Sunday, September 11, 2011

Clint And I Are Going On A Date. I'll Tell You How it Goes.

Clint: "Wait, you mean to tell me you don't think I'm the most dapper, attractive silver fox you've ever seen? At least I know Mary-Ella feels otherwise."

Hello and good evening! I've been busy all weekend and haven't watch Friday's show yet. I'll be blogging through Wednesday's episode (I think) and then MH will take over for Thursday and Friday's since I am flying to Baton Rouge for a wedding...woo hoo! I know I still need to respond to comments and I'll get to them at some point tonight or tomorrow I assure you. Okie dokie...

Friday, September 9th--Even Marty Thinks Clint Is A Dapper Sex Kitten...Wheelchair And All

I'm hoping I don't get bored this episode but I have a feeling I will...

I swear Kim has worn the same type of top every damn day but with a different color or print.

Ewwww...the Minuteman disgusts me to no end and I want to puke at the thought of Aubs or Christine and Cutter doing the horizontal mambo in that bed. Woof.

I do lurve the some good Nigel and Kim banter.

Sweet Jesus...I mean, Clint looks like he could be in a Brooks Brothers ad. LOVE HIM!

What.The.F*@K?! A fair? Flea market? Look at Angel Square being on OLTL. Rarely see it anymore

DAMMIT TO HELL!!!!! Baz and Starr. Thanks jerk-offs. My evening is now ruined thanks to you two clowns.

Maybe superhero McBain can save this episode for me.

Natty is sittin' all sassy. Oh snap...I wonder if Brody will kill Tracy, the secretary. Eh, no probably not. Just a quick dismissed.

This is an interesting cast of characters they have hangin' out in Angel Square. Lord now Roxy? She is on so sporadically. Wow...can you imagine if we had on Roxy, Renee, Addy, and Nigel? this rate throw in Bo and Nora since they are so flippin' MIA. Oh, and Matthew. Sweet lord what a day that would be...

So Cutter is going to the flea market today? I mean...has OLTL ever had a flea market before?

PEEING...Kim: "Clint and I are very close. We're bonded." Nigel: "Much like...a tapeworm and its host." I LURVE it.

Ugh....I kinda like Aubs nightgown. I'm upset about this only because I hate to give compliments out to people who are holed up in the Minuteman.

Fresh blood and babies tears...hilar.

OMIGOD...that beaver! Morris? How presh. Snap...they showed KZ's shoes and I like them.

I.LOVE.JOHN.MCBAIN. I mean....he is as cool as a f*@kin' cucumber.

Baz's shirts looks like a car wreck. I mean...why would his mother or father purchase that shit for him? Assuming they buy him stuff...

These Brody/Natty scenes are like a hot second...

UGH...I NEED McBain and Tomas to play darts or basketball in John's office and talk shit and drink booze. I would love it. Hmmm...Ok so I don't think Tomas killed Victor. Do y'all? I know he wanted Victor out of Tea and Dan-YELLA's life AND he was late to meet Baz so he doesn't have an alibi...but still. I don't believe he is the killer.

HA! REALLY?! I mean...Rick Powers just dabbles into everything! Too bad Ross just hopped in the shower...missing his fav porn director.

What is the matter with me? I mean...I am REALLY digging Clint this evening! More so than usual. Maybe because he is a nicer guy now, too? The way Nigel said "mobile" was hilar. I must say I do like the Clint and Kim relationship but now...I just need him with Vickster. Word.

That's right Natty...get suspicious of Brody. He ate Marty's BBQ Sauce at the Labor Day BBQ.

I love that Echo said "our son" Rex. Nice...

I'm sorry...I do lurve Rick. I can't help it. No, we don't have time for his foolishness but I secretly like this bastard. God help me. He is so over the top and hilar.

Again, this is an interesting group of people in Angel Square. I keep staring.

What is that clipboard on the wall in McBain's office that says "toll calls" all about? I'm confused. Ugh...yes, I lurve McBain but he and Tomas are kinda boring me. I mean...even finding out there is no donut on Tomas' card isn't compelling...

OMG is Roxy going to put the gun inside the beaver? What is the name of it again? Murphy? Oh snap...Roxy and Nigel! Piggies...flying...right by my window.

You know what Starr? I'd rather eat broken glass then have salt poured down my throat than listen to your no-parenting ass sing a song. UGH. Brody just pulled out the gun at the BD Cafe?

Morris? Is that the name of the beaver?

Yeah...Kim is just wearing a bunch of printed dresses with belts. WTF is that all about?

I need Vicki to get a new couch? That velvet blue one has run its course. Ok not velvet I guess but atrosh nonetheless.

I LOVE Clint. I mean...he is even making this pole dancer tear up and feel good about herself. le sigh...

Eh...I ain't discussing the Baz and Starr scenes cause they are dripping in shit.

Ross has surfaced from the shower to see Rick in Angel Square. Thank God! Ok is it just me or does Morris look a little creepy? So is Cutter stealing Morris? Is that him holding it?

Shaun just surfaced 47 minutes in...really?!

TIMES!!!!! Is Christian finished? And, was Erin Torpey's return that shit that was all of two seconds?! I mean...someone tell me I am wrong about ET. Please. I was hoping she would get two episodes or something. WOOF. I don't care that Christian is gone but I am more concerned about ET. Also, how rushed and out of the blue was Christian's exit?!

So the doors at Llanfair are constantly open? Like 24/7. In case y'all forgot...Clint is so dapper and attractive.

Aubrey still seems to have a new outfit to put on even when broke. Very nice. So now these hookers are face to face...

I swear I think I saw Roxy's dress in Nordstrom. OH SNAP...Morris is a stuffed porcupine?! I've been saying beaver this whole time!!! UGH...I'm an idiot. Sorry y'all.

Why would Aubrey like Morris, Cutter? Do tell.

So Shaun has the recording to give John...nice. to make dinner!!! Will respond to comments at some point. See y'all soon!

Love y'all to pieces,

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