Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Little David Vickers+Morris=The Next Supercouple

Tina: "Awe, I know you want to meet Morris. I will schedule a lunch date for the two of you as soon as I see what your Uncle Todd...err Victor...left me."

Morning all! UGH...I had the best intentions to blog yesterday morning or last night but I couldn't. I fell down the stairs Monday night (or did Marty Saybrooke push me? Hmmmm? Anyway...y'all can laugh! I won't get mad. It was typical ME grand tumble, that is.) and my lower back pretty much got demolished by the edges of the lower two steps. UGH! I'm icing my back as we speak and praying I didn't rupture or pull anything. Huge woof! Enough bitching...ok, so Monday and Tuesday were good. Hell, at least compared to the rest of the mess we have been watching. Anyway, I am just doing drive-bys since I'm behind. But I don't have to work Thursday and Friday so I'll be caught up for the rest of the week yay! Sorry but my injury got in the way. =(

Tuesday, September 26th--Marty Saybrooke Confesses To Pushing ME Downstairs...Begs To Continue Blogging. Jury Is Still Out On Her Privileges.

1. I damn near passed out! Who is this the woman with the blonde bob answering the door at Llanfair?! Sweet lord...Victoria?! Looking regal as ever! Bless my eyes...a scene with Irene?! Lawd. I words for these scenes. I've said it 30 times and I'll say it again...I lurve Irene's evil ass! Ah! Something about her...captivating! On another note: Where is Irene staying???Minuteman? All this Tina talk! Lord have mercy! Ah!
2. I've all but lost 100% interest in the McBundle paternity storyline. However, I am interested to see how the info gets from Tea's bed to Natty or whomever else gets their hands on that piece of paper. In all honestly, I think Natty should have figured this shit out already. I mean...LE DUH! But that is just me. I guess even the top CSU's can't think clearly in their own situtation. Woof.
3. If y'all don't mind I'm gonna take a quick nap during the John and Natty scenes. If I'm lucky I'll have a dream of John...being witty, funny, whispering, wearing black, just being a cool guy...without Natty. Maybe I'l dream of Natty being strong-willed, smart, sassy...without John. Dammit to hell...I can't win in this department so I quit.
4. Todd: "You think I can have a moment alone with my hot ex-wife lawyer." Ummm YES! Faaaabulous quote. Also, these Todd and Tea scenes are faaaaabulous. someone gave Todd a light blue shirt now? Starched perfectly, too. Impressive. I need to go to jail to dress well, right? Anyway, sooooo flippin' happy Tea is going to represent Todd!
5. I know they added RH, Cutter, etc. to the opening but I NEED the older characters to have updated pictures please! Some of these people (most) don't even look the same!
6. Notice I haven't mentioned NuJack. Yeah, that is because I don't give a shit. Oh and word to the writers--I don't care what you do I'll never like NuJack. Trying to redeem him no is completely and utterly useless. The only way to redeem him? Bring back Carmen LePorto. NOW!!!! Ok thanks! Kisses, ME
7. Soooo Bo was on until 6 minutes into the show and then not again until the end? Sweet lord I.Cannot.Catch.A.Break. Good grief! At least let me have this adorable man on the whole time! Don't tease me with snippets!
8. I haven't mentioned Dan-YELLA and Tomas either. Consider this it. Sorry. He's still sexy Ok that's it.
9. Victoria and Tea have the same color scheme going on...lurve both dresses on them! Good winter dresses. Oh, and we have a newbie to do the will and testament. Let's see how he is...
10. Today was decent. If anything I was so pleased to see Victoria and the Todd and Tea scenes were good. I'm STILL waiting for the show to pick up though. Tina tomorrow! Tina tomorrow! Tina tomorrow!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 27th--Marty Keeps Denying She Pushed Me...Blames Everyone Else. I Just Found A Wallet Picture Of McBain On My Floor...Must Be Marty.

1. Am I supposed to think this weiner foolishness is funny? I need someone to roast him over a fire. However, I'd gladly prefer Mes being roasted...thanks.
2. I'm kinda tired of Gigi surfacing everywhere. This needs to end. Le woof. Le barf.
3. Put that gun down Irene! I mean...I don't even like that thing being pointed at Vicki! Woof!
4. Ok...I will officially get thrown to the wolves for this comment. Before I say it I need to say that I am not invested in Ford or care about him. Lord knows I feel the same way about Jess. HOWEVS, I like Jess paired with Ford than anybody else cause she is so damn boring and they seem a little better. That being said, I don't want to see them 24/7.
5. Peeing! Blair: "Oh, you're a banker. A Swiss bank where they hide things!" LOL...where they hide things. That is a very pre-k way to put it the point!
6. RH: "It's your grandmother." Starr: "Addie?" RH: "No, the crazy one. Well the other crazy one." hahahaha.
7. Wait whaaaaa? Who took Todd's note? Did I miss something?
8. Ugh I want Tea's dress to wear with tights to work...hell, or Vicki's. Pair them with some boots!
9. Who in the hell orders a salad from Rodi's? It looks like garbage. I bet rabbits wouldn't eat that shit.
10. UGH!!!! No!!!!! The ottomon returned! The one that looks like a cow or that someone puked on it. I mean...who keeps moving it?! Peeing..."I think my brain is exploding." I don't blame you. AHHHH!!!!!!! Little David Vickers!!!!!!!!!!! TINA! Wow...they have Andrea Evans' hair done to look like she really is Irene's daughter...nice. I mean...Little David Vickers and Morris would ROCK IT OUT as a supercouple! Hell, they would be more interesting than some folks nowadays. Think about it!
11. BEST QUOTE! Blair: "Well maybe you should have stopped for a little potty break for the dog. He used me as a fire hydrant." Tina: "Oh really Blair? Come on. David Vickers didn't do anything to you that half the men in this town haven't done already." WELCOME BACK, TINA! And, let's be's true. I mean...LE DUH! Blair has been used by a shit-ton of men. Aaaaaand Tina just passed out. She is soooo over the top and dramatic and I lurve it. Who can blame her. Tina reminds me of Dorothy from the "Wizard of Oz" holding that dog and looking bewildered...
12. I mean...Starr ain't that smart to be like "Hey, spies started using invisible ink in WWI. That is exactly what this is." Bitch please! You are NOT Nancy Drew and you sure as hell ain't Angela Lansbury! Word...
13. I must say I kinda like RH and Shorty teaming up.
14. Oh how I have missed Tina. "Aaaand you are the head of some secret CIA group that's based in some secret base in the bayou?" LOL. I love that Vicki wants to postpone the will cause not everyone is there and Tina has suffered a terrible shock. Oh, lurve the Blair and Tina banter, p.s. Bitchiness at its best.
15. OMG so is Jessica pretending she is in high school again?! This bitch is jumping double dutch?? WHERE ARE HER KIDS?! Take them out! I'm sure poor Lois is taking care of those kids. Hell, probably Clint, too! The recovering heart patient...le sigh.
16. Yeppers...totally over Gigi surfacing randomly throughout the show.
17. The jump roping was so random. I mean really. Hell, prepare for Buch Twins round 5,000.
18. LOL...Tina making sure there is an article 2. Aaaaand, Mommy Dearest gets all the loot. Very nice. This ought to be interesting. She is sooo evil and I can't get enough! That smile at the end was fabulous!

Oookay I have gots to go! Hoping today is great! I'm off for the rest of the week so I'll be able to keep up! I'm sure I'll have to blog with a glass of wine since my back is killing me. Ugh!

Have a faaaaaabulous day! And, if you are in the Chicago area...aren't y'all tired of this rain?! I keep thinking I live in London this week!



  1. I gotta say it - today's epi was one for the vaults!

    You poor thing!!! You be really gentle with yourself - backs are nothing to mess with Mija.

  2. from one super clumsey person to another-(i closed down at track at Grand central when i fell and hit the cement running for a train!)all i can say is take it easy, buy some aleve and hope you feel better!

    I love Todd when interacts with his kids--he's always been soo good at those, I just want this story of who killed victor tied up so we can move on with his storyline. It had to be Irene, maybe Shane showed up later??

    i sure have missed AE as Tina--the best flake on TV! Can't wait to see Cord!

  3. @Young Boots So today's episode was good?! Can't wait to watch! I have somewhere to be until late this evening so I'll watch it late. Can't wait.

    Thanks for the kind words! I hope nothing is messed up. Right now I have an awful HUGE bruise forming. Woof. To add insult to injury I spilled coffee all over me, the wall, and the floor in the process. If only I was being filmed...

    @rac I'm so glad I have readers that are clumsy like me! makes me feel better! OH EM poor think! Your Grand Central injury trumps mine! Thanks for the kind words dear!

    I, too, love Todd and his interactions with his kids. He and Starr really do have a good relationship and I think he and Dan-YELLA could have a good one, as well. You think Irene did it? That is super plausible. Shane could have def showed up later and I honestly hope that is the case since again...we don't need another child killer in Llanview! LAWD...have missed AE. Best Tina ever and she is such a dingbat...loves it. Omigod...lurve Cord and I have always thought he was cute since he was so charming. Ah...can't wait!

  4. Well all I can say is full-blown cat-fights and bitch-slaps, and high-camp bitchiness and jailbreaks OH MY. As much as I can't stand the whole Jess & Nat twins saga - I truly enjoyed this very serious battle where things were said that never can be taken back - and I formally forgive any previous lameness of Starr EVER. She and her daddy were GREAT. Todd's reactions to Starr were sublime.

    Nothing for me to outright hate on except for Destiny's name being mentioned near the end.

    And may I say that Blair was correct - that dress does make Tea's ass look fabulous.

    Young Giddy Boots

  5. ahhh i wish max holden was coming back too, sigh-would have been interesting if they had made the Wentworth sibs the Holden twins (I guess age wise it wouldn't make sense but when does it ever)--Now the Holdens going after the Buch money that would be fun and show the writers knew the history of the show

  6. @Young Giddy Boots Show was faaaaaaaabulous! I was quite impressed and can't wait for Thursday! About to watch...

    @rac Ugh...I like Max and want him back, too. =( Oh snap great idea about the Holden Twins (the age would be off but it is a soap so it could happen). You are right...that WOULD be good soap. Woof.