Tuesday, February 1, 2011

We Are Family! I Got All My Sisters With Me!

Hope everyone enjoyed the somewhat peaceful christening because God knows everything is about to hit the fan...can't wait!

Ok, I'm not really going to discuss Friday's episode. It was somewhat boring (especially after watching Thursday's) and Monday's was just a much more detailed and more enjoyable continuation. So, I'll just go with Monday because I'm ready to be caught up with this blog already. So, without further adieu...

Well, I love watching Dorian spout off some French. I love that Dorian has Cutter pegged and knows that he is a gold digger. OF COURSE...Cutter is going to intercept the yearbook...OF COURSE. UGH! I want Aubrey to be found out already! Thankfully, I'm sure Clint will come to my rescue when he has a recorder (I think a video one) in Aubrey's room. Lord, will there be a sex tape?!

Ok, don't get me wrong, ever since Kim Zimmer hit town on October 1st the show has been phenomenal. No, it's not all because of her but the show just picked up incredibly and she definitely energized the canvas. However, despite her refreshing performances I can't say that I have "liked" her as a character, i.e., someone I am rooting for or would call my favorite. That being said, yesterday was the FIRST time that I genuinely liked her. She showed REAL concern for Shane and for the first time acted like a real grandmother. Poor Shane. Kudos to OLTL for addressing an issue that is prevalent throughout middle and high schools throughout America. I just hope this story is played out nicely. I can't be too smart alec about all this since it really is such a serious issue.

Oh, hey Hope. Nice to see you join us. Glad Starr took you out of the attic and actually showed you some attention. God knows Starr has just been at the gym with Lang lifting one pound weights or has been just wandering aimlessly at LU watching James and Michelle discuss the Valentine's dance for the 50th time. OMG...Michelle will just not let that V-day dance go will she?! Hope actually had quite the day on Monday. She took Martyr's "baby" (you know the one that looked like a voo doo doll) and dragged it around by it's hair and tossed around the blanket it was in...best moment of the day. Oh, and I loved it when the nun was telling Starr that maybe Hope should not go see Marty yet until Starr thinks it's ok...based on Marty's mental state and all. REALLY SHOW?! REALLY? Starr is a TERRIBLE mother! As if she cares! Just bring the child in the room for crying out loud. I think I'd trust Hope with Marty more than Starr. Ugh.

Damn, I tried to find a pic of Martyr and the "baby" but *le' sigh* I couldn't find one. Let's all be in agreement shall we? Susan Haskell can act crazy better than ANYONE else! My God this woman is brilliant. Starr's reaction to Marty was pretty spot on, too. I mean, how does one react when you realize someone is off her rocker?! I hope I never have to find out. Anyway, I can't wait for Marty to get out and go to the wedding...yes! Oh, and was Marty ever diagnosed? Did I miss that? Maybe I did. Did she have a nervous breakdown or did she have some sort of mental condition...what?

Lord, this christening. I will say...OMG the babies are flippin' adorable! Just perfect. And, I love the names. Way to go OLTL...job well done. I'm glad Clint is starting to sweat a bit. Although I'm glad Aubrey is a sneaky bitch (in this situation) and that Rama and Vimal know the gossip, I don't want these people to be the ones that "out" Clint at the wedding. JVD did an interview for one of the soap mags and said that "people may not be pleased" by the person who outs Clint. What in the hell is that supposed to mean? I was thinking it could be Aubrey, Vimal, or Rama. That's all I got. I do know that my heart is going to break for Vicki when she finds all of this out. Sadly, she is the one that is getting played like a fiddle the most by all of Clint's nefarious deeds. No, don't get me wrong, I think Bo and Nora got the worst of it but at least they know the truth now. Vicki is the love of Clint's life and the mother of 4 of his children and he has been lying to her face for months! How in the world will she forgive him for that? Whoa....I got wayyyyyy off topic here...sorry about that. Anyway, Clint is a quick thinker, yo? I mean he gave quite the speech at the christening with all that talk of why he disinherited Joey and all. Too bad his luck is about to run out...

Oh, and yes I want Clint and Aubrey together. It's my second post in a row to throw that out but I do. Don't get me wrong, I want him with Vicki but after all this crap he has pulled I think he and Aubrey can at least have some torrid love affair or something. It could work people...just be open minded! Come on...you KNOW you felt the sexual tension when he called her "a little bitch" at Llanfair! And that hug at the church...come on people...jump on this train!

So basically, Echo told Rex in so many words Clint is your father. Charlie really isn't but hey, he is a nice guy. Clint is a crazy, evil son of a bitch. Why would you want him to be your father? If you know what's good for you, you won't have a test done. Oh, and Shane is in some sort of trouble...keep an eye out. Peace out yo. And we all know Rex has the test done anyway and Clint will indeed be his daddy...$$$$$$$ word.

Natalie: "I dunno I'm just happy." Enjoy it for today because your world is about to be in a tailspin and it's all your damn fault. ZERO sympathy for her...ZERO. She made her bed and now she needs to lie in it. I can't wait for this wedding. The promo looks fantastic and what's even better is that more shit will hit the fan than just this paternity mess.

Ok, I don't know how I feel about Tess coming out to play. Yes, Tess is FAR MORE entertaining than bubbly, not really all mentally there Jessica but this Tess thing may get out of control. Maybe I'm being so debbie downer about the whole thing because I hated the teenage Jess storyline about as much as I hated the Stacey Morasco Llantano Mountain story. Oh, and the baby is 100% Ford's kid. That is a nice way for the writers to give Robert Ford a tie to the show since the key to staying on a show is having family ties. Or, at least it is a way to get you to stay on longer. So, this would support my theory of the other Ford's leaving and Robert staying...he'll have a kid. Just a thought.

Have the Buchanans learned anything about the drama and terribleness that goes with a double wedding? Please, bitches. Oh, and we can get ready the day after tomorrow...no biggie. OMG yeah right. Hell, I don't care. As long as Natalie isn't wearing that lace, 1980's dress from JC Penney's then I'm fine. ANYTHING but that...

Oh, and this is off topic and a spoiler but the reason Lang will "leave Llanview" is because she gets a movie deal?!?!?! hahahahahahahahhaahha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is a joke. I'm convinced I read it wrong and this is a really funny prank the writers are playing on all the viewers. Geez...her character has been written horribly since 2008. The least you can do is send her off in a decent fashion.

Joey is a dumb beaver.

Who in the hell is THAT Aubrey Wentworth?! Oooohhhhh! Did they kill her or something??!! That's intriguing...

Later lovelies!


  1. i am a HUGE OLTL fan and I love your blog! It is hilarious!

  2. Thanks Katie! You're so sweet. I've a lot of great feedback...most of it via facebook messaging so it's nice to have a comment on here!

  3. They are blabbing about the babies looking so much alike. Today one of the sisters or Vicki even said the babies look more like twins than their Mothers. But... this is the first time I have seen a picture of the babies and they don't even have the same hair colour. Other than that, they look like babies. They all look like little old men.

    I wish they could bring Nash back to haunt the wedding. Scare the Tess back into Jessica, she really needs it.

  4. OMG...I soooo wish they would bring back Nash for a haunting. Tess comes out either this week of next week so that will be entertaining.

    And, I know...those comments about the babies looking like twins...OMG. Making Natalie think in her head "that's because Brody is the daddy of both kids."