Thursday, September 15, 2011

HBIC Victoria Lord Banned Morris from Attending Victor Jr's Memorial. Homegirl is Pissed that He Has a Bigger Dressing Room

Clint: Vicki, thank you for talking the judge into sentencing me to house arrest. The beds at the Llanfair Refugee Correctional Center are far superior to the matchboxes at Llanview Hospital.
Vicki: You're very welcome, Clint. As HBIC and Warden of this facility, I like for my inmates to be comfortable. You will find a comment card in your cell. Please fill it out for a chance to win the privilege of taking out Mestiny so that Bo and Nora don't have to be in her storyline any longer.

Hi My Lovelies,

Afternoon, Bonjour, Hola, and all that! Mija is at the airport waiting for her flight to Louisiana and is missing ya'll already. She says to tell everyone "Whatitdo"! I am going to try and crank out a post for today's show before this afternoon gets more chaotic than a day at the Llanfair Refugee Camp/Correctional Center. I hope to be able to post about tomorrow's show sometime tomorrow afternoon or evening, but if not, I will post on Saturday.

(Insert gratuitous apology for any and all typos here)

September 15, 2011: Marty is actively trying to recruit Morris to be the mascot and greeter for her Halloween party. He's holding out cause he wants to participate in the apple bobbing contest, and Marty's not sure that's a good idea. Oh, and Bo and Nora said that if they beat Renee and Addie at gin rummy, they are using their winnings to pay for the overhaul of the backdrop of the manse... after they purchase themselves a new house. Word.

I'm just going to go on ahead and do a numbered post of random comments because I can tell already that I'm going to be pressed for time. I apologize!

1. Awe, a Sam sighting. He is just to presh for words. I lurve him!
2. Thank you baby Jesus, Queen V is on! Great to see her fabu self. Jess, not so much.
3. Clint is still looking as handsome as ever in that wheelchair. Ha - "Aren't you going to ask me about Kim?" This should be good!
4. Yes, Morris is making more money than any vet on this show! His paychecks could pay my bills for a year.
5. Echo is here, aaaaaand she's in blue. Big shocker. Her hair looks fab!
6. In case ya'll forgot, nuJack sucks. I mean, does he think that the cop on the other end of the line is intimidated my him? What is he going to do, force this cop to watch his bad acting for so long that the cop just gives up and arrests Todd for Victor, Jr's murder? It could work...
7. I lurve Blair's dress, and she looks fabulous in it.
8. Understandably, all of the Manning fam is devastated by Victor, Jr's death; however, I have a horrible headache and really don't want to have to listen do Dani scream her head off.
9. Over this GiGi as a ghost crap. Over it!
10. No words can describe the fabulousness of these Vicki and Clint scenes. I mean, they are that good, but dammit, they are too short.
11. Sam is adorbs, and ME and I will now get into a bitch fight over who gets to take him home to play.
12. Poor Tea. She looks like hell. I just want to hug her. I can't even imagine.
13. Dear ABC, I don't care how many promos you air, I will NOT watch The Screw.
14. Ya'll are probably sick of hearing this, but I'm going to say it anyway. I am insulted with this porcupine shit and need it to end.
15. Ok, I kinda don't like Vicki's necklace. Maybe something simpler with just a pop of color? Let me think about it.
16. Peeing, Sam is excited about getting to go the Phillies game without nuJack! Can't say I blame the kid.
17. Omg, I am crying during these Blair and Tea scenes. They are fabu! Ugh, I just caught a glimpse of that atrosh ottoman. Woof.
18. Sorry, but I hate Cutter. That is all.
19. "You are still a very handsome man, you know." Well, Victoria Lord (soon to be Buchanan), truer words have never been spoken.
20. May I just say how lovely it is that two vets are on and are discussing themselves and their own problems and not propping people. I needed this today, so credit where credit is due. Thank you, OLTL.
21. Dear nuJack, the only Scarface is Al Pacino, so please stop calling Todd by that name. K thanks.
22. In case ya'll forgot, Starr and James are more boring than watching paint dry. By the way, where is baby Hope? Ok, I peed on myself thanks to my own quesion.
23. A Dorian reference. Jesus, I miss Strasser.
24. Like the Vicki/Clint scenes, words don't cover the fabulousness of these Blair/Tea scenes. Times, PEEEEING. Blair to Tea: "You know what? You're going go if I have to get naked and get in the shower with you." I mean, this bitch will disrobe for anyone.
25. Lawd, I need to hurry. Only even more random comments from now on.
26. Ugh, teared watching the Vicki bumper.
27. I need Vicki and Clint to reunite, prontito. Seriously, this scene after halftime = FAAAAABULOUS!!!! Wait, people are moving out of Llanfair? I guess it's just going to be a Correctional Facility now. Word!
28. Tea to Blair: "You know, you really are a pain in my ass." Well, I just peed on myself.
29. Awe, a Vicki/Little Sam moment. Auh-dorbs!
30. Well, I'm crying during this memorial service thanks in large part to HBIC Victoria Lord's awesomeness.
31. Cutter and Kim/Aubs are on this show because? Exactly.
32. I lurve Roxy and Echo scenes. No particular reason, they just entertain me.
33. That was one short church service. We're already at the cemetery. I kinda don't know how I feel about this memorial service. I think it was done well overall.
34. Oh great someone lurking and staring at Victor Jr's photo in the church.
35. Wait, I'm peeing again. The after funeral gathering is going to be at a night club? Allll righty then.
36. In case ya'll were wondering, I'm not discussing the Morris and co. scenes cause they insult me.
37. Ok, I am sort of looking forward to the Echo/Kim scenes.
38. Ugh, now I want to know who the lurker is.

Well, today's show, save for a few elements, was leaps and bounds better than yesterday's, thank the lawd. Everyone have a great rest of TT, and I will see ya'll tomorrow or Saturday for tomorrow's episode!

Love ya'll mucho... oh, and Geaux Tigers,


  1. Clint / Vicki
    Tea / Blair

    Not that hard OLTL. That was all it took for me today. Loved them and I could then ignore the rest.


  2. I actually prefer any scene with Morris in it to a scene with one of the Ford brothers, and Morris is a WAY better actor than NUJack :)

  3. I concur with rac. Morris is rapidly becoming one of my favorite characters.

    But not even Morris can compete with Clint/Viki. I'm soooo ready for them to have a story. Let's do this!


  4. Hi Ladies!

    I sincerely apologize for taking damn near a week to respond to your comments. It's been whacky around here.

    @Christie! I could not have said it better myself. Throw in BN, and things would be perf!

    @Rac Lol!! Agreed! I would rather watch Morris for an entire episode than NuJack, Mestiny, NQS, and co. I want to know when Morris is getting added to the opening credits.

    @Laura Omg, Vicki and Clint are all kinds of fabulous, and their reunion cannot come soon enough for me! I mean, no words cover the awesomeness of their scenes! None! Lurve them. Period!