Friday, February 18, 2011

Continental Breakfast

John: "We are gonna have to make this quick because we are meeting Charlie and Echo at 9 in the lobby. I want to be the first one in line at the waffle iron."

Happy Friday, everyone!!! Thought I'd go on and try and roll a post out before the weekend takes me over. Plus, I don't like to leave you all waiting if I can help it. So...

I'm pretty sure I JUST picked my jaw up off the damn floor. No, it's not because Charlie cheated on Vicki (even though it sucks) or that John did the nasty with Kelly. No...I'm floored about something that I just can't wrap my mind around. You mean to tell me that The Minuteman Motel (which is a really vulgar name for a sleezy motel if you think about it...ewww) has a mother effing minibar?!?!?! REALLY?! I mean REALLY, show?! This is not a 5 star hotel. It's the Minuteman...UGH! I'm so sure John McBain just go up and started throwing back mini bottles of Jack ass. That was just absurd. The whole thing was just filled with liquor and mixers!!! AH! How can the writers just NOT know that a minibar in a shit motel is not acceptable nor is this how the set-up is in real life. I'm so offended by this! Dammit! Hell, why not enjoy the minibar and just have an effing party there. Why you ask? Oh, I dunno. Maybe because EVERYONE is AT the freakin' Minuteman. WTF is goin' on?! Now I have to see Echo and Charlie the morning after their romp. And, OMG...can we all get an "amen!?" It's the NEXT morning...FINALLY!!!! We have been on V-Day for weeks! Lord! I just can't get over that everyone is here. I was just waiting for the 2 couples to go meet up in the lobby and eat cheap, sugary cereal with milk or some dry cheese danish and drink bad coffee. Come on...these people need to eat, right???

Again, I'm perfectly okay with John and Kelly doing it. I thought they had chemistry, but I'm sure the writers will probably have them never talk to one another again after this one-nighter...ugh. John's face looked like shit. I'm also totally fine with Natalie walking in and seeing both John and Kelly because I think she totally deserves to wallow in misery for at least a couple of months. I'm sure her concern for John was genuine...but no.

Grrrrr....Charlie drives me to drink. The irony, right? OMG. This man just makes my effing head spin. I KNEW he was going to tell Echo he had feelings for her...ah! Anyway, at this rate I just wish he would be like "Vicki I have feelings for Echo. I'm sorry, but I do. I slept with her and now I'd like a quickie divorce and I want to marry Echo in Atlantic City." The End. I need Vicki B to have a real man and some happiness. Speaking of...

It's official: Vicki has had like the worst 24 hours of anyone. She is just getting bad news over and over. I mean, Rex comes back and tells her he can't find Charlie. Then, unbeknownst to poor Vicki B. her beloved Chuckles has effed Echo at the roach motel. Geez Louise! Sidenote: I'm pretty sure Vicki was the most adorable woman on the planet holding Liam. I want to be held by her...gosh! At least she knows how to hold the baby, Brody all but threw the child's head around the other day. He needs parenting skills. Too bad he won't need them since he isn't a father....bummer. Nice, Natalie acknowledged that if Jessica doesn't return soon they are gonna have to switch to formula. Speaking of...where the hell is Ryder? Is he still crying but the baby monitor is shut off? Wouldn't doubt it. Llanfair is running amuck...FACT. Another FACT: Liam looks 6 months old...good God.

Clint continues to be the master pimp he is. I STILL want him to have angry sex with Aubs then fall in love with her. I do. Gosh, there are so many pics of Bo at the Buch mansion. I want to have a nice and enjoyable Friday evening, so I'm not gonna discuss Joey's stupidity except just to say that I'm pretty sure that no reputable pre-school or daycare center would grant him admission because he doesn't have skills like the other children. Maybe next year, Joe. His scenes with Clint made me pull out clumps of my hair and now I have bald patches all over my head...ugh. What he does to me. Back to Clint and Aubs, she can hold her own against him and I think their scenes are super juicy. This little blackmailing game is nice.

Dorian is back AND looking fierce!!! I LOL'd while she read the headlines from The Sun online. Wait...then we hardly see Dorian until the last segment. Awe man! Oooohhh....Echo/Dorian confrontation on heart is skipping a beat already! The scenes with Cutter were okay. I would have rather seen Dorian just talking aloud to herself because that is just awesome entertainment. Oh well.

So....Bo, Nora, and Tea worked through the night at the police station. Good God...they are in the SAME clothes!!!!, just Nora is. Bo changed? WTF?! Poor come she didn't get to change? This is insane! AND...the flower on Nora's dress has taken on a life of its own. It has grown. Just cut it off! Thank you, Bo, for standing up to Todd Manning and making him knock to enter. That bastard just does whatever he wants and I'm over it. AND...I don't like him talking to Tea like that...NO! What a bastard! Again, I think they are in for trouble soon. Oh snap, nice reference to Commonwealth vs. Manning in 1993. Again...Roger Howarth imagery coming to mind. Hmmm. If he does indeed come back, I pray they show the Spring Fling rape trial or the beach house stuff. People need to see it if they havne't...that IS the year when practically everyone won an Emmy. Second year in a row that Bo and Nora haven't celebrated Valentine's Day...FAIL! I'll take the 2 seconds of affection at the end if that's all I can get. Adorbs.

LOL...Rex catching the paper from his "dad." Excited about these scenes on Monday.

Damn...I thought Rama and Vimal were on today.

I'm just assuming that Marty is still playing with her destroyed voo-doo doll at St. Anne's. Hopefully she is making friends. Maybe with Hannah? One can only hope...

I'm assuming Matthew is hanging out at the garrett and doing all kinds of fun things because obviously there are so many things to do an effin' amusement park all crammed into about 10' x 10' space. UGH. Please get them the Barn back please...PLEASE! Or just a new house. I hate the garrett. Ewww.

Sorry this is so short. I'm in a hurry this evening before we head out for the evening.

Everyone have a great weekend!!! Hoping OLTL is great next week.


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  1. Charlie & Echo = agree wholeheartedly
    poor Vicki = agree
    I thought I was the only one for sure who noticed what was going on between Clint and Aubrey, I thought for sure they were going to have sex...I guess they still could, that would be awesome because as you said Joey is dumber than a preschooler.
    It seemed like this show, nothing really happened. Stuff was happening but not really at all... Sigh..always next week...