Friday, July 15, 2011

Please Say This Nightmare Is Over!!! Mija's About To Choke A Bitch!

Nora: "Oh no, Bo! You mean we have to be in ANOTHER episode with all teens? This is so unfair! Next time they want to put us in another teen episode I'll promise to make up an unbeatable excuse. We'll be 'sittin' shiva' but not really... ;) "

Oooookay. So I am quickly sitting down to blog before we go out for the evening...too gorgeous out. Have to drink, be merry and appreciate this weather! I said earlier, Wednesday and Thursday's episodes were just oozing in shit. Y'all know that. I could go off on the teen scene for days upon days, but I decided I'm not gonna do that. In my opinion, these episodes weren't even worthy of blog posts. I dunno...maybe y'all liked these episodes, but I was just not into either of them. So, I'm going to take the advice of my constitutional law professor. When preparing for our big exam at the end of the semester he would always tell us to think of our answer like a woman's skirt: long enough to cover the subject, but short enough to keep it interesting. Well, I'm gonna do JUST that. I'm literally just going to spout off random, terse observations about the show. That's it. Then, I'm gonna pray Friday's episode is fabu (I think Vicki and Dorian are on so please...), so I can do a full post again and things get back to normal. I mean...blogging about this show during the summer is effing difficult. I cannot lie. Ok lemme get this started...

Wednesday, July 13th--Bo and Nora's Desperate Plea to Be Saved From This Episode
1. I refuse to discuss Starr and James. They have so many effing in depth discussions and I just hate them at this point. Also, Dorian's pool is lame as shit.
2 Rick: "So who is ready to make a porn?" Lemme tell ya...this girl right here! ME!!!!!!! Seriously, I would do Nathaniel Q. Salinger EVERY WAY IMAGINABLE if the show would get rid of the effing teen scene and get back on track. I would do it...seriously. No one can say I'm not a team player. Word.
3. Oh you're nauseated Mes? You bitch. I'm sick as shit, too, and it is all because of YOU! So thanks a lot. UGH! I have to say that the evil thoughts I have about Mes are not suitable for this blog. I've never felt such hatred for a character.
4. The ONE good thing about this episode: Bo and Nora. They were adorable, and I really liked Nora's outfit. I'm so thankful she has consecutively worn new and fabu clothing...thank you, Jesus! Oh, and when Bo told Nora he was with, still my heart. He is so fabulous. Nora you don't know what to do with your time? Why don't y'all just have sex?
5. Todd and Tea's bed looks UBER comfy! I mean...I just want to crawl in the bed. They can argue about God knows what and I'd just sleep.
6. Dayt-en's cardigan has tomatoes all over it. Hideous. If I could throw tomatoes at my screen this episode, I would. Or, I want to shove a shit-ton of tomatoes down NQS' throat and have him choke...a bit too violent? Yes. But, I thought it so oh well.
7. I think Vivian is a very, very pretty woman. She should be shown more after Mes is killed off...since I'm gonna will that to happen somehow. Seriously, I will make sure Mes meets her demise. I know I'll want to kill Mes Monday cause, unfortunately, she and Nora have scenes together...alone. I will go postal I'm sure.
8. *Sigh* I don't want to discuss the Ford/Jess shit. I'll say that Jess still sucks rhino balls as a character and now the writers are STILL trying to brainwash us to think that Ford didn't rape Jess. He can now love her because he loved Tess. She has the same hair! The same voice! He just has to have her...otherwise he is heartbroken! Oh no! UGH!!!!! Somebody just effing slit my wrist with the broken glass from the Todd/Vickster picture frame. Dammit to hell!
9. I mean...this mango gum nonsense is absurd. And, when Nora told Bo he didn't chew gum I was like....WTF? He has it in his mouth like every episode. LOL.
10. I was so riveted by the Tomas/Baz conversation about effing music!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! ARE YOU EFFING KIDDING ME!?

This episode was disgusting. I hate that B/N had to be apart of this foolishness, but I'm thankful they kept me from losing it. On now to Thursday...

Thursday, July 14th--Mija's About to Lose Her Shit!!!!
1. Sam is by far the coolest character on this episode. I hear ya're missing your birthday party and your miffed. I'm miffed this show is beating the shit out of me this summer. Life's tough. Another thing: Sam is most def the BEST DRESSED character this episode! Those shoes!
2. I love the "soap pads" label in the Buenos Dias kitchen.
3. Ross' comment about Baz was "that' a f*@kin' dumbass shirt." I can't argue with that statement...
4. I'm praying Rick is not a porn director but really a serial killer and has been sent to Llanview for the sole purpose of murdering half the teens.
5. I love Tea's powder blue robe. She looks presh.
6. In case y'all forgot, Blair's a terrible mother and makes bad decisions in life thanks to her out of control sex drive.
7. Blair and John McBain have the same hair...
8. Ross loves RICK and frankly...I do too this episode. Jesus H. Christ this episode is atrosh.
9. John McBain was UBER ADORBS with little Sam! I'm sorry...he was. I mean...Sam was like his little buddy. I lurve it!
10. That's it. I can't do this anymore. I just sent an email to the ABC studios to see if I could set up a time and place to eff NQS so I can save us all from this shit we are being subjected to day after day. I'm doing this for you, people!!!!

Than you, Jesus! We are going out to have fun! Again, Friday's episode will be better and I will be able to do a full blog. I feel it!

Love you, mean it!!!

Little Mija


  1. "Nora you don't know what to do with your time? Why don't y'all just have sex?"

    Clearly your best line tonight.


  2. I'm hoping John McBain is just another alter ego of Caleb Morley (Port Charles) and he will eventually take out all the teens in what will be the best summer storyline ever! It would explain the black clothes, low voice, and how he knows Santa.

    On another note it is interesting to watch how the 2 actors portray the same character of Todd so differently--NuTodd always seems very indifferent/or has an indifferent air to what is happening around him, esp toward the kids. Old Todd is more in your face, yet more kidlike when with the kids.

    Please pick up soon OLTL
    (PS Going to New Orleans next week--any suggestions on Swamp Tours??)

  3. Haha! I hate essays as much as you hate the Llanview teens...would have LOVED if my Con Law prof had given us such an instruction--and actually meant it!
    Any news on who will be left when OLTL transitions to the web? Um, unfortunately, seems like your most hated characters! *scary music*

  4. I am kind of torn over the last few days - the teen scene and the god-awful porno blackmail BS has been even more horrendous than usual, but on the other hand - the whole thing with Todd/Toad seems to be gaining momentum. I completely recognized RH as Todd finally - and old school super scary Todd as opposed to hammy Todd. Hooray!

    Actually love the banter and bickering btw Toad and Tomas - nice to see pros spar.

    Speaking of pros - Vickers and Viki were GREAT when he was begging her for her help - I was rolling. Lord I hope they let Dorian depart with some dignity intact . . .

    I noticed and loved Nora's little abstract B&W tunic too - I want it! I love that Bo & Nora are going all super sleuth mode.

    So, with the new RH momentum and promises of lots of scenes with my precious egghead Sam, I guess I won't be taking that sabbatical after all.

    ♥♥♥ cri*cri

  5. I loathe Mes too. She is even ruining my Bo and Nora and that is just an unforgivable offense. No words to describe how ticked off about Bo and Nora in this atrocious teen scene. I simply cannot deal with Mes's stupid, loud, obnoxious a$$ anywhere near my family. I need her to leave stat because she is making me very cranky. I do think that this pregnancy dooms her as a character. She will either miscarry/abort or die allowing Bo and Nora to raise the baby. I don't see her getting the cut to the web, especially with a SORASed Matthew. I don't see some Matthew/Des/baby family unit. Not two high school kids.

  6. Morning everyone!

    @Christie haha! Glad you liked the line. Seriously, the whole time they were yapping about what to do with their time I was like "REALLY?!" I mean...there should be no question. Go have sex. Lordy. Those babies need some happiness. They have been constantly stressed!

    @Rac I don't know who this Caleb character is since I didn't watch Port Charles, but if he takes out the teens then he will be my new favorite character. Word. Since I consider John McBain to be somewhat of a whispering superhero it is only fitting that he (or some alter of McBain) take out the teens. VERY interesting comparison of the two Todds. You are so right about that! I'm ready for this whole thing to get going. Would then be eager to see how Todd's kids will react when they finally talk to him and realize who he is (assuming he is the Real Todd).'re going to NOLA? FUN!? If you want restaurant suggestions, I can give you a HUGE list!!! Or shopping. I asked Ross about the swamp tour thing since he is from NOLA (I'm from the boonies of North Louisiana...we don't do swamps) and he said the one he always did as a kid is the one that started in Bayou Segnette. Here is a link...looks pretty cool.

    @S. Banks Well, I tried to stick with shorter essays but ended up writing more...ALWAYS! I thought that was a rather witty phrase about the skirt so I like to use it from time to time. Eh...I haven't heard about who is staying and who isn't. I know that if Bo and Nora don't stay then I won't watch the show. =( I'm hoping they do. Watch only the peeps I loathe stay. I did hear that all the vets are very optimisitc and hopeful about the web show and I think so many of them love the show that they will try to do whatever it takes to keep the show going...of course, they have to be asked to still continue with the show. That is gonna be an issue. I bet we won't know more until fall or so. Any tidbit of news I get I'll pass along on here. =)

    @cri*cri Yes! Like you I went from wanting to pull my effing hair out during the week with the teens and this porn shit, but then I was pleasantly surprised by the end of the week when the RH stuff picked up...FINALLY! I thought Sam's birthday party was really good because FINALLY RH was intereacting with all the people that matter (except Vicki...dying for that. I also want a RH/Nora scene after he meets all his loved ones.) So thank God they are moving along with this mess. OMG Vickers and Vicki were all kinds of delightful and I, too, was dying out laughing! God, I'm PRAYING Dorian departs with dignity. Her last airdate is August 25th so that's not much time. Plus, RS needs more airtime since she is leaving soon. Need to step it up. I floved Nora's tunic, too. Very different. I hope they find out what happened to Matthew and kill NQS. Ugh I know they won't harm him but I need someone to harm him. Glad you're not going to take that sabbatical! Little Sam is worth sticking around for!

    @andrea Oh God, I could write a dissertation on this shit! I hate how she is all up in Bo and Nora's business, too. EGREGIOUS. This pregnancy is so effing insulting. So you really think she will miscarry/abort or die? I mean...I need Mes off the screen so whatever way I'll take. I could see that happening and then Bo and Nora to have to raise the kid. God, it would have been so much better if Nora would have gotten pregs and not Mes. UGH. I didn't know Matthew was going to be SORASed. well, I know they keep going back and forth talking about it. I need to learn more about the web stuff....kinda in the dark. Again...Mes needs to leave. I'll do whatever necessary. Bo and Nora need to have their own scenes and not prop Mes. Woof.