Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Poor Brody Is Moonlighting At Rodi's

Brody: "I now have to work another job. I forgot I have to get TWO engagement rings--one for Natty and one for her boobs. I don't know how I forgot."

Morning one, morning all! Hope y'all are having a lovely morning (or afternoon depending on what time you read this)! So I'm praying for a better episode...did we get it? I dunno...bout to see. All limbs, extremities, hair, and eyes CROSSED that it is good! Oh, and I'm not commenting on every little thing this morning since I slept a tad late today...woof.

Tuesday, September 20th--Marty Can't Post Since She Is Listening to Baz and Starr's Demo Tape So Hope Is Filling In Today

Let's see if Todd's clean, crisp white button down shirt stays as nice and white and perf as Tomas' did that time when he was in jail. Let the competition begin!

NuJack is totally lying to McBain and continues to be a major douche. No surprise there.

Starr looks pretty. That's probably all I'm gonna say about Starr and James. NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As if it is bad enough I have to see those two then Baz gets thrown into the mix?! Wasn't my travel experience on Sunday punishment enough, people?! Jesus. Notice I'm not upset about Rick. I'm sorry but I do think he is funny. I'm embarrassed...

Again, Rex got to Kentucky in a hot minute! Asa's jet must be the last of the French Concordes and for some reason they allow it to be flown in the U.S. I know there are some younger people who read this blog so y'all do know what the French Concordes are (really "were" not "are")? Again, new knowledge will come from this blog if it kills me! Love that OLTL gave the nurse a Kentucky accent...

Natty at this point just say "no" or "I'll think about it." This show is sadly turning Brody into Marty's crazy cousin.

Praise God! Bo Buchanan (hell, I don't even think Nora is on the show anymore) thank you for giving me a little bit of joy this morning. Hell, I'm even thrilled to see McBain, too. They never talk anymore so why not have them do it today? LOL...John just told Bo "I miss ya" which is probably more than heartfelt than anything John told Natty. He is so closed off with women!

Hey Irene...sup?

Stacy's hospital room is nicer than the ones in Llanview.

Ok so Brody's is Rex's old place? Got it.

I wonder if this mayor is gonna cause trouble. I'm kinda intrigued by her. She is by NO MEANS Dorian Lord but I do like Wendy Moniz and think she will do a good job. She was a wicked Dinah on GL!

Hmmm ok so Shane is spying on NuJack. See I think it looks kinda obvious he could have done it, too. I want it to be some random person we didn't expect but someone that DID have a motive but we didn't think about it.

I LURVE that Todd said that Irene made Joan Crawford look like Donna Reed! I used to LOVE watching "The Donna Reed" show as a kiddie, p.s.

NOT commenting on the Baz shit. Rick will no doubt be the only one with any sense in that room.

Brody, face it--Natty ain't into this. She's not. Hell, I don't blame her. I was all about you two but now you are going off the deep end and to be perfectly candid I don't need another crazy person involved with or accidentally hurting Natty. Marty was perf but it is being dragged out. I don't need this again. Again, thanks OLTL. At this rate the ONLY thing in Brody's favor is that his apartment is better than John's hell hole.

I'm so glad they didn't make Bo just go after Todd and assume he is guilty. I feel he would have caught hell for all that given the thank the lord.

IF Shane is indeed Victor's killer, then I just need for him to go on and go for broke and take out NuJack in the cemetery. I mean...why stop now?

Oh and AS EFFING IF Baz and Starr's demo tape is worth a damn! The Buenos Dias wouldn't even play that shit and they play the WORST music on the planet! They only play music where people are singing in this weird moaning noise.

Look at John telling Bo he suspects Rex...go ahead!

Seriously I'm like did Irene know about Louie? This bitch is magical! Seriously...she is just too damn tricky! How is this possible?!

Come on it for me! Push NuJack's head into a tombstone...something...anything! BEGGING!

Y'all what is going on?! I mean...where are the vets?! Yes, I know Bo is on but I mean overall. The show is kinda "ugh" today. I mean...I'm enjoying Bo and John (but that's just me). That's it.

WORD...good job Natty. When is the last time I said that?! Brody is just so far gone at this point and he hasn't even lost it yet...

I figured Bo would take up for Rex...

This Kentucky accent is totally fake. Hell, I could have been this nurse with a real accent. Would have been more interesting! ;)

Eff this Baz/Starr stuff.

Ugh...I just don't care about what Stacy Morasco being in that bed has to do with anything.

Irene is SUCH a bitch and I LURVE her evil ass!

Word...Bo does know the damage grief can do. I have tried to block out all that Drew dying so Bo goes out on a boat foolishness and Nora loses her right mind. Woof.

Natty's points are all valid about marrying Brody. Hell, I can't blame Brody for loving Natty and not Jess. Oh and has anyone missed Jess? Yeah, me neither...

Was that Baz, Starr, James, and Rick scene really so long that it took up almost all the last segment? Kill me.

We know Rex is flying to Kentucky but how is Kim getting to and from? Driving? Flying? Bus? Amtrack? Hmmm. So Kim FINALLY says "Stacy." I mean this took how long?

Ok so am I the only one bothered that there is no end year on Gigi's tombstone?

NuJack, please explode.

Hmmm so far this episode Todd's shirt is still awesomely white. Watch out, Tomas. Irene is EVIL! LOL...Toy Cop: "John McBain has some questions for you." Irene: "Oh, lovely." I thought that was hilar.

Aaaaand the show wasn't that great. It was okay. Thanks Bo for surfacing.

Okie dokie I have to go get ready for work. I'm going to listen to Starr and Baz's demo tape while I get dressed...can't wait!

Love y'all and mean it! Have a wonderful hump day!



  1. Hey Mija!

    How are you doing? I hope you is doing fine! OLTL has definitely been coasting along... I think I just figured out the Stacy thing right now, while reading your blog...just came to me like a bolt of lighting. It's Stacy there, but she had reconstructive surgery to make it look like she's Gigi and thats why the tombstone is like that. I don't know why they would do that, but that's why I think she said her name but we have yet to see her face. Just a guess. Maybe somebody already figured this out already but I have been out of the loop.

    Star and Baz's demo tape = medicore awesomeness!

  2. I"m pretty sure you are correct YoSam about Stacey--which makes this the stupidest storyline ever---are we suppose to watch her get together with Rex now--she was a vile beast, who ruined their lives, just blech!!--or maybe Ghost Gigi has been sending Rex to find her to really kill her this time because she so pissed! ugh so much was waste

  3. @YoSammity STRANGA! (In my best imitation of Mystikal singing "Dang-ah!") Where have you been? I'm great but just busy as hell and trying to keep up. I mean...thanks for the Stacy idea since I am just so lost with all this. Seriously. Ugh...I don't know why OLTL chooses to do this mess NOW?! UGH. I didn't have a clue so fabu idea! Ummm glad you liked the demo tape. I listened to it while getting ready for's alright. ;) Don't stay gone for so long next time!

    @rac yes, I agree yosammity is right. I hadn't really thought about it. I mean like I mentioned to yosammity...WHY?! OH WHY OLTL?! Why NOW of all flippin' times. I mean...I know Crystal Hunt isn't coming back so they can't show her as Stacy so the whole being morphed into Gigi thing is a grand idea. I mean...I need the Morasco sisters to stay dead. Ok thanks! ;) Oh and agreed...stupidest storyline ever. Just woof.