Monday, July 25, 2011

There's A Guy Down At Rodi's That Thinks He's Bon Jovi

RH's Todd: "Sam, if we hurry we can go hear Bon Jovi at Rodi's. You may not know who he is, but he is this awesome rocker from Jersey. Spiderman loves him so you will, too."

Morning!!! HAPPY EFFING MONDAY!!! We actually accomplished a lot of wedding stuff this weekend despite having a mini flood Saturday. Ugh. I'll refrain from discussing. Sooo...that is why I'm blogging at 5:30 a.m. as opposed to yesterday. Anywho....I thought Friday (like Thursday) was uber good. Speaking of Thursday...I had ZERO comments about that blog. Was it THAT bad? It's okay if it was...that is expected. Back to Friday...I have to say I do miss Clint (B/N too but I expected their absence...but, CB needs to surface). =( However...FABU show. Todd story picking up...word! I'll make this as thorough as I can. Have to consider time this morning though. Ok, let's do this.

Friday, July 22nd--Bon Jovi Loves Llanview. How Could He Not?
1. OMG...Sam is ADORBS!!!!!! Also, Dorian's pool is shit. A mansion and that pool...crock.
2. You know, Natty, I wish John WOULD blame Brody for global warming (after they have had an intense dart game and too much Hounds...word). Brody's response would be something straight out of a horror movie since he is all crazy and shit nowadays.
3. Tea's dress is uber adorbs. That color would look awful on me but I love it.
4. I'm not commenting on the RH stuff yet until there is some damn dialogue...
5. I love that Vimal and Brody are hangin' out in Toad's office. I'd be pissed. Also, the euro vs. the dollar sign is so absurd in case y'all forgot.
6. Oh, and Dorian is lookin' all kinds of fierce. She can sport polka dot like no one else.
7. RH looks like a completely different person with his hair slicked back like that...or maybe it's just me.
8. Jesus H. Christ...that ottoman or whatever the hell you want to call it in Toad's house is such an eyesore!!!!!!! I just cannot let this go. It's like a bird just flew by and shit all over it.
9. Ah...the agent's name is Baker. I couldn't remember it for the life of me. So Tomas and Toad are in cahoots with these agents...that is about all I know at this point. If y'all know more, please tell me. Oh, and I have to say that my FAV spoiler I have read so far is: "John reveals the real Todd Manning in the beginning of August." LOL. Hello?! OF COURSE he does! I KNEW McBain would figure this shit out! Snap! Oh, and that means this story finally goes somewhere...thank you, baby Jesus.
10. I'm sorry but my heart breaks when I hear all these "I saw Marty in the lab" references. WHANNNN! I just need to see Marty break that bottle against John's slot machine (or whatever the hell she broke it against) and threaten Kelly Cramer. Just one more time please! Oh, I need to see her spaz out about how John hates artichokes....good times.
11. Ok, so it's official: Brody has that crazy twinkle in his eye while talking to Vimal. Paging Dr. Levin and his team of clowns...
12. Snap...the Llanview docks have a telephone booth. I don't know about y'all but I never see a telephone booth nowadays. Wait...times the f*@k out. I just realized what I just wrote. Llanview has docks? How come they don't show them more? And, I would love to know what the boats carry.
13. Ok I CANNOT handle Toad yelling at little Sam. I'm getting all kinds of defensive here. Just no!!! Hello look like you are ready to go to an LSU football game in all that purple and gold. Mercy. But I hate her outfit, so people would def talk about her. The glasses are too much with the outfit.
14. I know I have said this and maybe I'm cold-hearted about this, but I am just NOT feeling it for Rex anymore. He's kinda bein' a little douche (in my eyes), and I'm finding it annoying. Also, SOMEONE PLEASE CHANGE THE F*@KING SONG THEY ARE PLAYING AT THE BUENOS DIAS!!!! Jesus, Marty, and Joseph! They play the same whiny ass song over and over and over. UGH.
15. Ugh...I need to kinda hurry up so I can go get dressed. My stylist is on her way to do my hair and make-up. Random comments coming...
16. McBain is ON this Todd Manning shit. I love it. He is like a badass, black suit wearing, whispering Hercule Poirot. Does everyone know who that is? Please Google if you don't. I love Agatha Christie books...word. Again, we will ALL learn at least ONE thing from this blog if it kills me.
17. Tea looks hot and I'd do her. And (I cannot believe I am saying this shit), I am actually thankful that Baz said all that smack to Tea about Toad and Tomas so she will stop being so blind and get with the program. I mean...your long lost DJ of a nephew is figuring this shit out. Get on board, Tea.
18. The Bon Jovi quote pretty much made my year...
19. I need someone to remove Baz's shirt and burn that shit now...NOW.
20. Toad's kinda slipping. Paranoia can get the best of people. I see a little, not THAT kinda crazy. Just the paranoid part. There is a little Marty sauce dribbing from Toad's chin...that's all.
21. I'm sorry but Natty being a crime-solving genius with crock of shit and just not believable. Let's be serious. I laugh when she discusses all this mess.
22. Dorian has been wasted this episode...hardly been on. FAIL. Ah...a Bo and Nora reference from Rex. Tear.
23. Speaking of my Bo and Nora sadness...where the EFF is Clint?! Not on all week? What the eff is that about?
24. Y'all I can't believe this but I just flat out love Tea and now the word is she is gonna leave. UGH.
25. Nooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! A location scene with Baz and Starr?! Why oh why God do you do this to me? Say what?! Starr just said she was going to the Buenos Dias but she had to stop and get gas first? Where in the middle of the f*@king woods? This is dumb as rocks.
26. OMG...John McBain just got even better in my eyes. He gives Louie free food and let's him do as he pleases at the docks. What a guy...
27. John and Natty could no doubt crack the case in 5 minutes if they started playing darts. Gets the mind going...
28. I'm praying someone in the kitchen at the BD Cafe poisons NuJack's food. PRAYING!!!
29. I'm like all kinds of pumped about the McBain/RH stuff. Y'all have no idea. I think they will make a fabu team!
30. This location shoot with Starr and Baz marinated in shit for hours before it came onto our screen...disgusting. Awful. Atrosh we have to see this disaster.
31. I'm on Team Tea with all this foolishness. I need homegirl to wise up and not get damaged during all this mess but I'm afraid it will be too late.

Okay, I have to run!!! See y'all this evening (hopefully) or in the morning!


China Lake


  1. Great Episode, Great Blog!!!!Thats all I've got this AM...I am distracted by my impending trip to NJ next week.....trying everything on, gotta know what I'm gonna pack.....Thank You China Lake.....gotta see what my stripper name will be....LMAO !!

  2. I was seriously enjoying the show the last half of the week! It was pretty good!

    I totally see Brody getting into his "Marty zone" right now, and it is really hilarious to watch but sad at the same time...He never gets anything!

    I am glad you have finally transitioned over to the Tea side! Welcome!

    They might as well have killed Clint off, if this is how much they are going to use him after he just got saved! And I don't know if it was this episode or last but John cracked me when he said he figured that Origami Cogs in like 10 minutes. Rex is dumb.

  3. I can always count on you for a great laugh, Mija! It' been a while since I last posted here (no particular reason - you just pretty much cover everything so, so, so well)! Did you know Llanview actually has addresses? Having been there more than once, it's funny, but the sets actually have an address written (somewhere - sometimes obstructed from viewers) on them.

    Llanfair is 1770 Regency Drive (Rex and the Carriage House is 1770A). La Boulaie is at 56 Lincoln Street and yeah, Todd's current house is 437 Jackson Road. I can go on and on, but you get the point. BTW, Christian Vega and I have the same address, down to the Apartment # (3-B). Coincidence? Nope. Birthday gift from the writers, specifically one, to me a long time ago. OK, next subject! Boy, can I ramble!

    I can tell you I was excited as a school girl last Thursday to be in the presence of John Loprieno and Andrea Evans (Cord and yes, the Original Tina). Andrea has taken time off from her LA based soap to be in Llanview). Their first episode airs in like 8 weeks or so. Let's just say September-ish. YAY!

    Trevor St.John said goodbye to the show Friday, and though SUPER unhappy about it, showed super class and catered the entire cast, crew, interns, security, etc. breakfast, lunch, etc. for the whole day. Awesome.

    I have to admit to a major man-crush on Roger Howarth. He's just that good.

    Dorian, David, Kelly, Joey, Gigi are all done filming and gone from the canvas. Christian was supposed to leave already, but that's been extended. I'm super psyched that Kimberly is back (or will be)! I LOVE Amanda so much (we worked together on Gossip Girl before she came to OLTL - and she's Awe-some...)!

    I used to like Starr and her devotion to Cole. Then snap she's with James, and now snap James is out and Baz is in. Ewww. Can't stand him.

    I know how you LURVE Day-en and NateQ, so you're going to flip over the porno that begins getting shown soon, and yup, you see way, way too much, so get a barf bag!

    OK, no spoilers in story so I'm covered (see I can get around the rules - lol), just a bit about casting.

    Have a great one, Oh great Queen of Eterna!


  4. If I read spoilers right, Clint may be on tomorrow (Tuesday) or at least by Wednesday - 3 weeks after he was last seen. I guess recovering from a heart transplant isn't all that exciting anymore (not being porn and all) and his daughters don't need to go see him now that they know he's going to live. At least Joey (in his 1 appearance recently) told us he'd been there for his father.

    I really liked Clint/Kim the first time around and they have unfinished business. It's kind of maddening (as a spoiler reader :P) not having any clues or hints about how she comes back or what she'll do when she returns.

    I'm guessing August is supposed to be clearing out unwanted characters and stories and focusing the rest for the show's end. Hopefully they'll get back to Clint, Bo, Nora, Viki, etc. in the coming weeks. And I really hope we get to see EA as Matthew again - upright, coherent, and lucid.

  5. Back from NOLA--thanks for the swamp tip--we were on our way as we were leaving the city saturday and the skies opened up and it RAINED!!! no alligators for me I was very sad, but we did eat at Dragos (charbroiled oysters) Central market, Antiones and Court of 2 sisters so it was all good!!

    Just watched episodes of Tues-Monday and boy is the show some kind of awesome when you can FF thru everything but the Todd story!!

    If RH isn't the REAL TOdd this story sucks gator balls--when both Todds are in 1 scene you just know who the real one is--sorry TSJ fans-I like him too but he's not Todd. When RH says the kid was never in danger I would never hurt a kid you knew he had to be the real one!!

    I missed the blog--it's alwasy good to go away but better to come home :)

  6. Morning! I will probably break this up into two responses...

    @Krisi Thank you! Thank you! You are so sweet! When you find out what your stripper name is please pass it along. :) Dying to know! Have a wonderful time in Jersey! Be safe but misbehave! xx

    @YoSammity I KNEW you would welcome me to the Tea side! When I realized I really liked her I thought "YoSammity will appreciate this." ;) OMG Brody is all up in the "Marty Zone!" You can see it in his eyes, right? He is going to snap at any moment I feel it. Peeing! YES...McBain did figure out Origami Cogs in like all of 10 minutes. I love it. I think your best quote was "Rex is dumb." Agreed. He is working my nerves lately. OMG I miss Clint like no other and if they don't bring him back this week I'll cry myself to sleep at night. FACT.

    @Richmond Chandler DAH-LING! You have been missed terribly! How are you?! How's California treating you? :) Thanks for the compliments, dear. Do I know addresses? Believe it or not...yes. They are listed on Wikipedia and I have checked them out before like a big ole douche. Thank you for letting everyone else know the addresses! I bet a ton of people didn't know that tidbit. Speaking of a birthday gift from the writers, I wish they celebrated the characters birthdays. Not all the time, but at least we would know. Hell, anniversaries too. Woof. OMG OMG...Tina (AE...thank God!) and Cord! I know right? Be still my heart! September cannot get here fast enough. Just hope their big return is better than Alex Olanov's was...botched! So jeal! You got to work with AS on "Gossip Girl!?" I love her too and hope her return is fabu! Oh, see I need Christian to go on and leave Llanview. :( Boo on that news. Oh, and TSJ sounds like a class act! That is so gracious of him...loves it. Lord, I kinda have a mini crush on RH, too. that body. No words. Oh yes...loathe NQS and Dayt-en, but I hope the porn getting shown instead of "Vickerman" is funny. Fingers crossed! So glad to hear from you! Been too long!

    Ok...about to do a second response.

  7. @Emily Yes m'am. I do believe you are right about Clint. I just read them, too. Gosh, I kinda got sad when I saw the "3 weeks" since he has last been on. Woof! Egregious! I can't stand how the vets are MIA in the summer...oh well. C'est la vie. Clint being saved by the heart transplant soooo could have continued to be a good story. I hate that now the whole thing is tabled. You're right...his kids could be visiting him and the conversations could have been great. Woof. Oh Clint and Kim...liked them too the first time around. They strangely had this connection. I hope they do her return right. I just don't need her in the way too long so I can get a little Clint/Vicki action soon. ;) Gosh, I hope they are clearing out some unwanted characters in the upcoming weeks. Would be a treat! Praying the fab four is back soon and, amen sista, I need Matthew coherent. However, I do don't want him to wake up and be slapped with baby news. We shall see.

    @rac Well hello!!!! How was NOLA?! Your welcome about the swamp tour advice. That didn't work out? Awe. OMG...Antoine's?! One of my fav places...second to Bayonna but that is just a personal preference. Drago's?!?! BE STILL MY HEART! I LOVE charbroiled oysters! Too bad you couldn't have toted me in your suitcase to NOLA. I miss the food. You went to ALL good places! You did it right! Well, you didn't miss much in the OLTL world. It was def good a few days but a couple of days sucked. HA! I love that you are sticking with the NOLA theme of this post and saying "gator balls!" ha! I am like you. I do like TSJ and I think he is a phenom actor...BUT, if OLTL is gonna do this and bring back RH then RH has to be the real Todd. I just don't see how else this story will work. If they don't want to make RH the real Todd, then they are gonna have to have one helluva convincing/awesome story for it. Lord...who knows at this point. Well the blog missed you. Glad you're back. I've missed your early morning comments that come straight to my email. :)