Tuesday, July 26, 2011

I'm Bringing My "New Kids on the Block" Sleeping Bag to McBain's

McBain: "Natty, I'd love for you to come home with me, but I'm actually living with another man. I've been waiting for the right time to tell you...like when we were playing darts or something. But, I guess now is good a time as ever."

Ok so I promise to God I'm going to respond to comments from work. Yesterday was so jam-packed...no time to watch the show. Thank y'all for being patient. So...I'm attempting to watch/blog this morning. Ok, I have to hurry so this will be random comments that come to mind...

Monday, July 25th--John McBain's...The New Minuteman Motel?
1. How can I have faith that today's episode will be decent when that little gremlin NQS is in the first scene...shirtless?! I'd rather be locked in a room with crazy Brody than this shit. Dan-YELLA's outfit is adorbs on her.
2. I've obviously done something wrong in the past few weeks...talked about too many people, cursed too much, something. Only explanation for why I have to see these "location" scenes with the teens. Don't even get me started on Starr saying she had to stop and get gas. I'm so insulted by that...
3. Hell, Dorian lurking in the bushes will probably be the best part about today's show.
4. I love that there is a "Hounds" beer box at the docks. That shit is everywhere. PLEASE let this RH/McBain action be good. I need it.
5. Oh Jesus Christ...that's it. I am throwing myself in front of the train today on the way to work since I just can't take it anymore. I mean...Mes' ass has to be all up on my screen this morning?! WHAT.HAVE.I.DONE? Ugh! I mean...I don't have Bo/Nora/Clint on to help balance out this terribleness. I will not discuss these scenes any further for sake of my sanity (and life...literally), but I will say that I think Vivian is gorgeous and a fabu actress. Total shame she has to be in shitastic scenes with Mes. Mes is just a big rash. Whore.
6. Ok, I'm sorry but y'all can't expect me to write about these location scenes. Well, actually y'all can expect me to write about them but I'm sorry...gonna have to let y'all down. I feel like it is a Disney Channel documentary (if they did docs).
7. The CIA recruited Tomas after Julliard? Did I just hear that correctly? I mean...whatevs at this point. Y'all just absorb what Tomas said however you wish...
8. LOL....Dorian to Baker: "My niece's son was kidnapped. As was I." Please throw in that you were saved by Spiderman and that there was a dead body at your house the other day...found by the pool no doubt. Oh, and homeless man with a scar has been hanging out at my house. Lord...
9. OOOOOOOOKAY. Let's all just take a minute to go over something. Soooo....the sign at the docks says "No Freight Between 12 & 1 Or After 5 PM." LOL. I am interpreting this as....no freight there during lunch hours (12-1). Then you can't have freight there anytime after 5 p.m.....all the way until when? There is no time given so I just circled back to the next available time. 1 p.m.? So...the only time you can have freight is between 1 p.m. and 5 p.m. If this is true then Llanview has the shittiest dock in the country. Jesus, Marty, and Joseph. A 4 hour window for freight?! I mean...people are probably frantic during that 4 hour window! I can only imagine the chaos!
10. McBain's got moves, yo.
11. I just realized it is almost 7. I'm taking too damn long and need to stop analyzing the sign at the docks and shit like that. Get with it, ME.
12. Baz: "I don't know anything about him [Tomas] except that he has a horrible taste in music." I mean...these are the kinda lines I'm having to hear. REALLY, OLTL? REALLY? I have said one thousand times and I'll say it again: I HATE summertime on soap operas. I mean...I need the fab four to effing come back from vacation and rescue us all. The RH stuff is picking up and that's good but this teen shit is starting to mentally get to me. WOOF!!!
13. Times...I love this Spiriva commercial with the elephant. Growing up I always wanted a pet elephant so I love this.
14. During these Mes scenes I keep praying a giant cow or some other large animal will just fall from the sky and land on her. Oh, and I read the spoilers that say Bo and Nora find out about Mes' pregnancy...KILL ME!!!! As if those poor babies need to hear that.
15. Well, I keep lookin' at the damn sign during these RH/McBain scenes so I can't concentrate...hell!
16. Ok so I'm feeling all sorts of bad for pretty little Tea. I want her to just kick everybody's ass after this is all said and done.
17. Aaaand, there is now someone shooting at McBain and Co. Times the hell out....WHAT is McBain shooting at?! He is just aimlessly throwing the gun around and pulling the trigger!!! HAHA!
18. You damn skippy that ain't the Llanview Police Dept., RH!!! It's John effing McBain's crib! The man has a slot machine. Whether you are into men or not, you WILL fall in love with him because you can't help it. He is THAT good.
19. Baz, just said Starr is "a mother." FICTION, bitches. What a joke.
20. I hate that Ross is missing Rick. I think he'd enjoy all this porn talk. Would y'all purchase NQS' film debut? I can honestly say I wouldn't buy it, but I would co-star with him in order to have Mes removed from the canvas. I stand by that...
21. Sean and Vivian have been together for a loooooong time? Really, Viv? Well...maybe so but I didn't know.
22. That's it!!! It is meant to be! Baz and Starr have weird dads and they are both REALLY into snakes. When's the wedding? UGH. Egregious. I mean...same time last year she was doing the same thing with James while still with Cole. Thanks for the middle finger, writers. Bad enough we have to watch this shit, but you are making it worse by having us watch THE SAME shit a year later. WOOF.
23. Peeing...Dorian just said "duh" to Todd when he told her to let him know if another body turns up! I.Love.Dorian. Game over. Poor Dorian...no one wants to go to her premiere. =( OMG Baker's cards have like zippo information on them. FAIL. What shit business cards.
24. Y'all know what movie gets shown at the "Vickerman" premiere, right? This will be hysterical and awkward...
25. That praying mantis is fake. No way that's real. Not discussing that kiss...no point.
26. I'm ready to hear about the Tomas/Toad connection and how they hooked up and are in cahoots, etc.
27. Ok, so I'm pretty excited about the Tea/John scenes...bring it.

Eh...the show was just okay. Praying today is better. Emily, did you say we get Clint action today?! If so, I'm BEYOND elated...y'all have no idea. WORD!

Ok...please excuse any and all errors! I'm in such a hurry this morning! I'll get on here at work!

Love y'all...mean it!
China Lake


  1. Ha, I was laughing so hard when McBain was just shooting random places! I thought there was a squad of hitmen and he was just taking them all out! Lol it made no sense at all!

    I love how McBain has no real reaction to this at all...he was a little surprised, but he is pretty much I'm gonna figure this out...

    Starr is the queen of those scenes where a guy grabs her and kisses her and she is OBVIOUSLY kissing back but in the next segment she will push him off or slap him...


  3. @YoSammity I, too, was laughing so hard! He was shooting to so many places I was getting confused! ha! That is why I love him, though. You're right...kinda surprised but not really because he is THAT good. Oh, now you know I can't talk about Starr and that kissing foolishness but you are right (as always)...she is the queen of those scenes.

    @Anonymous Firstly, I'd prefer if you didn't scream at me with the ALL CAPS. Secondly, I'm sorry but if I feel the need to curse then I will. So, I suggest that you stop reading the blog if the cursing offends you. I'm sorry if it does, but I think most people read this once and understand that. But, thanks for the comment nonetheless.

  4. I'm digging the curse words:) It helps me put "My Reality" on it! Thanks!

  5. @Melissa ha! Thanks and your quite welcome. I just can't help it. The show just stirs up so much emotion in me and this blog is my outlet to vent! :)

  6. I wish a large animal would land on Mes too. The show stirs up anger in me and causes some bad language too, esp when my Bo and Nora are getting the shaft :).

  7. @Andrea YES! Just like some form of a hippo, rhino, cow, whale, elephant, or something of the like to simply plop down on her and just take her out with one blow. UGH! I'd prefer an animal landing on her than some object. Yes...I think my anger/cursing stems from the Bo/Nora absence. I mean...I need them to surface soon. Like asap. It's affecting my mood! ;)

  8. I think most of us curse when 1) the teens are in any scene 2)when any Ford is in a scene and 3) when our short amount of time with our OLTL friends is wasted with nonsense (see 1 and 2)

    Plus i scream profanity at my poor TV when Kelly and Joey enter my atmosphere!!

  9. @rac Thanks for making me feel better about my profanity when it comes to the show! ;) Seriously...the teens make me want to curse and lash out violently! AH!!! Your numbered points are hilarious. LOL...Kelly and Joey. Gosh, I am PRAYING we get to see Kevin. Ain't holding my breath. I just love him. Oh, and I miss old Joey. Again...so glad y'all had a fun time in NOLA!

  10. I don't even notice your mild curse words. I am to busy yelling anatomically explicit curse words at my tv when I see NQS wasting our last months of OLTL. BTW, last time I checked freedom of speech was alive and well and so is anonymous' freedom to NOT read YOUR blog!!

  11. @katie Ah...We must have posted at almost the exact same time. I JUST saw this. Awe...thanks for the kind words. OMG...AMEN! NQS is taking up screen time when a FABU character like Dorian (since I know you lurve her) could be on screen!!! FAIL. Umm especially since her last screen appearance is in August...yet we have to see NQS. I am hoping and praying that Dayt-en has left for good. Thank you so much for the freedom of speech note...you are so sweet. I have a feeling anonymous thinks I am horrible and is probably saying a prayer for "troubled" people like me. :)

  12. Love or lurve the title of this post! You are too much! lol. All the outdoor scenes - uh huh. I'm still laughing about yesterday's show when TM told McBain "I don't usually go over to a gentleman's apartment until the 3rd date." Classic! And McBain's deadpan "You're not my type anyway." I really like these two together. Of course, just like Ross has a man crush on Rick the Porn, excuse me, adult entertainment (lol) director, I have mine on Roger Howarth who elevates any scene.

    California was cool, Mija, or should I say, China Lake! BTW,my porn name (based on the formula) is Arrow Latchford. I kinda like it! Ha ha. However visiting Genoa City (Y&R) wasn't really my thing and I'm glad to be home in NYC and close to Llantano mountain. :) No place like home, unless you're a Buchanan, since they now have revolving doors at Asa's. LOL

  13. No Clint on Tuesday - sorry. Spoiler sites should learn to date their spoilers correctly. grrr But Clint WILL be on Wednesday with Viki (and that twitching fool tptb say is his son). Looks like just that one day this week too.

    Next week it looks like he might be on with Bo & Nora.

    I'm so bored with the show - never been a Todd fan (either one) and there's either too much camp or too many teens or too many Fords...

  14. @Richmond Chandler Glad you liked the title! OMG...the outdoor scenes are all ate up with shit and I cannot handle it. RH and McBain have a fabu banter. LOL...Ross' man crush. I love it. He thinks Rick is just so hilarious. He is at times, but I just don't get it. Arrow Latchford? Awesome porn name. Is it the name of your first pet and then your street name? If so, mine is an epic fail: Munchkin Woodland. I mean...really. Glad you enjoyed Cali but it's always good to go back home? LOL...close to Llantano Mountain?! HILAR. Ugh...don't get me started on the damn revolving door at Asa's. I need only Buchs there...period!

    @Emily Oh darling it's not your fault the Silver Fox wasn't on but thank you. I am dying to see him though. But, I just checked and Clint WILL be on today! All rejoice! LOL...twitching fool...loves it. I hate that it's one day but I'll take it since Bo and Nora aren't on all week. Woof. I think they are on twice next week for sure. I think TSJ is witty at times and I enjoyed old Todd when he interacted with the vets but this story isn't the greatest at all. There was so much potential too. It started to pick up last week but now it is stagnant...again. Teens/Fords...all need go. Cannot deal.