Monday, September 26, 2011

Dream A Little Dream

CB: "What do you mean Brody only got Natalie one engagement ring? That cheap bastard."

Mornin' y'all! Hope the weekend was as lovely as ever for all of you! Mine was actually quite fabulous but now I think I'm on the verge of getting sick...ugh. Been feeling this coming on for a week now. Anywho...Friday's show was finally "decent" compared to the others so at least that is exciting. Maybe I'll be a little less harsh this week since I have just a three day work week thus I'm in a good mood. ;) Oh, and I'm running behind this morning (typical Monday) so I'm just commenting whenevs.

Friday, September 23rd--Marty Is Too Upset About AMC Ending To Blog. Everyone Else Is Upset, Too, So No One Is Writing This Blog. So How There Appears To Be Type, I Don't Know.

Lawd have mercy....these damn dreams/nightmares. LOL.

John's dream--only thing I got from it was that John has GOT to have a crick in his neck.
Natty's dream--I mean as if I have any clue what her dream was about since I was staring at her boobs the whole time. They have gotten bigger...fact. So, I don't know what she dreamed abut...
Jess' dream--boring as hell except when Clint surfaced looking as dapper as ever. Her dream may be the best based on that alone...
Tea's dream--Ah...KNEW it was RH. Tea's bed looks comfy...that's all.
Todd's dream--epic fail because it involved NuJack. This one never had a chance in my eyes...NuJack tainted it! WOOF!
NuJack's dream--another fail since I had to be subjected to the dead raccoon that lives on Gigi's head.

Wow that pitcher of water stayed cold all night with all that ice? Hooray!!!!! Enter Bo Buchanan...that little wonderful, adorable fabulous man. This makes me happy.

Blair's trench is uber fabulous.

LOL...Todd made a crack that Oprah could set him free? WTF.

I don't care what Clint is doing out of the wheelchair Jessica but let the silver fox be! I love is button down shirt...nice. PEEING!!!! Lois has a stopwatch?! I'd lurve to see Lois time Clint doing sprints around the grounds of Llanfair. What?! Are my eyes playing tricks on me? Are the living room doors to Llanfair shut? Closed? Locked? Nah...not locked. I went too far. But, I'm shocked as hell they were closed.

Ah! The infamous black Logan's bag. I haven't heard a Logan's reference in a while. Gosh, remember when they used to actually show that damn store? Woof.

I lurve that everyone has French Press coffeepots in Llanview. NEVER MIND!!!!! Dammit...the doors in the living room ARE open! Lawd...are they EVER closed?! Jesus! And why am I so upset?! When Clint said "Awe hell" in response to Jess divulging about Brody and Natalie...kinda peed.

Bo is such a good friend. =) I'd like Nora to surfaced please. Please! Too bad she ain't on again...all week. Ugh.

Well, I'm a big frigid bitch cause I don't like the ring, Brody. Sorry. Plus...hello?! Where is ring #2? Natty's boobs need some bling, too! AS IF you wouldn't get the girls a ring?! AS IF!

Who in the HELL are these two douchebags talking to NuJack?! I mean...really?

So Irene has a new shirt on? Hmmm. Peeing...Todd just called where he has been for 8 years a day spa.

Oh Blair...delusional delusional delusional Blair. Please start being a better parent with NuJack. You look like a nit wit.

Ummmm where in the hell is Queen Victoria?! Everyone is running a muck in her house. her once please. K, thanks. Clint is being a bastard to Brody and I kinda lurve it.

Have y'all ever REALLY looked at McBain's hair? I mean...women should be envious of that mane! In other news: Bo remains adorable trying to help John. Ok...

"Lovett, we're done here." Ah...he is so fabulous.

I mean Natty...back out of this engagement, girlfriend. Brody if off his rocker...

I'd like to know who is doing Irene's hair and make-up in jail.

This Blair and Tea frinemy/friendship/whatever the hell you want to call it is quite maaaaaah-velous. I lurve them.

I have GOT to hurry! Running late!

Aaaand Brody, Natty, and her boobs will have sex. Good grief.

John...please go shower. I can smell you through the tv.

Come on, Tea! Take his case, dammit! Also, I can't help but laugh my ass off every time Todd says he will offer Tea $5 million bucks.

AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! I NEED Liam to be my friend! That's it! I can't take this presh! Those pj's! So cute!

Finally...Bo is having another scene with RH. Too bad it's a hot minute. Who in the hell is this clown escorting Irene out?! I mean I do NOT believe for a second they work for the Feds. I mean as if...

Ugh...all the vets propped other characters today. Clint propping Jess...Bo propping John. Where is Vicki? Where is Nora? Where is Dorian even (I can dream)?!

Just when I think I can't love CB anymore...he has to go and make blueberry pancakes to cheer up Jessica. Oh.Em.Gee.

Wait just a damn minute...what happened to the "Chick Magnet" binky/pacifier???? WTF.

Oh woof...this is prob the beginning of John and Natty reuniting. I words.

WORD!!!! Tea is gonna represent Todd. My day is made.

LAWD...."bull dogs" isn't spelled correctly in the flyer. Also, I mean...KDP can't even make NuJack a believable actor. Goodness gracious.

Ugh...I do NOT...I NOT need Llanview to have ANOTHER child killer!!!! Cole, Matthew (if that's true), and now Shane? Just no.

K, I have to run like right now!

Love y'all and mean it!
Rushed Mija


  1. My favorite part (second naturally to just being able to lay eyes on Bo) was absolutely Clint being a jackass to Brody. If I ever need someone handled, I am calling JVD.

    And technology is trying to ruin my morning. I typed in "am" and it kept giving me "Sam." Like I wanted to think about him.

    I have decided that I am definitely an Irene fan...perfectly evil! I did have to work past the Lucinda Walsh disappointment, but as a second choice she's not bad.


  2. And I meant the dead Sam, not the adorable one running around at Blair's.


  4. This was a pretty good episode, I enjoyed it very much...I think this was just a prelude to a very good week next week, can't wait!

    Hey did you watch the new show, Dirty Soap? Its got Gigi and Rex, and other people? It was sad that I knew who all of the people were on the show, I used to watch a lot of soaps! You should watch it, it's pretty interesting...

  5. @Christie surprise we are in agreement! Just seeing Bo can make my day (even if he is just propping John...I'll take him at this rate. Miss him!) and then Clint and his fabulousness was quite phenom as well! Ah! I NEEDED to see these men so thank God I did! Oh darling I KNEW you mean SPAM (what MH and I call Sam) and not adorable fabulous Sam. I knew you meant the one who ruined Nora's life. Lord...bad times! LOL...I LURVE Irene and all her bitchiness! I mean...she is EVIL personified...yet I can't get enough of her?! What is wrong with me?! Granted...if it were Liz Hubbard playing her I can assure you that aside from Bo and Nora...Irene would be my fav character! However, Barbara Rhodes is doing an excellent job. She is beautiful, cold, calculating, yet captivating...loves it!

    @Anonymous Hmmm...sometimes I'm not the sharpest knife in the drawer but I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that you don't like Roger Howarth let alone him being Todd? Also, I will take another leap and say you are a TSJ fan. I could be wrong...

    @YoSammity It WAS a good episode huh? I am PRAYING this week is good! I have a short week at work so I am praying for all good things OLTL! Lord...I caught the end of Dirty Soap and then it came on again. They have been promoting the hell out of it. I didn't want to watch because besides Nadia Bjorlin...I don't really care for the people on the show. Oh, and I kinda did like FF but she came across as a HUGE BITCH on the show! Good God! Anyway, I'll prob watch too cause I'm a big douche. However, if it is on and I catch it I'll setting the Tivo. But, yes...watched and will probs watch again! ;) Oh and I know all the characters too...rather well...sadly.