Monday, February 7, 2011

OMG Will This Wedding EVER Start?!

This picture reflects how Nora and I feel about this wedding: "I've had it! Can we please just start this wedding already?! We've been at this church for hours!"

Oh.My.God. I feel I'm being shagged through a hedge backwards. Really?! Does anyone else feel that the wedding was talked about and promoted CONSTANTLY last week and then...*crickets* I thought surely something would happen on Friday, but oh hell no. Then today hardly anything happened...AH! So I'm just discussing today's episode and a few things from Friday since not much transpired. So, here we go...

Before I discuss the lead up to the wedding I have to just go on and spew about what's really pissing me off: So many pertinent characters are missing from this wedding!!!!!! This is effing absurd.
1. Let's see...where is Matthew Buchanan? Really show? I know EA isn't getting paid THAT much that you can't throw him in this episode, too. Oh wait, that's right, he is STILL kissing Destiny in the doorway of the garret. bad. So, Bo and Nora just got dressed and then walked around him and Destiny and just let them be. Of course they did. What parents wouldn't? Sweet Lord
2. No Renee!?!? I mean I know Patricia Elliot has a budding theater career but she could have done a scene for this wedding. She was Asa's WIFE for crying out loud and the step-grandmother to these girls...puh-leeze.
3. Nigel. OMG I think he and Renee have fallen in the moat at the Buchanan mansion...seriously.
4. Michael and Marcie. At least mention them, show! I can see them saying "M&M couldn't make it from Seattle with the baby and all" so please show by all means...mention them!!!!
5. Kevin Buchanan. He has not been mentioned once (except when Kelly tells Joey she isn't engaged to him). LAME ASSES!

At this point, their names could be dropped that's all I'm saying. Oh, and as if Todd Manning wouldn't go...REALLY? And this whole Roxy is too hungover thing is shit, too. I'm sorry I've done NOTHING but complain. Sadly, I have a little more to do. The negativity doesn't end here so if you're mad or annoyed with me then I suggest you deviate from this blog now...last chance.

Again, I've been waiting on this wedding for what feels like weeks. I think the biggest beef I have is that really...NOTHING is happening. As usual, the show is based around Natalie contemplating whether Martyr escaped from St. Anne's and if so did she go see John. Oh, and she still has that "I haven't pooped in days look" on her face because she is so riddled with guilt. UGH. So, I really have nothing to say about that. Oh, I do love her robe. The women on this show all have lovely robes.

Gigi and Rex...SHAME ON YOU. Gigi, you just need to be erased from the canvas because your terribleness somehow oozes from my television and into my apartment, thus getting GiGi germs all over it. Now, thanks to your awfulness my whole damn apartment is infected which means my fiance and my dog and I all look like we have dead squirrels on our heads and we are wearing plaid. UGH. How in the world are you looking these people in the faces and lying to them?! Did you not learn ANYTHING from the whole Shane and Brody mess?! Don't even get me started on Rex right now. Rex, you know how terrible it was about Shane and now you are lying to Brody for Natalie and you are lying to Charlie...Ay ya ya!!! I understand it is a soap opera and you need drama but all this backstabbing and lying with this particular thing is just overkill.

I want to beat the shit out of Charlie...I do. And, I know I'm gonna feel sorry for him when he finds out the truth about Rex and then goes to drown his sorrows but still. I simply CANNOT tolerate his rudeness to Queen Victoria. I just cannot mentally handle it. If he says one more effing time that "It's his house, too" then I'm going to go bury myself in the snow and just die. It is Vicki's childhood home and she bankrolls you..AH! He is more stupid than Joey right now in my opinion (I had to really think long and hard before I wrote that...I flipped a coin). When Vicki teared up today, I did too. Poor Vicki is gonna really cry when she finds out what Clint's done. I also don't like how this whole Echo staying at Llanfair thing combined with Charlie's dummy ways has made Vicki B. look like a doormat. I mean, what woman in her right mind would allow all of this to go on?! And for this long?! Charlie needs Mr. Black and Mr. Blue to just knock him around. Oh, and I love how Charlie and Vicki are just hanging around talking at Llanfair while Bo, Nora and Clint have been at the church for what feels like hours...weird. Anyway, I just want Charlie away from Vicki...asap.

I blinked and I missed it! That's right. Were Blair and Tomas on today??? My awful. I'm not one who watches the show just for Blair or anything but I do like her and I am seriously crushing on Ted whoa. So, I feel bad for all those peeps who are really looking forward to this...that sucks. Their total screen time might have been 2 and 1/2 minutes. I'd be livid. I went through this hell when Bo and Nora weren't on from their wedding until November basically. Those little snippets of time are such teases. Either show them or don't. Ugh. Hopefully we will see a little more of them tomorrow but I bet it's the same thing again. Will this story ever start?!

I was disappointed with the Bo/Clint fight. It pains me to say it. I was expecting so much more physicality but there was really just...well nothing. The best part of the fight was the crap Clint spouted off to Bo about Asa. Oh, and a lot of people on the message boards are discussing all of this and asking if Asa really thought that, etc. I suggest that people who don't know this whole backstory go to youtube and type in "Asa Buchanan's death and funeral." There are a bunch of scenes there but it shows Clint and Bo in the barn discussing exactly what Clint brought up at the church. Oh, and also it shows Matthew and Bo discussing Pa's hat (like it got brought up a couple of weeks ago). It's not the backstory of how Asa felt but it shows Clint and Bo discussing it and Bo being upset. Anyway, I think Clint is just being completely nasty and hurtful...that's it. He meant what he said to Bo in the barn the day they buried Asa: deep down Asa was proud of Bo. That is a fact (Regardless of the fact that Bo was getting ready to arrest Asa practically on the day he died). Unfortunately though, it is patently obvious that Bo will now wonder if Clint is being serious with his cold words at the church. I have a feeling this is going to be a whole issue that Bo is gonna have to deal with. It could be a good story. Anyway, I was just wanting some more action packed punching and throwing around kinda thing with the fight...le' sigh. Oh, and I love the color of Nora's dress and I think she looks beautiful but the rose on the dress...not so much. Then, I realized that little Bree has a big red rose on her dress, too. What's up with that? haha...the ice pack got put in the fern.

Rama and Vimal. So much for being inconspicuous. They do indeed look like they are going to a State Dinner at the White House. I'm just ready for him to tell everyone the news already. I mean, all they did on Friday and today was run from the little side room and into the entry way then back into the little side room. Seriously, y'all should check that shit out. They just ran around...odd.

If I were Joey, then I'd pick Kelly because she looks gorgeous in her dress...OMG. I know what's about to happen with this Kelly and Joey thing but I'm not gonna discuss it here. But I'm just saying that any progress that they have made is about to just go to hell in a handbasket so I'm just not gonna discuss much. Again, nothing really happened from Friday to today with them. Grrr...

I'd like to thank Jesus for sparing me from a Cutter and Aubrey love scene. Thanks JC. xoxo, Mary-Ella

Oh John John John...I feel so damn bad for you. You finally get your life on track and then...well...this little carrot top just pissed all over your life. Oh, and nice scenes with Pete. Nostalgic. At least they acknowledge John's parents... John asked Brody what he thinks Marty was talking about with him and Natalie. NOW we are getting started...albeit in the last minute or two of the show. Tomorrow will deliver. I'm feeling it.

OMG...I'm sure you can break the tension with an effing knife on that pew with Bo, Nora and Clint...yikes.

I'll save my dress commentary for tomorrow.

Look people, I know I complained a lot but I really do love this show. It's good the show brings out such emotion in me...ehr, I think? But I do indeed think this week will deliver the goods, no matter how long they have dragged all this out. I just need Vimal to interrupt this FIRST THING tomorrow. I need some dramz. Oh, and the new promo for this week looks good. If you haven't seen it just go to youtube and type "one life to live the truth is out." It will come up...

See y'all back here tomorrow! Should be a delicious show.


  1. Just wondering, where do you get your spoilers? Love your blog!

  2. Hey!
    I get spoilers from all sorts of places like daytime confidential,, soaptownusa,soapcentral, etc. I also discuss rumors and what not but, of course, not all of those are 100%.
    Thanks so much for the compliment. I'm so glad you enjoy it!

  3. OMG, I enjoyed this so much because it completely captured all my feelings as well! Lol love the show but they really drag it out. I have already categorized this show into two periods, the slow repetitive period and the really, really juicy period and we are finally getting into the juicy part! Looking forward to reading future blogs from you!

  4. Thanks YoSammitySam! I'm thrilled you like it. Like you, I LOVE the show and have watched it since pre-k 4 but sometimes I just want to pull my hair out! Fingers crossed that tomorrow is better.
    I update everyday. Usually at night. Sometimes I discuss Friday's show over the weekend instead of that day.

  5. Love your blog! So cute. I've been snowed in too and I can't believe how long it's taken to get this wedding out of the stable.

    I think you're right though. Tomorrow looks like the ish will finally hit the fan. Oh drama.

  6. Awe, thanks divadaisy! I'm thrilled you enjoy it.

    Yes, hopefully tomorrow will be better. I need Vimal to come to the rescue and get this mess started! Ah!

    Stay warm. :)

  7. I'm glad that I'm not the only one that hates the everliving shit out of Charlie.

    I also totally agree about Renee!

    I'm hoping that they don't pair Joey and Kelly--even after the truth is out in the open. It's not only because I have recently wanted to throw my longest-heeled of heels at absentminded Joey (and send Kelly to the most prestigious remedial class for fail-hards--because getting lemon in your eye and choking on peanuts just did it for me), but also because Llanview is already saturated with insufferably boring couples: Nate and Danielle at the front, followed closely by Jessica and Brody; Rex and Gigi; Ford and Langston (thank goodness she's leaving Llanview); (still) Starr and "Cole", but Starr and James scenes have been especially boring as of late (beaten comatose horse is beaten).

  8. I almost peed my pants laughing. Love your snarky take and I look forward to reading more.

  9. @the Supine. I used to like Charlie but his stupidity is just taking over the show and driving me nuts. And, the Renee thing, I could discuss this for days. hahaha...."throw my longest-heeled of heels at absentminded Joey!" Very nice! I agree with your assessment of all the couples. As of right now, Bo and Nora are the only couple I love.

    @Karen. Well, I'm glad you almost peed your pants laughing. Hopefully I'll continue to make you laugh and you might have to wear a diaper as a precaution from now on! Enjoy! ;)

  10. I love your Blog !!!! You know your shit, I've been watching forever and can tell!! Thanks for making Llanview Ledger available to read !!
    Krisi :)

  11. Thanks Kristen...glad you like it! Glad to know you have been watching forever, so if I make a mistake about history please feel free to point it out.
    Enjoy!! ;)

  12. Haha, I might consider watching the episodes on the nights of the days during which they aired, just so I can comment on this blog. (Usually I watch the entire week's episodes on the weekend.)