Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Baby Snooks

I think if Mayor Vickers Buchanan saw this pic of "Baby Snooks" she would change her mind about that being her pet name.

Okay! Round 2. I hope this episode is worth me getting up early. We shall see. I don't know what happened except I think Rex was mean to Bo? Ummmm just no. Oh...and yes, I know that "Baby Snooks" is probably referring to Snookie from "Jersey Shore" but I Googled "Baby Snooks" and came across these pics. They were all so absurd so I had to post one. I think Dorian would freak if she knew THIS was the original "Baby Snooks."

Alright...lemme start so I have time.

Tuesday, July 12th--Christian Vega's Arms Are Typing This Blog...
1. Todd just strolled into "The Sun?" I'm assuming there are no long-time employees working there because they could have seen Todd and had a damn panic attack.
2. takes Bo going to visit Rex in order to get Bo back in the Buch Mansion. This is so sad. It really is.
3. Speaking of all this Natty/Brody/tape recorder business....I'd love to see the scene of Marty throwing Natty off the roof and then Marty doing that crazy gesture after. I know that is not a legit flashback since it was a couple months ago but still....
4. No good deed goes unpunished obviously...Starr and Baz will probably have some effing in depth convo. I'm sure the directions at the top of Starr and Baz's scripts said that these scenes would be a "f*@k you to Mary-Ella." That is just wrong.
5. I love that Vicki is even questioning that someone MAY have broken into Llanfair. As if it would be really strange, since she has a stellar security system for her mansion and always locks the doors.
6. Ugh...I'm ready for Vimal to leave the canvas, yo.
7. AH!!!!! Brody! You and Natty are meant to be with all this lying. So, he is gonna lie to Natty and John. Nice. I know I have said I'm ready for this story to wrap up, but I am looking forward to John McBain's reaction to Liam's paternity.
8. I will agree with David about the bikini..."bad taste." UGH. It's dripping in shit. Oh, and I'd LURVE to have Blair's boobs...or body for that matter. I'll keep my own brain.
9. It's too early in the morning for me to get uber worked up. I've only had like two sips of coffee and it's hump day so I want to enjoy it. Soooooo I sure as hell ain't discussin' Bruno Mars and Starr.
10. Wait...I hate how the inside of "The Sun" looks like it is unfinished. I'm beyond irritated about this.
11. Oh Lord...I hate that Bo is propping Rex (and how this show makes Bo drop everything to go help him). On the other hand, it is typical Bo to go and talk to Balsom and try and help him and prevent him from making the same mistakes he [Bo] made when Drew died. Bo knows Rex is not acting himself etc. So I will wait and see where this goes. My sweet Bo's heart is in the right place...
12. I wish a freaky ass giant boulder would just fall through the roof of "The Sun" and land on NuJack. I would then throw a cocktail party and all of you would be invited. LOL...Todd referred to himself as the "trash collector." Speaking of...all the little boys in elementary school wanted to be a garbage man JUST so they could ride on the back of the truck.
13. McBain WILL figure this tape recorder shit out!!! I hope he wears his best black suit on the day he hears the news about McBundle.
14. UGH! Every damn time they show Gigi's pic on the mantle where Asa's should be I literally go "Ahhh!" Look at Bo admitting he has plenty of money...rarely happens! Rex is getting back in to full on spaz mode...spaztastic to the max.
15. RH is most definitely earning his paycheck today. I mean...two days in a row of dialogue. PEEING!!!! I FLOVE the headlines of "The Sun!" The one with "Baby Got Back" and "Vicki Freed" are hilar!
16. I wanted to throw my gorgeous blue and white coffee mug (full of good Community Coffee) at the damn tv when Starr said "We are supposed to be recording music." MY GOD PLEASE SPARE ME!!!! I cannot handle that this morning!
17. BoldLOL!!! "What kind of cheesy security system do you have where strangers can come and go?" WHAT security system?! Jesus H. one else in Llanview is bothered by this!!!!
18. Brody is getting a little twinkle of batshit crazy in his eye. I see the little gleam. I'm kinda excited...cannot lie. I LOVE to see people fly off the handle. I mean...I don't want Brody to leave but I have known he was for months and he isn't my absolute favorite so I will sit back on the St. Ann's Express and enjoy this foolishness.
19. Damn...I just noticed how much taller KDP is than RS. LOL...Dorian doesn't even give a shit that someone was KILLED on her damn property!!! I mean...she is still prancing about by the pool with no fear of someone harming her! These Llanview peeps are fearless! My God!
20. Damn...I need these Vicki/David scenes to deliver. They are lasting all of 2 effing seconds.
21. I'd rather have Mes' PINK preg test shoved up my ass repeatedly than watch these effing Starr and Baz scenes!!!! UGH!
22. The highlight of my day: RH hitting NuJack!!!! God knows that NuJack will be alright and continue to live on in scene after scene but poor Matthew (the best teen actor on the show) is all but in a coma after his head incident. Because...this makes sense. UGH.
23. The Vicki bumper just pulls at my heartstrings every damn time. She looks so fabu in all those pics. Tear.
24. These Brody/John/Natty scenes...someone needs to break the tension. I wish McBain would be like "'s been a long day. How 'bout we play some darts?" WORD.
25. AH!!! A Drew Buchanan reference! Talk about a pointless death. Snap! Has Bo EVER admitted that he shut out Nora when Drew died and that is why he lost her? I don't believe. God...I'm blocking that period of time out of my head right now. Too depressing to think about. Obviously, y'all know that I am gonna agree with everything Bo said. I mean...Rex does need to be strong and a good parent to Shane. Oh, and Shane has a helluva lot more sense than Rex. In case y'all forgot...
26. In case y'all forgot I'm here to remind you that Blair is still a terrible mother with a great set of boobs.
27. ha...a "Pa and Step-Nora" reference. I chuckle every time. David is making me pee! All this talk of Vicki finally hurling herself at him. hahahahahaha! David: "Even though she [Dorian] would have shot me if it wasn't for that corpse." Vicki: "What corpse?" David: "Oh, some stranger died...over at Dorian's house. But my good friend, John McBain, is gonna find that culprit. He and I are like brothers." hahahahaha!
28. This Blair/Dorian convo is just absurd in a hilarious way.
29. NO NO NO! Baz is about to spin tunes and Starr looks like she is going to sing!!!! AH!!!! I want to go effing Marty Saybrooke on these bitches!!! Like...breaking bottles and shit and turning them into Kelly Cramer filets. DAMMIT!!!
30. I do LURVE some David/Victoria action. HA!!! Vicki: "'re learning restraint." Oh, Vickster you're so witty. I mean...David is effing cracking me up this episode!!! David: "But, I may have lost my baby, Snooks." I AM PEEING!!!! Then Vicki said "Baby Snooks?" This is fantastic!!! I mean...I need Ross to call me "Baby Snooks" instead of "Muffy."
31. ha! Dorian doesn't know if the guy had a scar since she was too busy defending herself. Oh wow...a "Mad Margaret" reference. That bitch was so crazy. Good God.
32. Again, John if you just suggest that y'all play darts the tension would go away.
33. I'm so tired of RH lurking!!!! I love how Todd called security and said there was a break-in. I mean...people just think this is like...normal shit or something. Ugh.
34. Rex...NO!!!!! Do NOT yell at Bo. I cannot deal. I'm gonna have to beat your spastic ass if you keep this up.
35. LOL....Blair (in a bewildered voice): "What if Sam befriended a murderer?" I mean HELLO?! Blair that is your favorite pastime! I mean...he learned it from you! Shit! Do not act surprised! Do NOT!
36. Of course...Vicki is the most selfless person ever and she will help David find out who is setting him up. God bless her.
37. Praise God. I was spared. So thankful I didn't have to listen to Starr sing. WHAT?! You want to take the act on the road, Baz?! Someone please just eliminate these two right now. My God...can you imagine if they had a traveling act and OLTL made it a part of the show?! I would quit watching. Lord.
38. Ummmm Rex just kicked out Bo of the Buchanan Mansion? Again...REX kicked out BO of the Buchanan Mansion. I hate this. So effing backwards. UGH!!!!! I wish Nora would have never given the damn place back to Clint. Woofy.
39. Again John, you just had to say "let's play darts." Everyone would be joking again.

Whew! Ok I'm off to get ready for work. I will respond to comments at some point today. So glad to be caught up!

Y'all have a fabu hump day!

Love you, mean it!
Hannah O'Connor (filling in for Marty while she and Patrick are on vaycay)


  1. Rex can suck it! What a way to treat Bo, a man who had done so much for he whiny ass. I freaking hate that bromance, makes Bo so stupid. Though I was thrilled he admitting to pushing Nora away when Drew died. Never ever heard him admit guilt for that. I also blocked that time period out of my mind, I get to mad and depressed if I do.

    I hate how Brody is going to be thrown under the bus for Jolie and Jessica. Uh! He a good guy that deserves so much better. You know what, if the Buch twins are to stupid to realize how great he is, I'll take him!

  2. VOMIT ALERT TO ANYONE WHO HAS NOT YET WATCHED WEDNESDAY"S EPISODE---Mija please pour yourself very large glasses of wine. i had to watch in real time today, no DVR. ahhhhhh--there is Major sanctifying of not 1 not 2 but all 3 Ford brothers! And the major mystery plotline of the summer can be figured out this episode--oh silly not who is the real Todd Manning but more importantly who is Dayt-ens mother!! OLTL subtle you are NOT!!

  3. I was afraid for a moment. Todd's comment about Vicki's security system didn't reference him or Vicki in the blog so I missed it. And once again, you had been in my head when I watched. I just knew you would love that. I actually scanned the video again just to make sure and then I heard his actual line. Whew...there it was in point 17. Don't know why I doubted you.

    And of course, I loved that Bo talked about Drew and his part in losing Nora. Oh heck, I just loved that Bo was on.

  4. Oops...just realized I didn't sign the post above.


  5. McBundle is definitely the best nickname you have came up with so far! I love that! And it even shows how adorable Liam is!

    It's funny how you can literally see Brody go from completely insane to slightly crazy, giving John weird looks and spastically yelling things...I am definitely enjoying this...

    I didn't know I could so quickly dislike someone after they had something really bad happen to them, but Rex you have now achieved that feat. Congratulations!

    On a completely unrelated note, I was never attracted to Starr because of her ridiculously large bobblehead, but she is kinda hot...

    That is all.

  6. can't help myself I just Love Rex--thru con artist to spasmatic to over the top revenge seeker--not even sure why!

  7. Whew...Ok last round of responding before I start working.
    @mojomiller Ummm yes Rex can kiss my ass, because I cannot deal with him yelling at MY BO! Just effing NO! OMG...agreed about Bo admitting he pushed Nora away. I'm pretty sure he has NEVER admitted to pushing her out during the whole Drew fiasco. Oh...I have completely blocked ALL of that shit out of my mind. I literally get nauseous thinking about it. Yes and Brody is a good guy and, of course, Jolie will prevail. Effing shoot me. I hate those two together. ONLY enjoy them separately. Poor Brody. Mojo, we can try and contact him for you. ;)

    @Rac Responding to both comments...ummmm I didn't get back from work last night until after 9. I was pumped about the show since I knew B/N were on but thanks to your warning I poured a HUGE glass of wine to decompress. WHAT A SHIT SHOW...sans B/N of course. My God! I started my blog for it and will finish too tired then overslept this morning. I'll bash the teens to hell and back in the blog...don't fret, my pet. No one will be spared!!!!! Except B/N. I'm glad you like Rex, but I just can't stomach him now. Yes, he is spastic as hell, but I think I don't like him because he interferes with my favorite family and it bothers me. However, I go through phases with him for a month then loathe him for a month. However, I've been stuck on the latter for months now.

    @Christie I KNEW it was you posting because you mentioned how I was inside your head and the nice Bo comment but thanks for the clarification! Vicki's security system is an effing non-existent joke! Dorian's is now worse since there was a dead body found at the mayor's house and NO ONE seems disturbed by this!!! LOL! KNOW I was thrilled about Bo being on. Glad he admitted the fault with Nora and the discussion of Drew. Oh, and glad I didn't let you down with #17...I hate to let people down! Hate it!

    @YoSammity Awe thanks...I think McBundle is cute, too. That baby is all kinds of adorable, too! I want to just kiss him and pinch his little cheeks! Yes, Brody is all aboard the damn crazy train and will be leaving the station shortly. UGH! I hate what they are doing to him! Yes...I always went in waves of like/dislike with Rex but now I officially dislike him even when he is grieving...woof. hehehe....nice to know you take on Starr! Bobblehead!? LOL! You're so funny. I use to call Nicole Ritchie a bobblehead because she got so damn skinny and her head was so noticeable. ha!