Thursday, September 22, 2011

Paging Morris

Good sad is it that I am PRAYING for Morris to surface to do damage control for this show?! Please! Someone find him now!

Morning y'all! Hope everyone had a lovely Wednesday. I'm UBER ready for the weekend...been a long week thus far! Anyway, I don't know WHAT in the world happened on the show today so this should be good. I haven't read a thing about spoilers. Oh, and I must be REALLY slow cause I haven't caught onto all this Stacy/Gigi business. I'm confused. Running a bit late this morning so I'm just making random comments....

Wednesday, September 21st--Hope Wants To Take Over Posting For Marty Since She Lurves It So Much. Marty Is Putting Up A Fight...Good Girl. we are still in the same evening. Rex made it back to the mansion super quick and then we cut to Kim JUST now spilling the Rex story to Stacy? I mean...seriously? And Cutter showed up in Anchorage THAT quickly? How? Did he fly? I know I know I won't let this shit go and I know it will never get answered but this mess bothers me.

ha! Did Roxy just speak in Pig Latin?

Well, Irene's hair still manages to look decent for jail.

Ugh I'm so hungry right now so I hate that Tea wasted that food.

Todd's shirt is still crisp, clean, and white. Tomas has some stiff competition!

Oh, and I love the Buch study PS. Oh, and I also LURVE how Gigi's picture seems to change spots every damn day. Now the same picture is on the desk in the! At least it is off the damn mantle.

Does anyone else look at Ted King and wonder how/why he was signed to PP when he basically has no purpose on the show? Maybe it's just me.

So let's just all officially eliminate Todd as a suspect. I think he had nothing to do with it and we need to focus on the other clowns.

Ugh...I need to prepare myself for John and Natalie getting back together. I've been loving John lately, too. I'm sure that will go to hell in a hand basket soon.

LOL!!!! John's choking reenactment was HILAR!

I hate to say this for the third day in a row but...I'm kinda bored! AH! I'm sorry but I am! Maybe it is just me?

OH HELL NO! Cutter did not just call Clint an old bastard?! Oh no he dit-ent!

Ok so YoSammity and Rac...y'all are probably right. Stacy maybe Gigi? I'm still confused as to how all this is possible...seriously.

Is Echo drinking? Isn't she an alcoholic?

Again...I'm preparing myself for John and Natalie. Good God.

Wait...did that little Philadelphia Eagles helmet move from the cabinet to John's desk? Irene is a f*@king a strange way.

I'm so impressed with Todd's white shirt, p.s. Oh, and may I just say that I think Todd and Dan-YELLA have chemistry as a father/daughter duo. Desi, look at Dan-YELLA talking about Ross Rayburn! Maybe the writers have been reading your comments! ;) Dan-YELLA if you want to see Ross just turn on your tv and watch the Cymbalta commercial.

I really want Dan-YELLA to convince Tea to represent Todd cause I think that would make this so much more interesting.

I like the Roxy/Echo dynamic.

WTF? I STILL am not following with who is in that bed! Apparently it is obvious and easy to figure out since all of you know what is going on but I don't get this.

Not that I care, but Cutter and Kim are believable as siblings. But...I don't really care.

Snap...okay good! Echo is in AA. I was wondering if that was booze or not.

If Gigi is really alive I think I will lose my shit. I mean...I don't need any of the Morascos on this show. NONE of them! Stay gone!!!

Rex is back to wearing military jackets again...woof. I liked him in the button down shirts. Short-lived...

I LOVE John McBain. I am scared this will be short-lived since he will be reuniting with Natty but for now I can still love him. I'll always like him but love...not sure if that is forever.

I'd like Tomas to paint me a picture, sing to me and cook me dinner. I mean...why not? That picture is hella sweet.

Y'all...I'm bored. I'm apologizing for this post now. Ugh. I mean how sad is it that I am praying Morris the Porcupine surfaces to save the show today?! Sweet Lord...can't catch a break this week!

Ugh...I just want Todd to go on and make a deal with Irene. I need this shit to start moving. It's in turtle mode right now.

Come on Tea...give in and represent Todd.

UGH...just show me who Stacy is.

I.NEED.THE.BUCHS.BACK.RUNNING.THE.MANSION. I mean...I want all the Buchs there hanging out and coming and going like they used to. Word.

Hmmm those are a lot of post-it notes John has...where did those come from?

Y'all I apologize for another shitty post but I just don't have anything to work with!!!

In positive news: Tina is back on Monday!!! Oh, and she brings little David Vickers the dog!

Please let Thursday be good!

Off to get ready for work...ciao bellas!



  1. Ola Mija.

    Been doing a ton of FF-ing lately, and I just keep going until something I give a damn about rears up - saves me an amazing amount of time. Even then, it has admittedly been a little lame. WE DO NOT HAVE ENUF TIME LEFT TO MALINGER ON PORCUPINES, COMATOSE STACY AND SLOW MOVING STORY-LINES. If I hear for sure RH is signing with PP, then I will regain my patience for the typical dragging out BS and inane filler that we have generally always had to put up with. Until then I will continue to stomp my dainty little feet.

    Dan-yella sure does look like the perfect combo of Todd and Tea, doesn't she? I agree about the familial chemistry there - wouldn't it be awesome if there was any chemistry to even be approached with Jack? It is sooooo bad it breaks my heart. RH is trying - I see it - but that boy don't give him anything to work with! This storyline would be so awesome with a decent Jack. I could do a better job pulling it off myself I SWEAR TO GAWD. That's right - a middle aged broad would make a more convincing son of Todd than what's his name.

    Every time Todd says it has been 8 years since he has seen Jack bugs the crap out of me. They just shouldn't say it anymore. I know sorasing happens, but quit rubbing our faces in the sheer lack of logic here please!!!

    I maintain that if you can keep Starr away from the boys, she is fine. Not GREAT as in the "oh Great One" days (what happened there anyway??) but she is my Starr Manning. Not sure why she is so annoying and nearly unrecognizable in romantic situations.

    Am not sure what I think about Irene - RH was HILARIOUS working off her in the jailhouse scenes - but I still don't get where this bad-to-the-bone version of his birth mother came from.

    Love McBain. Glad he is pulling for his partner in bromance. Sad he will soon be in full annoyance mode with Natty and her "girls." Blech.


  2. Just read on the spoiler board--PP signed Morris, so we won't see his entire story played out quite yet ;)

  3. @Young Boots What it do?! How ya been? Ummm I want to fast forward constantly but a blog doesn't work that way...woof. May I just say that your quote of "WE DO NOT HAVE ENUF TIME LEFT TO MALINGER ON PORCUPINES, COMATOSE STACY AND SLOW MOVING STORY-LINES. " Yeah...pretty much summed up every damn thing I have been thinking. I am not a fan of Morris...let me be clear on that. I am just so bored with everyone right now that I am willing to watch Morris tap dance and shit. Yeah..I'd prefer that. I haven't heard about RH joining PP but I'm sure they are wooing the hell out of him. If BN don't go (and it sure looks like they may not be getting asked even though if asked they would both go) I'm gonna stop watching. Until then both you and I can stomp our dainty little feet. I love that you have dainty feet. ;) hahahahahahaha! Yes! A middle aged broad would make a better NuJack! Loves it! Hell, Irene would be a better Jack Manning at this rate...sweet lord. But yes, Dan-YELLA is a good little actress and is total Todd and Tea spawn if I ever seen it so WORD on that! Oh and I googled Carmen LoPorto's photo the other day when I was trying to find a pic for the blog...just to reminisce a bit. I got uber depressed...UBER! Awe...I know you are a big Starr fan. She is so much better away from guys (whom she let totally run her life) but I haven't liked her in a while. I dunno what my problem is. I miss the Starr that was younger than 13 years old...woof. Ok so I totally see why you aren't sure about Irene...I just like frigid bitches. I think she is intriguing and even though we have no idea where this came from (I mean...all we heard about for all time was how atrosh Todd's dad was etc. Nothing about the mom. And, Sam Rappaport felt the need to help etc.) I still like idea why. I think that Barbara Rhodes is killing it so I like her. OMG...I'm about to request depression medication soon since John will reunite with Natty. I mean...he is so effing HILAR lately with his one liners and FABU with his fierceness. Natalie will ruin it quickly...WOOOOOF! She and those boobs. Poor Brody has to buy two rings. DAYUM. xx

    @rac hahahahahahahahaha!!!!! I NEED to tell MH this if she hasn't seen it already! I lurve it. OF COURSE, PP signed Morris. Totally hoping he would get signed since he is clearly the star of the show right now. Lawd help us all. Thanks for the scoop, dah-ling! xx

  4. First of all, it is 1:00 in the morning and I just watched a vacuum cleaner suck up like 20 pool balls into the vacuum tube, so I'm pretty amazed right now...Considering looking for my wallet...

    Anyways, you are totally right, its been fairly blah on these episodes...I can barely hold my attention on them and I always resist the urge to delete them halfway through, because the story is always slightly advanced in the last 5 minutes...

    Oh yeah and Natalie's boobs...sigh...