Sunday, September 4, 2011

Let's Play Clue: Little Bree With the Toy Gun in Todd's Living Room (Next to the Atrosh Ottoman)

Shane: "If the writers had any sense, they would have had you die and not TSJ. You are nothing more than a ______." Anyone feel free to insert your own term of endearment.

Happy Flippin' Sunday!!!! I'm still on a high from the LSU game and have enough time to crank out a post. I'm going to do two drive-bys of Thursday and Friday in one post.'s a holiday and want to enjoy it. Going to respond to comments this evening...have a lot...thanks! =)

Okie dokie...on to the whodunit!

Thursday, September 1st--Marty Can't Believe It is September Already!

1. I laughed when Rex called Shane a ninja. Oh, and I need Rex and friends to move out of the flippin' Buch mansion. K, thanks.
2. REALLY?! The point of Tomas and Baz being on this damn show is what? Exactly. Oh and Tomas was supposed to meet Baz at Capricorn two hours ago (praise baby Jesus we didn't have to watch that crap)? So, let's see...potential killers: Tomas, Shane, Rex, RH, Brody, Irene...who else am I missing? Tina? HA! Marty?! Jesus, I wish. Anyway, this whole episode is basically setting up everyone and their damn kid to be the killer. Good grief, Charlie Brown. Did Tomas just ask Baz if he wants to be more than a musical team with Starr? Kill me.
3. KDP can cry on cue, yo?! Jesus, Marty and Joseph...pretty good. Oh and I'm annoyed with Starr.
4. I NEED this show to get a new opening. Lord have mercy. NEED it. In other news: Brody is a walking psych case and the background on his phone...PRESH.
5. I really need for Shane to NOT be the killer. I mean...too many teen murderers in Llanview as it is. Le barf.
6. Granted Tea and Dan-YELLA were fabu as usual. HOWEVER, Dan-YELLA really embraced my nickname for her. Good God...I need her to tone down that yelling and screaming a few notches since I'm pretty sure my right eardrum just flippin' exploded. Snap...the atrosh ottoman is missing. Prayers answered.
7. McBain to NuJack: "You know at a time like this you need to stop acting like such a jerk." WORD! Listen to this man, bitches! I soooo wanted John to smother NuJack. I mean...this child is ATROSH. He, Mes, and NQS make me such a mean person at times!
8. I don't know how or why but I'm bored this episode.
9. For good measure and for the ultimate f*@k you, Blanca had to surface this episode. I mean...I was enjoying my holiday weekend. Really I was...
10. DORIAN!!!!!! Praise God! Best part of the damn show! On another note: as if Bo Buchanan would NOT be involved with this Victor shooting mess...just woof. I was bored this episode and need something better from Friday. Possibly a vet appearance? So thankful for the Dorian snippet.

Friday, September 2nd--Marty Is Preparing for Her Labor Day BBQ So Little Hope Thornhart Is Subbing

1. Kim is dressing better this go 'round. Sluttier, but better. Oh, and so Crystal Hunt is NOT coming back as Stacy so I wonder how all that is going to play out. I'll be damned a Kyle, Fish and Sierra Rose mention? Lawd. Soooo Kim knows Rick Powers AND Cutter.
2. I love Aubs' robe. PEEEEEEING!!!!!!!! Cutter is now working the front desk at the Minuteman?! Ugh. I want donuts now. Damn Cutter for bringing those. Oh, and I'll pass on the Cutter/Aubs sex.
3. I will be so bored this episode. Now Rama and the star of the show, Christian Vega. Jesus. I mean we don't have time for these people!!!! UGH. THERE IS NO TIME FOR THIS! Rama: "But hurry! You only have so much life to live." Exactly. So I need you and the newbies off this damn show...word.
4. OMG OMG OMG. Clint!!!! Hey darlin'. You look rather dapper. AND Vicki?! Sweet lord. I might have recovered from the big fat Blanca f*@k you since Vickster and Clint Buch are on. Word. Aaaand an RH/Victoria scene. Beside my damn self.
5. In pissy news: Supposedly any chance of Vicki and Clint rekindling their romance is thwarted for a bit thanks to Kim. Can we say "regurgitate?"
6. Why isn't Natty working her ass off at the LPD right now? I mean...biggest thing in Llanview right now is Victor's murder and they need their star CSU on the case. I won't let this go...
7. I mean...I need these Vicki and RH scenes to be longer. I also need for the Clint scenes to be longer. So RH ain't gonna have a scene with Clint and he is right there in the foyer?! Oh, and in case y'all forgot: Jess is boring as hell.
8. I am Why? Vicki and Clint are on...yet I'm bored. WTF. I'm sorry this post is so damn bad but I can't help it. NOTHING to work! Nada!
9. I am dying to know how much black there is in McBain's closet and I also want to know if he has ANY items with color. ANY.
10. I love that Vicki is bossing Clint around. Jess and Christian. BORING. Aubs' outfit at the BD cafe...presh.
11. JESUS! I haven't read spoilers on this so I was in the dark...Kim is Aubrey (aka Cutter's sister). Good grief.
12. Ugh...I need more Bo and Nora on without the pregnancy story. K, thanks.

Oh and have y'all seen these OLTL bloopers? They are HYSTERICAL since people are saying "f*@k" and "shit." The WHOLE thing is hysterical but if you go to 9:30 mark the cursing really begins. I was peeing on myself! I think the one at 10:24 is my fav. Thought y'all would appreciate this:

Oh and the scenes with Asa are beyond hilar.

Ok, I have to run and enjoy the rest of the day. I'll be back later to respond to comments. Hope y'all are having a fabu holiday!

Love y'all and mean it,


  1. I really dislike Rex more and more as time goes on. Am I alone? I don't even care about Shane. Why are they still on the show and why are Kim and Stacy around? Can they all leave so we can focus on the vets, core characters, and some solid returns? I am really losing interest in this show fast. If things don't turn around I will not be following it to Prospect Park. Yeah, I like the Todd stuff but not enough to watch an hour a day.

  2. Frustrating huh? Twenty second tidbits of good stuff and endless droning of crap I could care less about the last few epi's.

    My thoughts exactly - we CANNOT have another murdering child running around Llanview - it would prove once and for all that Llanview is THE "Children of the Corn" epicenter of the damn universe! UGH!!!!!!

    RH continuing to look damn fine. Lord help me. Wondering if McBain will get swept up in the bro-mance again, or if he will be yet another one to break Todd's perverted and black yet permeable little heart?

  3. Awww, thanks for the link to the blooper reel. I loved seeing all my old favorites, Hank, RJ, the real Clint and Bo's original chin.

    And I miss Asa soooo much!

  4. @Anonymous Well, I liked Rex back in December when he saved Nora. Then I started to dislike him again. I thought he was good with the Shane storyline but I am totally over him and if he doesn't get out of the Buch manse soon I think I'm going to lose it. I don't like him living there...feels "off." Also, his placing Gigi's picture on the mantle...woof. I mean I don't really care about him but I just don't want him to be the killer since I think the last thing Llanview needs right now is another teenage murderer! I used to like Kim...she and Clint (strangely enough) had chemistry, etc. I would have liked her back months ago but now I just need Vickster and Clint together. Oh God...this Stacy shit needs to end. The last thing I need is that bitch being alive since the February 2009 Llantano Mountain story STILL haunts me to this day! I just need the vets...bottomline. Unfortunately, we lost Dorian but we can have focus on the fab four. Sadly, I don't think we will see much of Bo and Nora anymore at all. UGH. If things keep up, I'm not going to watch PP either. Oh and the Todd stuff was good but then Thursday and Friday were so boring. Need it to pick up! But agreed...don't want a whole hour of JUST the Todd stuff.

    @Young Boots VERY Frustrating! I mean...Wednesday's episode was fabu and then *crickets* I don't know how these past two episodes were so boring?! I mean...I ain't invested in Shane by any means but lawd knows we don't need another child killer within a damn year. Good grief! hahahahahahaha!!!! The "Children of the Corn" epicenter?! I lurve it! Hilar. Oh RH is still looking fabu and he looked mighty wonderful standing in the rain. Then, he looked so dapper when he went to Vicki's on Friday. Again, WHO/WHAT/WHEN were these clothes purchased?! I want to know. Ummm can we please get John back in the bro-mance with Todd. Most def better than John and Natty. Woof.

    @JJ pleasure about the blooper reel! Glad you liked it. So funny to see the old favorites. hahahahaha!!!! Bo's original chin! YES! friend and I were saying that he didn't look like himself again until 2009. That damn surgery freaked me out! I mean...around 2001 or 2002 he looked like a different person. I lurved all the cursing...hilar! Oh, and Asa...*sigh* my favorite. He is greatly missed. =(

  5. Hi Mija - I can hardly believe it - the heat FINALLY passes, but it left the whole world on fire in its wake.

    Can smell it and see plumes all around, but nothing truly close. Wish I could say the same for my friends - one of my best mates from High School and college has a ranch in Smithville/Bastrop, the area with the absolute worst horrific monster of a wildfire - they aren't allowed back into the area and they have a herd of Longhorns out there that they cannot get to. Horrible.

    I don't have any fears of any of the current fires spreading to where I am - the scary thing is that they just keep popping up all over right and left, and then you have all of 5 minutes to grab the puppies and get the hell out!

    Thanks for checking in - you're a sweetie!

    On another note - the blooper reel was mahvelous. Lordy I miss Asa. KDP sure is a goofy one, huh? And when Cassie started cursing I about fell over - hilarious! Thanks so much for sharing . . .

    Young Boots (made for running)(from wildfires)