Friday, September 16, 2011

Two for One Deal and It's Not Even a Holiday

Mayor Finn: I'm not only the mayor but I can also act as District Attorney. I'm kind of a big deal.

TGIF Everyone,

I mean, that acronym was created for days like today. This week has truly been the week from hell, and I more than happy that it is over. On a good note, though, it is slightly cooler in The Woodlands today, thank goodness!! Now, if it would just rain, things would be almost perf!

Sooo, I got like zero sleep last night thanks to the LSU game... we won, by the way... so I hope this post is somewhat coherent. The Starbucks pumpkin spice latte I had did not have nearly enough caffeine to energize my dragging ass today.

Sidenote: I am back on the computer that Blogger hates, so it was either extra spaces or no spaces. WOOF on the effed up format. I will try to edit later if I can. Let's get this party started, shall we. As always, my apologies for any and all typos.

Friday, September 16, 2011: Morris is playing hardball with Marty, and contract negotiations are breaking apart. Morris has hidden all bottles of Hounds Beer. The gin rummy game between Renee and Addie and Bo and Nora is too close to call.

Just because I PEED on myself when I read it, here is the program description that AT&T Uverse has for OLTL: "The powerful Buchanan family clashes with the Cramers, Gannons, Rappaports and Vegas in Llanview." I mean, please discuss amongst yourselves... after you change your Depends.

Gasp, Todd was the lurker in St. James? You lie.

Clint is the most handsome bad ass on this show. Period. Times, Clint to Rex: "Did you just walk into this house?" Peeing. Clint has obviously been in solitary confinement at the Llanfair Correctional Center.

It's official, Morris makes more money than Jerry ver Dorn, Erika Slezak, Bob Woods, and Hillary Smith. Aaaaand, I will just go on ahead and get this out of the way, I am insulted by this porcupine foolishness.

I just did a double take cause I thought I was halucinating in my sleep deprived state. Hi Bo, I am beyond happy to see you. Does this mean that you and Nora won the gin rummy game? Snap, Wendy Moniz. I know, another new character/actress; however, this bitch is fierce. She was a fabulous Dinah Marler on GL!

There will be no comments on nuJack for obvious reasons.

Tea, I have come to really enjoy your ass, but I have a headache and am in no mood for your screaming. K thanks.

I just love that Strasser is still in the opening credits.

Well, fabulous. Mestiny is on. Not commenting on her either. My blood pressure cannot handle it. If anyone wants to discuss what went on in her scenes please feel free to do so in the comments section... same goes for the nuJack scenes.

Is there a reason why the writers are having Kathleen Finn do Nora Buchanan's job? I ain't even commenting on that foolishness. Nora should be in these scenes. Period.

The Todd and Tea scenes are fabulous. Thank you for using your inside voice, Tea!

Kim and Echo scenes are great, nothing special, just KZ and AS being fabu.

Ok, I think we can get by with random comments from now on. Show is kinda boring.

Did any of ya'll watch that "How Pop Culture Saved America" (I think that was the title.) September 11 special? These Bo/Kathleen scenes were the scenes that they showed when the Daytime/OLTL segment aired.

In case ya'll forgot, I'm over the GiGi shit.

There is just something endearing about Clint and Kim, there really is. Make no mistake, I am on Team Clint and Vicki, but I do enjoy Clint and Kim's relationship.

Why haven't Bo and Nora had scenes with Todd? Times, exqueese me, but I am beyond confused by this convo between Bo and Kathleen. Bo wouldn't go out with her because he was still in love with Nora and married to his job? Ok, so I don't disagree with that; however, I would lurve to know when this supposedly took place. This bitch had better not weasel herself in between my Bo and Nora. Just no. I am not having it. Oh, and Kathleen can back the hell up off of Nora's case. Period. Thank you, Bo, for defending your wife. I lurve you!

I mean, I'm bored.

Delgado, please defend Todd. That would be great soap.

K, I'm sorry, but it is just disrespectful to yell in church. I don't care if no one is in there.

Awe, Clint is helping Rex.

Now, I am no legal expert of anything, that is ME's forte'; however, I am reasonably certain that the mayor can't just waltz into a judge's office and get an arrest warrant. I mean, I lurve WM and all, but this is just pure foolishness. Where the eff is Nora? Egregious that she's not involved.

Since I haven't said it yet, I'll say it now. Poor Tea. She needs a hug.

Bo was such a smooth badass in his last scene, and I lurved it!

Didn't watch this scene, but why can't nuJack get arrested instead of Todd? That little walking middle finger should be in juvi like yesterday.

Well, that is all, my dearies. I know this wasn't the best post, and I apologize, but the show was rather boring, and I am beyond exhausted. As always, thank you very much for putting up with me while ME is away. I will respond to comments at some point this weekend.

Love ya'll to Della Reeces Pieces,


  1. NuJack is the most vile creature on the show--and PS OLTL Victor was no saint so I'm just disgusted by this whole mess of a storyline but RH is handling it well love him

  2. Wendy Moniz was my reason for watching today. However, if you are going to hire a kick ass actress, give her something kick ass to's crap...not it. :(

    No disrespect to any Tea fans and I firmly believe that FL is a fine actress, but the screaming and crying was a bit too over the top for me has been a week for me as well and I could have done without an ending like that.

    As far as nuJack and Destiny go, I think I'll take a pass on that as well...."if you can't say something nice..." My mother would be proud of me. :)

  3. also-I wonder why is no one even slightly suspicioius that victor wasn't part of the plan to impersonate Todd? not saying he was but if my father had been held captive and tortured for 8 years while someone else played him I'd be a little ticked, and not at long lost father/brother/uncle/husband--not making too much sense