Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Mestiny's Terribleness Oozes Into Monday...and She Continues to Terrorize Me

Mes: "So, Matthew REALLY is talking now? He said he wanted me to move to a foreign country? For forever? Ok, I love Matthew so I'll do whatever he says. Thanks, Mrs. B.."

Happy EARLY Tuesday!!! This heatwave in Chicago sucks. I mean...granted, it's this temperature back in Louisiana every damn day but it just ain't s'posed to be this damn hot up here. Le sigh. It will be oppressively hot all week. Awesome. Anyway, I'll respond to comments from the last post and this post from work. I'll do Tuesday's blog on Wednesday because we are POSSIBLY going to the Cubs/Phillies game this evening. Thank you Ross' new job for the free tickets...word. Just seeing about how crunched for time we are. Who knows...maybe I'll be blogging this evening. Anyway...Onward...let's chat about Monday.

Monday, July 18th--Horrified That Poor Nora Had to Talk To Mes the ENTIRE EPISODE
1. Again, Blair (much easier to blame Blair since she ONLY thinks with her vagina) is stupid as hell for leaving Sam with "Spiderman." I mean...parenting at its finest.
2. Sam and RH will be the bright spot in this episode, no doubt. May I just say that RH has one helluva body. Dayum.
3. John and Natty continue to resemble a boring show on PBS.
4. The picture on Toad's desk with his kids is the worst photoshopping job ever. Some kid in a summer camp arts and crafts camp must have done that. Shitastic job.
5. OMIGOD. I mean...it is just plain wrong that Nora will interact with Mes for an entire episode. CRIMINAL!
6. Dayt-en just looks like a deer in headlights. You know I must admit that ever since NQS started on OLTL I have been secretly longing for him to a do a porn movie so I can purchase it for my own home. Who seems dreams don't come true? UGH!!!!!!!!!!
7. Jesus H. Christ...I mean, I can't even enjoy my favorite character because I'm so effing upset she has to deal with Mes. I mean...Nora will only be on once a week (if that) since it is summer time and when she is on she has to deal with Mes and her PINK stick. Someone just beat the shit out of me now...please. I mean...I don't think I can keep doing this blog if things keep going like this.
8. I mean...so is Dan-YELLA knocking on ALL 104 rooms at the Minuteman in order to find NQS? Yet she just happens to stumble upon the right room since it seems that everyone who stays at the MM is between rooms 103 and 104. LOL. I am sure I've seen another room # but I'm sure it is around the 103 range. Silly rabbits...
9. OMG so presh! I want to tote Sam around with me...daily! He could just be my little sidekick at work, on the bus, while cooking dinner...I can see it now. Ok so RH looks kinda hot in that costume...cannot lie.
10. UGH!!!!!!!! I am SCREAMING at the tv right now!!!! I cannot deal with Nora holding Mes' hand and chatting with her like she would her best friend (aka Vicki). I need a HUGE pot or pan to come flying out of nowhere from the kitchen and land on Mes. Bitch.
11. Dan-YELLA don't get down. Just go check room 103...that's the only other room NQS could be in.
12. Again, John I need your hair to strike up a convo or you get some Hounds beer and play darts this instant. I need things lively...
13. I would most definitely do Tea. She looks smokin' in that dress.
14. I actually felt a twinge of jealousy watching Sam jump on the bed. I was not allowed to do that as a child...whannn!
15. May I just say that this episode ain't doin' it for me...even with my fav character. This is sad. OMG the music at the Buenos Dias is ATROSH!!!! I swear they play the same song there constantly. DAMMIT TO HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot effing deal with Nora's references to Matt having kids! AHHHH!!!!!!! There is that DAMN PINK stick!!! This stick terrorizes me in my dreams at night I swear...in a Mestiny voice! Cool it with the f*@king "flashbacks" OLTL. Right this instant! I can't discuss this shit anymore...
16. NQS and Dayt-en really want to do each other...this is an excuse.
17. These Rama/Vimal scenes...just not interested in these characters anymore. Rama looks uber gorg but....eh, not feeling it.
18. Well, Sam will no doubt be found since I'm sure Natty's badass CSU skills will come to the rescue. Everyone is in good hands. So glad this bitch is back from maternity leave and back where she belongs--working for the LPD.
19. LOL...Starr had no clue there was a murder at her own effing house. Unreal.
20. Holy Mother of God...NQS is dripping in sweat!!! I would say he looks like he just got out of the sauna at Serenity Springs, but no one sweats in there (even fully clothed) so I can't use that one. Damn.
21. Mes if you tell my poor Nora about you and Matthew and that baby I'll effing gouge your eyes out with the preg test, you whore!
22. I mean...Blair to everyone: "Sam made friends with a homeless man on the property at LaBoulaie." REALLY?! What kind of a mother calmly says shit like this? And, what kind of people let homeless people and others roam their property. Good God! Lord, Blair's parenting skills are shit. The writers make her look so dense.
23. Nora, I assure you that you are gonna regret saying you need Mes to remind you that Matt will live a long life, fall in love, get married and have kids. Good God.
24. I'm looking at the pennants in the background and not at the actors.
25. I need to hurry...after 7 and I have to get in hair and makeup soon. Stylist just arrived.
26. I haven't said this in awhile, but I'd still do Ted King. Horrible storyline and all...
27. Please Dayt-en...leave the show now that you have your mother's information. I won't miss you. Plus, I'll have your dvd to provide me with warm memories.
28. Whannnn! Vimal just mentioned Marty! =( Her craziness could have entertained us this episode.
29. Starr stop fanning yourself. Wait...where is James? Not that I care, but why isn't he at the party? I mean...NQS was going to go then cancelled. Just wondering.
30. FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!! The two Todds are going to interact?! Seriously?! I mean...how long has this been going on?! PLEASE be good! PLEASE! I'm begging you. I need to this hellish summer of OLTL to be saved. K, thanks.

Ok I must hurry up and get ready for work! Comment later. It's been fun as always!

China Lake


  1. Is it just me or in all soaps have the photoshopped pictures of the family! How hard is it to take one picture of the actors! Its completely ridiculous to me and that always make me super angry!

    Anyways, this was an ok episode, I really liked RH and Sam...Sam looks like a different kid without glasses, I didn't know who it was at first...

    OMG, if I was Vimal, I would realize I didn't have that many options and Rama was totally out my league, so I would take her back and do her on Todd's desk...but that's just me, call me crazy....

    Speaking from personal experience, I have befriended several people of the homeless variety and I can only say I am a better person for it! Two of them even shot someone for me! ...excellent hitmen they make...

    Yeah Day-ten and NQS totally wanted to do it... and they kind of seemed awkward, but then it was like nothing happened after that when they were talking...I was kind of imagining what they were doing if it was like a typical porno, multiple positions...that would just be weird to see...

    Mestiny is tres annoying!

  2. @YoSammity Yes, all soaps have those damn photoshopped pictures and like you it infuriates the hell out of me. Woof. yes...this episode was JUST okay. The RH/Sam stuff was adorbs. Gosh, you and Ross are in agreement about Rama! He thinks the same thing. No, you aren't crazy. She is most def out of his league but he is such a nice guy I feel sorry for him. PEEING!!!! OF COURSE you get homeless people to be your friends so they can be hitmen...of course. I didn't know hitmen were prevalent throughout Nebraska? I'm so over NQS and Dayt-en. I need her to leave town now...both of them. And Nate was so sweaty...ewww. Do NOT EVEN get me started on Mes. I need to remain calm at work today! AH!