Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Natty's Boobs Cannot Just Act Like A Flotation Device In Water...They Can Help Save An Episode

Natty: "Let's be serious. Everyone may think that John is a superhero but in all fairness my boobs have a helluva lot more power than McBain could ever dream of. My boobs just saved an episode...and they didn't even have to talk."

Evening all! Sorry...yesterday I was frantically shopping for a cocktail dress and then tonight I had a haircut and then a dinner date with a friend. But...here I am! Again, I swear I am going to respond to those comments. I have just been busy this week but I'll make sure I respond at work tomorrow. =)

Anyway, I am going to just write what I can about Monday. I mean...it wasn't that good except for RH and Natty. THEN...I promise I am blogging about Tuesday's show in the morning.

Monday, September 12th--Morris the Porcupine Has Taken Control Over Marty...And The Rest Of LLanview, For That Matter.

I love that Natalie used keys to get in Llanfair. Please bitches...you know it was unlocked. Just when RH couldn't get any cooler he just did after he called out Natty in the first scene.

Gosh, why did I think that damn thing was a beaver?! I thought porcupines looked...more dangerous? Am I confusing that with a hedgehog?

Times...so Brody just had breakfast with Natty in the previous episode but now he is back at the BD cafe?

I must say I am liking KZ's hair as of late.

I can assure you I don't/won't have anything positive to say about Starr and NuJack this episode unless Morris comes to life and eats them alive. Now that would be good soap opera.

I.AM.PEEING!!!!!!!!!! RH (picking up his cell phone): "I should call the cops. Hello. Is this the Llanview Police Department? Is there anybody there that I could speak to that hasn't slept with Natalie? One second..." Have y'all ever seen the movie "Office Space?" Well Ross is about to go to bed but he just overheard this seen and he was like...that's like from "Office Space." Y'all remember? "Hell, Lombard f*@ked her." Yeah...I bet only a few of y'all know what I am talking about. Good part of the movie.

Thank God...Aubs and Christine met. Ugh...I need to care but then I remember it is September and they stop taping this show (for ABC) in November...woof.

I loooooove looking at the extras in the BD cafe. Again, why is Brody at the BD Cafe...again?

May I just say that these damn RH and Natty scenes are SAVING this episode. Excuse me...RH, Natalie, and her boobs are saving this episode. I forgot the boobs are their own living breathing life form that has a house, car, social life, etc. Anyway, these three are hysterical! Snap...MA has nice legs. I have never noticed...cause I never see them? I lurve that RH called Brody "Brady" and then "Brandon." Once again the doors at Llanfair are wide ass open.

Ok so besides Natty and RH the show ain't my fav (again) so I'll go quickly with all this since I have to do today's episode, too.

I think the extras at the Angel Square flea market are more interesting...

Aaaand these John/Shaun scenes ain't my fav. Okay so the Vivian and Shaun finding a lagoon and getting naked comment...kinda random.

I'd rather have splinters underneath my toe nails than watch this Starr/NuJack shit...

RH and Natty ARE the show today. Ugh...wrong. Natty's boobs and RH's comments are just the shit. Who knew one's chest could be so powerful?! How about that? Seriously...it's true. Oh, and I think I agree that Jack wouldn't be so out of control if RH would have stuck around.

Shaun is so sweet. And enchilada casserole sounds delish.

Ok so does ANYONE else feel insulted by all of this porcupine foolishness? I mean...with this little time left on the show I am having to blog about a porcupine. I.Have.To.Blog.About.A.Porcupine. Let that sink in...

Peeing...Roxy to McBain to put out and IUD. haha! Then she just said three "sheeps " to the wine. OMIGOD...then McBain just said "I'm gonna try and find that porcupine for ya." How adorbs!

There can't be any vets on this episode because???? EXACTLY. What a flippin' fail. I mean...it's September 12th!!! No Vicki...No Clint...No Bo...No Nora...No Dorian (God bless her). Come one!!!!! This sucks.

Well, I did kinda like Starr hugging RH. Ugh...yes, I did.

LOL...I LURVE LURVE LURVE that McBain made NuJack leave and go outside and knock again. FAAAAABULOUS.

Y'all if I don't have more vets and a little bit more interesting shit I think I am going to lose it! It is so hard to blog since lately it has been like this every episode. =(

Oooookay. Going to get a few hours sleep then blogging in morning. I'll be back soon!

Thanks for putting up with me this week. I'm all over the place. ;)

Disheveled Mija

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  1. I knew I was going to hate watching Todd become the sole focus of who killed Victor, it's boring. I want to watch him reconnect with all the people he missed out on NOT have them accusing him of murder and having nothing to do with him. AND yeah Shaun you ass, who blabs about important evidence that would link a witness or killer to a crime scene i can't even.....
    NuJack just needs to go away he's such a snott--when he rolled his eyes at the Shaun's mama's casserole I wanted him to choke

    That's it this show was showing such promise for awhile but they blew it