Saturday, July 23, 2011

John McBain's Whispering Continues As Brody Keeps Trying To Emulate Marty (It's Working)

Brody: "Don't worry, Marty, I assure you I will tell Dr. Levin 'hello' for you when I arrive. My crazy train is leaving the station soon. Tell Patrick I said 'what's up.'"

Ah! Happy Saturday! Ok, I'm JUST sitting down to watch Thursday AND Friday's episodes! I'm going to do a full post of Thursday...THEN a full post of Friday either this evening or tomorrow. Then I'm off to do a shit-ton of wedding stuff (praying the rain holds off today). Oh, and I know I have comments from my previous post...will respond this weekend I promise.

Thursday, July 21st--There Are STILL Tickets Available For Brody's St. Ann's Bound Train an officer walked through the side door into McBain's office and left a note but McBain has to pull out his keys and unlock the front door to his office? I mean...REALLY?! Why didn't McBain just go in the side entrance since it looked like he was coming from that direction anyway? WTF?

Ugh...EXPLODE Jessica! God knows I have been a harsh critic of Natalie ever since she started lying to John about the baby (and pretty much just sucking overall), but I will pull for her over Jessica any damn day. Oh, and word on the street is that Bree Williamson is leaving early...not confirmed or anything though. I'm fine with this. still my heart. Thank you sweet baby Jesus for sending Bo Buchanan to me during this episode. I needed this. Times he and Nora spent the night in Philly? I mean...Nora was at the Buenos Dias with Mestiny the night before (on Monday's episode...night before) and THEN she was running late for a meeting and had to leave. Yet, she and Bo drove to Philly late that night to visit Matthew and now Bo is back in time for breakfast with David? Ummmm no. PEEING!!! David: "Your daughter-in-law, the mayor, she could have been killed yesterday if not for a hero." LURVE it.

I love Dorian's little housecoat...if that's what that is. Adorable. I'll refrain from the Joey/Kelly comments and sex. I feel uncomfortable since I've made all these toddler comments. There is no right way to segway into sex...sorry kids.

UGH!!!!! Effing balls! There is NOT enough time left on this show (at least while it's on tv and I'm still watching) for us to have to see the likes of Aubs, Cutter, and Rama at the Herpes Hangout. I'm sorry, but I don't give a damn about these fools. Dear God...Aubs' nightgown is 10 shades of TRASH! Ugh.

Aaaaaand Rex just entered through the open side door. I mean...seriously. I am so disturbed with McBain's entrance. Why not the side door then unlock the front when you get in? hahahahha!!!!! Rex: "How could you put my mom in jail?" John (in his best whisper): "Apparently she kidnapped the mayor." I'm sorry but I love John McBain. I cannot help my damn self!!! I'm so glad John's to-go cup is labeled "coffee."

OMG...Bo's reactions to David saying it was his job to tie up Dorian...HILAR! He is BEYOND uncomfortable with this shit. God...Dorian was Bo's mother-in-law (briefly) and now she is Bo's daughter-in-law. I also love that Nora is Dorian's step-mother-in-law. My God what a family tree! NOT bring up the gum wrapper dammit. And, Bo you chew gum all the time. This is silly.

Again, I can't discuss the Joey/Kelly sex...just feel wrong. LOL...of course Dorian had to let them know that she and David have been celebrating. OMG I just peed on myself with that picture in "The Sun" with little Sam and Echo...loves it! Also, I LOVE the flowers in Kelly's room!!!!

Ok...I mean Vimal's parents are all kinds of presh. HOWEVER, I don't give two shits. I don't want to know his family. I need some Buchanan/Cramer/Lord stuff. Sorry y'all...

I do like Jessica's tank top...just sayin'. Oh lawd...move in together? I dunno about this foolishness. God...I love that the backdoors to Llanfair are perpetually open and/or unlocked. Jesus H. Christ. This house, I swear. Ok so Natty has a point. Everyone has to put their damn lives on hold for Jessica and I'm kinda tired of it...can't lie.

Eh...not discussing Vimal and his parents. Not worth my time.

I also don't care about Aubs, Cutter, and Rama. I know I wouldn't sit on that couch...ewww. I also know that Aubs' nightie gets trashier by the segment. Le woof.

OMG Give.Me.A.F*@king.Break. Kelly: "It's just that...I've really been missing...Zane." WHAT THE F*@K!!!??? You have GOT to be joking! ABSURD!!!! Poor baby doesn't have a mother! Thank you, Jesus, he has his delicious "daddy" Kevin to look after him. and words. *shaking my damn head*

Ugh...I would LURVE for Bo and Step-Nora to go to David's premiere but I know they won't. Le sigh...this upsets me. PEEING...Harrison Ford played Bo!? Bo was so happy...presh.

Wait...McBain is mispronouncing "Origami." OMG...this bastard also figured out it is an anagram?! That quickly? Very nice. I'm sorry but I don't beleive for one minute that Rex "knew" to go after a business that Toad was after. I mean...I'm not buyin' it.

Bo's reaction to Dorian entering the BD Cafe...hilar. LOL..."everyday" Bo remembers he works for Dorian. God, I would too.

If Rama, Aubs, and Cutter ALL get jobs then I'm moving to Llanview. I swear. Any damn clown can get SOME form of employment. Jesus Christ. I mean...unreal.

Natty: "This victim thing is getting old." WORD!!!! I'm with ya sister! However, may I just say I'm so tired of the Buch twins arguing. So, I'd like this shit to end today. But...word on everything Natty is saying...all this free pass business, hiding behind Tess, blaming Natty and Brody for everything. AW HELL...REALLY OLTL?! Ford has to surface 30 minutes in?! I mean...I'd rather watch NQS and Dayt-en's porn. WOOOOOOOFFFFFFFFF!!!!!!!!!!!! STFU...did Ford just tell Natty not to act that way with kids in the house?! OMG...explode!!!!

I am so enamored with John's whispering. I love it. Aaaaaaand OF COURSE Brody finds the damn note from Vimal. All aboard the crazy train...choo! choo! when Brody goes crazy I wonder if he is gonna kill Vimal? Hmmm. Natty got to the LPD quick, yo.

Again, I can't discuss the Joey/Kelly fornicating business. I have rules... there are at least 106 rooms at the Herpes Hangout. Word. I thought the count was 104.

I feel like I'm in some form of hell watching this Jess/Ford shit. Not full blown hell because there are worst scenes, but this is pretty damn bad.

Ugh...Bo wasn't in that segment...FAIL.

REALLY?! Jessica: "Mommy's been a bit of a flake today." JUST today, Jessica? I mean...get a f*@kin' clue, ho. Jessica should not be allowed to do whatevs whenevs with those kids. I'm sorry.

Bo's reactions are priceless. UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bo, do NOT choose Rex. David 100% right! Choose your real son dammit!!!! NOT Rex!! Woof!!!

Aubs: "Rama's right. There is nothing in here I'm qualified to do." I mean...why don't you go work the corner and give bjs. Be a call girl. Seriously. There are things you could do if you are that desperate.

WHO GIVES A FLYING F*@K IF RAMA IS PREGS OR NOT?! Jesus, Mary, and Joseph I'm tired of this crap.

Brody is a dripping mess. There is crazy oozing into my house.

McBain KNOWS the note is missing. He is THAT good. I love him.

Oh snap...Brody cornering Vimal. I'm kinda nervous for Vimal....can't lie. Aubs still has her wedding ring on (so it appears that way)! SELL THAT SHIT, girl! That is money!!! Cha ching! Weren't y'all scammers at one point? You should be a little smarter!

I have no words for Joey making references to kiddie food.

Bo Buchanan, I mean...I love you more than life but COME ON!!!! Not taking sides? PUH-LEEZE!!!! Choose your damn son over Rex!!! I'm ordering you, too. Sonofabitch. I can't deal with this.

There are soooo many coat racks in the BD cafe. Mercy.

Ugh on this Jess/Ford shit. Just boo.

SNAP...your damn straight Brody moved that note, John!!!! You.Are.So.Smart! ;) I love it.

Oh...ummm I have to share this goodness: TINA AND CORD ARE RETURNING!!!!! AH!!!!! Come on September!!!

Okie to do some stuff and will blog about Friday this evening or tomorrow.

Much love,
China Lake


  1. This post was truly terrible at worst, dreadfully mediocre at best. Lol jk just saw your comment from the Friday's blog and had to say something!

  2. @YoSammity You are so sweet! Thank you! I was feeling my commenters had jumped ship! This is why you are: YoSammity=awesome.