Sunday, July 31, 2011

Rick Powers Productions Wants YOU!

Tea: "Rick, you assured me that I would be the one to star in your next movie! Plus, you knew I wanted Nate! How could you?!"

Good afternoon on this gorgeous Sunday we are having in Chicago! Hope y'all are having a lovely one. I am JUST now sitting down to watch Friday's show so this should be interesting. I know I have some comments to get to and I'll do that by the latest tomorrow afternoon. Okie dokie...

Friday, July 29th--Rick's Thankful Praise for Video Pirates Swiping "Vickerman."

1. Lawd...we are going to have to watch the beginning of this porn foolishness again. Of course, Dorian is poised as ever.
2. I'm sorry...despite the absurdity of this porn mess I cannot help but laugh when I hear the music and when NQS says "I heard you were failing sex ed." I just can't help it. Oh no...then he just said "Lucky for you I aced the class." PEEING!!! These lines are so damn horrible that they are funny. Toad's face is HILAR during all this. He is LURVING every damn minute.
3. Ugh...between Rex and Brody I don't know who has gone off the deep-end more at this point. Tough call.
4. McBain's hair shorter this episode? Maybe?
5. God...that agent surfaced again? What is his name...Baxter? Baker?
6. Oh sweet I REALLY having to watch Christian make an ice cream sundae (in the dark, no less) and then watch Shawn saunter in (in one of the ugliest shirts I've ever seen) to shoot the shit?! I mean...the point of these scenes will be what? Exactly.
7. I love how Dorian is trying to quell the problem. Ever the classy head bitch in charge...I love it.
8. THIS DIALOGUE!!!! NQS: "My diploma is so big...because I double majored." EWWWWW! I am having difficulty with some of this language. Hmmm looks like they aren't showing Dayt-en (or paying her) this episode. Pretty sure she is gone for good. Praise Jesus. One newbie down...50 to go.
9. Oh.Em.Gee. Now the effing piggies in blankets (on HUGE skewers...odd) went through Rama's "belly?!" I would laugh at this if we had maybe more time with the show but I am really not interested.
10. SNAP...Dan-YELLA just slapped the SHIT out of NQS. That wasn't fake either...word. Good for her. Don't take this lying down. Kick him in the balls while you're at it!
11. Thanks Tomas for reminding me the agent's name is Baker. P.S. you look great in your tux.
12. McBain's suit fits RH beautifully. Of course it does. Of course.
13. I'll be damned! A Renee reference and then David said showing this porn at her hotel is like "returning to her roots." I think I just peed on myself. Oh, Madame Renee. Miss her...
14. Aaaaaand now I'm having to watch Christian make hot dogs. This bastard can do it ALL! I mean...artist, teacher, boxer, manicurist, bartender, chef, and he has the best arms in Llanview. So talented yet so useless...
15. Rick Powers Productions...ugh, I hate that Ross is missing this. I'm gonna have to make him watch this later. Toad: "Hey stud...where you goin'?" I am praying that Toad kills NQS like now. Maybe there could be some freak accident where the chandelier falls on NQS or something? Praying. But, I don't want Renee sued in the process...
16. Okay so I'm kinda bored with this Tomas/McBain shiz. Y'all know I hate to say that since I lurve McBain...
17. Oh no you are NOT adding John McBain to the list, Agent Baker. Just no. John McBain could kill you with one whisper. Just hush it with this foolishness. WOOF on you!!
18. Aaaaand now I just had to watch Christian pour a glass of water. These.Scenes.Are.Shitty.And.So.Pointless.
19. Vimal's parents are little cutie patooties. Oh lord...Rama's water broke...hehe. What foolishness...
20. Blair still looks like sex on a stick...and she is still a ho.
21. Ugh...I'm kinda bored this episode and I need it to pick up. Maybe because my faves aren't on...dunno.
22. NQS, didn't you graduate from LHS with honors? You just told Toad it's between "me and Dani." It's "Dani and me" dipshit. You need to go into porn, because you won't be able to get a job. Ugh...he could get a job elsewhere. I'm just being spiteful...
23. Yes! Ross just joined me so he can see Rick in action. Rick is so much larger than Markko. Mercy. I if Markko would stop Rick in his tracks. Please.
24. God bless...finally Rama told the truth. Hopefully this shit is overwith now.
25. I mean...I feel bad for Dan-YELLA and all but she has got to feel like an stupid ass clown.
26. Jesus H. Christ...seriously I mean how did Kristen Alderson allow the wardrobe people to force her to wear that dress and that cheap ass looking choker?! I just can't wrap my mind around this.
27. I actually want Rex to kill NuJack right now. Don't allow him to talk, Rex! Just shoot this douchebag asap!
28. PEEING...RH just used mace like a smart woman! Impressive. Lurve it!
29. The Palace Hotel guard to the right of Rick does NOT look threatening at all. What a joke.
30. I mean...when the producers are putting together the show how do they not question putting these Christian/Shawn scenes in? I just don't understand.
31. I love Tea's dress on her. However, I ain't diggin' in her hair. That's for damn sure.
32. Oh no...make it go away!!!!!! The "Starr X'd Lovers" script! AHHHH!!!! I think I'm going to melt or die or something if I have to keep looking at that script. I totally blocked out that musical. WOOF!
33. Rex is total creepytown. Ugh. Either go back to being a spaz and get out of the Buch Mansion or just leave the damn show...
34. Aaaand Christian can fold an apron. Oh, and lovely foreshadowing from Shawn saying that real babies actually show up or some shit like that.
35. OMG...Vimal's mom is all but forcing Rama and Vimal to have sex. I love it.
36. I am not about the teen scene, but I have to say I love Dan-YELLA pushing the shit out of NQS. I need a giant cow to fall from the sky now and land on his STD-carrying!
37. Ross is peeing on himself with Rick's foolishness.
38. OMG...has anyone ever seen Hitchcock's "The Man Who Knew Too Much?" Rex is acting JUST like the guy with the gun behind the curtain. I mean...if you're gonna shoot then do it already. Mercy.
39. John McBain's apartment is quite the intersting place. Poor John can't catch a break these days.
40. NOW the show got good in the VERY last scene!!!! WORD! I need good fallout from this shiz...PLEASE!!!!!!!

Okie dokie...things to do. See y'all after while!

Love y'all and mean it!


  1. ME running thru my head moment while watching was definitely the Renee "returning to her roots" moment. Loved that.

    I'm loving RH. Maybe since I was late to the OLTL party and I already thought he was adorable as Paul on ATWT, but I'm thrilled he's on.

    Harrison Ford as Bo Buchanan is fabulous casting. Has anyone figured out the Edna Beasley for Nora reference? Even Googling it just leaves me with more questions.

    So excited that "our Bo" will be on tomorrow.


  2. #22 - Most people get that wrong, so I'd be surprised if Nate actually got it right and said "Dani and me". Although, he'd probably go with "Dani and I" because isn't "I" always more proper? :) I've even heard the vet actors (with English major backgrounds) get that wrong.

    Maybe I'm being a party-pooper :P, but I'm over all the camp and inside jokes. Can we get on with the actual stories please instead of all the stunt plot points or trying to make every other line of dialog clever? (They've broken the 4th wall so completely with David that he's no longer a legitimate character for me anymore.) It takes me totally out of the story and leaves me wondering when we'll get to see Clint, Viki, Bo, or Nora next.

  3. It totally got good at the end, I got goosebumps watching it! Finally we are going to figure out what's going on, unless they are going to jerk us around for a couple more weeks, which we have found they are more than capable of doing!

    I thought it was funny Ford trying to step up to Toad, to protect Nate...we all know you can't fight Ford, you are not intimidating, not in the slightest...

    Rex is being super creepy, and it is really creeping me out...

    Baker sucks as an agent, he can't do nothing right...

  4. @Christie So glad that althought I haven't met you, we have the same thoughts! Ummm how funny was the line about Renee! I miss her! Supposedly she recently filmed scenes with Our Bo! YAY!!! :) Lord...RH is Todd. You can watch all his stuff on youtube. The spring fling trial was good, stalking blind Nora, his banter with Marty, courtship with Blair...all good. I stopped watching ATWT a long time ago but I kept up and I did watch the last 6 months or so and he was still adorable. How he was married to Emily I'll never know. Emily's mom, Susuan, was always one of my favs...maybe because she is beautiful. Ok I am getting off topic here. Oh, I'm not sure about the Edna Beasley thing but I heard it may be an actress that suddenly just disappeared. Quite strange. So glad Bo is back!

    @Emily True about the grammar. I think that I expect it out of everyone since I was just raised to say it that way (my grandmother raised me and was an English teacher for 44 get the drift). But, yes understandable. I just held Nate to a higher standard since he graduated with honors from LHS and now has a budding film career. ;) I was beyond annoyed with Vickers a few weeks ago, but I haven't mind him the past week or so. However, all the other foolishness with Rama and her belly and what not...yeah, that needs to go. I PRAY to the good lord above that we get some EXCELLENT vet stuff coming up (and plenty of it) and that Dorian's send-off is everything she deserves. Fingers crossed, dear!

    @YoSammity OMG...OF COURSE they will flippin' jerk us around for awhile longer. I mean...why not? Woof. haha! AGREED. Ford is NOT intimidating at all. Hell, Tess isn't even scared of his ass. OMG...Rex is dripping in uber creepy secret sauce and I need him to go back to being normal and get out of the Buch Mansion...word. Peeing...Baker does indeed suck as an agent. He can't keep his damn prisoners (or whatever you call what RH and Patrick were) under control!