Saturday, July 9, 2011

Vicki: "Dorian! You are a Doctor!!!!" So How About You Tell Me That Mes is NOT Pregs...Please.

Dr. Dorian Vickers Buchanan: "Oh Vicki, I have the best news...even had to bring Chuckles in for this. Mes is NOT pregnant. I'm a doctor you know, and I can confirm that she is not."

Eh...I can dream right? Too bad this quote is not true. Woof.

Sorry for the delay! We found out late yesterday afternoon that Ross got a badass job offer and he accepted so we had to go out and celebrate with a 3 hour dinner. Oh, and we went to Gemini Bistro. If y'all are ever in Chicago, I suggest y'all check it out. Word! So, I'm gonna blog about Thursday's show now...maybe kinda short. Then we have to go get Ross fitted for a suit (lord help me) and then I'll blog about Friday this evening or tomorrow. I did watch Friday's episode this morning and it was ALL KINDS OF FABU so that will be a longer blog! I thought it had the best quotes...more on that in a bit.

Oh and ummmmm so the show is gonna continue online?! I'm "cautiously optimistic" and very excited! Soooo looks like the show and blog will carry on?! I just want my fav characters to stick with the show...we shall see. I'm gonna wait until I hear more before I discuss all this. But yay on the fact that our little blog relationship doesn't have to end...I think. Yay! Anyway, let me start with Thursday...word!

Thursday, July 7th--Mary-Ella's Outrage Over Mes Continues
1. WORD...Bo and Nora in the first scene. Thanks, OLTL. These two and Vicki and Dorian will no doubt save the damn show today. OMG WORST DELIVERY EVER!!! Seriously, the doctors that Bo and Nora have to deal with are dripping in shit! UGH. They basically make them think Matthew is going to die it's a joke or something. Woof.
2. Who gives a shit that NQS the 35 year old and Dan-YELLA are arguing? Exactly. It's important that these dipshits get actual dialoge and discuss issues, but people like Bo and Nora only get to react to news about Matthew. FAIL.
3. Yep...that's it. I am absolutely FINE with going to prison for killing Mes. Hell, if I get an awesome attorney I can probably say that killing was justified...duh, I was PROVOKED! I one clip of Mes to any judge and he or she will most def say "This killing was justifiable." That's right...I'd get off scott free. So forget prison...
4. Vicki still looks fabu and enter the stunning Mayor Vickers Buchanan....beyond pumped.
5. I figured out who Ionia reminds me of: Countess LuAnn from NY Housewives! AH!!!
6. Peeing! David told Blair she "looked horrible." I love it.
7. Well, I'll be damned...look at RH speaking actual words. Work hard for that money, darling. Work hard. Oh, and in case I haven't mentioned it before: THIS STORY NEEDS TO GET GOING!!!!!
8. Dorian looks uber fierce in that red! LOL...Vicki: "Yeees, he's alright now." Lurve it. These two can just sit and read the paper in silence and I would still be thoroughly entertained!
9. Aaaaaand, I refuse to discuss this NQS and Dan-YELLA shit. REFUSE! My hatred for NQS knows NO BOUNDS!!! Mercy! I want to choke him and then shove him down Mes's throat...nice visual huh? I know that sounded violent. Sorry...
10. Doctor to Bo and Nora: "He is [getting better]. I'm sorry if that wasn't clear." REALLY?! YOU THINK THAT WAS CONFUSING! To quote Michael Scott from The Office: "The delivery's all're butchering it." Jesus H. Christ this doctor is as bad as Smuf if not worse! Wait...I think I peed on myself when I saw Bo's reaction to what the doctor really meant. If I were Bo, I would have killed him.
11. David to Toad: "Shouldn't you be tracking the kid before he runs over a basket of puppies." Hilar. I know David's antics have been getting on my nerves lately but he is cracking me up today. Ugh...this Ionia bitch needs to f*@king GO!!!!! Dammit to hell she is annoying.
12. I lurve that Dorian's flowers perfectly match her dress...and lipstick. This bitch is fierce. YESSSSSS!!!!!! I love when it is mentioned that Dorian is a doctor but when Vicki said "Dorian! You're a doctor!" I mean...I think my day was made.
13. Nora pouting to Bo: "I can't believe they threw him out." Hilarious and Adorable!!! Everyone needs some doting, caring, reassuring, adorable Bo Buchanan! My God he is wonderful! And, he just made a reference to Matthew being stubborn like Nora...then a kiss. Cuteness overload.
14. At this time I'm now accepting suggestions for the best way to kill Mes...
15. Blair continues to be the worst mother of all time (eh...second to Kelly. Starr is tied with Blair). At least OLTL is consistent...give 'em that.
16. Notice I haven't discussed NuJack yet. I'm just not in the effing mood to entertain this foolishness. I'd rather be burned at the stake. Ok, that was a bit dramatic but still...
17. I mean...if Blair recorded herself and then replayed all the shit she just spouted off about Tomas then you think she would get a clue. But...probably not cause she is so stupid. OH.EM.GEE!!!!! That whole "Whaddya wanna do" exchange between these two and then the makeout session...JUST NO! This is being written horribly!!!
18. How adorbs is that pic of Vicki on "The Banner" website?? Just sayin'. Also...I'm so effing exhausted with Todd saying something to the effect of "I have a _______. Her name is ______." What the f*@k is up with that? I mean seriously. That is all this bastard says...
19. Ok...I need to get a move on to go with Ross to get his suit. I'll just touch on things from here on out. I've been more chatty this episode than anticipated.
20. All this Dan-YELLA/NQS screen time is effing insulting. Thanks for the gratuitous middle finger, OLTL. I mean...there is at least one every episode. Between this shit and Mes, I swear.
21. DAMMIT TO HELL!!!!!!!! THAT'S IT! I cannot effing handle Mes interrupting Bo and Nora another f*@king time! Jesus, Mary and Joseph she needs to be stopped immediately!!!!! Bright spot...B/N continue to hold hands. No. No. No. No. God Bless. Nora, you're my favorite but do NOT tell Mes that she is "more than welcome to join" y'all!!!! I mean...really?! Are you TRYING to kill me?
22. Aaaaaand it is official...Mes is PG. Y'all have no idea the evil things that run through my mind when I see her on my screen...let alone here her speak. Oh my poor Nora. You just have no idea. I know one thing that is "positive:" I WILL kill Mes with my bare hands or enlist the help of others to do the job!
23. Suh-nap!!! A flashback of Todd and Vickster!!! WORD!
24. There are no words to describe the fabulousness of these Vickster and Mayor Vickers Buchanan. They are THAT good.
25. In case y'all forgot, let me remind you that Blair's a dumbass that likes to eff.
26. I totally hate where they are going with this Dorian/David shit. I do. I need Dorian to exit this show in an acceptable manner!!!
27. Rex is out for blood, yo?
28. Dorian's nails are perfectly manicured.
29. Ummmm Vicki's reaction to David's pic...PERFECTION! Lurve it!
30. Bo and Nora are some fiercely supportive and protective parents...fabu. AH! Bo kissed Matthew's forehead...cannot deal! They are all 3 so adorbs.
31. Toad just told NuJack that "your mother would have a conniption." I love it...say it all the time. Toad needs to beat the ever living shit out of NuJack. NuJack is such a smug little bastard. Oh, where is poor Brad the Prune? No...not poor Brad. But just curious...

OOOOOKKKKAAAAYYYY! Have to run! See y'all this evening or tomorrow!!!

Much love and enjoy your day!
Margaret Saybrooke


  1. Congrats to Ross--hope your shopping went well :)

    I almost died too when Nora told Mes she could come wiht them to Philly--NOOOOOOO, that girl is always in the middle of the Bo/Nora scenes to the point where she is who is front and center and they are in the background--RIDIC that she will bare a Buch heir--the Buchs can act--it should have been a manning baby!!

  2. About to go Marty Saybrooke over this Mes baby. I simply cannot deal. I agree B/N now center around her. Ridiculous.

  3. I just bought my niece a bunch of Mad Libs tonight. That's what your blanks in 18 look like. I think if we play we could come up with more entertaining sentences than we are getting on screen.

    And yes, adobes Bo is back again. Can't even fully explain how much that always makes my day.


  4. Do the Llanview doctors have something in their training on how to be insensitive toward families? They all suck in the bedside department. At least this doctor wasn't waiting with anticipation to rip out Matthew's heart.

    I screamed when Destiny interrupted B/N, then I started to foam at the mouth when Nora invited her to Philly. At this point I think there is going to a big who dunit on OLTL, the biggest ever. Because ever single Bo and Nora fan, plus a few other will be suspects when someone takes out Destiny.

  5. you know what i just realized--the doctors all suck because there is no main character/or even a secondary, who is a Dr. No Larry Woleck or his son or dan, no destiny's father or Michael McBain, not even Marty. And you know what it hurts story.

  6. @rac Ok I'll respond to both of your posts now. THANK YOU for the congrats! We are just elated! Ummm shopping was an effing disaster. Ugh. Sadly. just mentioned Mes being a Buch heir. I haven't even thought of that really! AHH!!! I want to pull my hair out! OMG when Nora said Mes could come I about jumped through the tv and fixed that damn scene. Ummm just no. This whole thing is sickening. heart literally ached when you Larry Woleck. MY FAV!!! I miss him terribly. I mean...Greg Evans was the latest "regular" doctor. Kill me. Poor B/N have to deal with the worst physicians! Praying Larry comes back...praying! Oh, and if Karen did too...I'd die from happiness!

    @Anonymous Well how about you and I team up and just take out Mes immediately. I find this story sickening. Mes being pregs sucks and Bo and Nora being just a backdrop...insulting.

    @Christie So I'm pretty sure we could discuss our love for Bo at great length. We could meet for drinks and fun would that be? Oh God...I LOVE Mad Libs! LOL...I'd love to do and OLTL Mad Libs game...hilar!!!

    @mojomiller Agreed. This doctor doesn't want to rip out Matt's heart like Smurf. However, he sucks. I mean..."we have run out of options here." RIDIC!!! LOL...well we both screamed!!!! I didn't foam at the mouth, but I did pull out a few chunks of my own hair when Nora invited her to Philly! OMG...I will confess to killing Mes at this rate! CONFESS!!! This bitch has to be stopped!