Jesus, RH and KDP are fabu and they can't even help this poor bastard have a good scene. He is so hopeless. Seriously. Oh and believe me...I'm DYING for PP to sign HBS, RSW and JVD. From what I have heard (and how I feel), I don't think they will ask them...probably ask Clint...not the other two. I hope I'm wrong...SERIOUSLY! Oh, and why the signed Ted King (and now Sean Ringgold) is beyond my understanding. It's not a positive in my opinion. Who knows what direction they are taking the show now...ugh. Hope you have had a great weekend! Mine was great but now I think I'm getting sick. Huge woof. Ciao!

    @rac hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!! I LOVE that you think about that every time it is shown! So awesome! I will now wonder the same thing every time...thanks! ;)