Friday, February 25, 2011

Buy the Cow and Get the Milk for Free Friday

Brody: "Listen douchebag, the only one who will be milking that Buchanan cash cow is ME!"

TGIF! Hope everyone had a great day. I'm goin' do a drive by post so I can go out and enjoy myself because I got an awesome job offer today...whoop whoop!! I'm super excited! Let's do this shall we?

FACT: Ok, so the pic that Brody showed the creepy looking hotel guy is the SAME one that is on Vicki's mantel (next to the one of Vicki and Charlie and Charlie's watch) however, Bree is superimposed in the pic on the mantel and magically removed for this pic. Seriously, if you still have yesterday's show on DVR go look at when Dorian goes by Vicki's mantel...same pic, yet different! WTF is going on?! A vampire/death themed wedding??? Come on people! Make this better. I'd rather go for an Elvis themed wedding but this is a tad weird...actually, it's more than weird. Did I miss something during the show yesterday? Or, have I missed something today?? Why this effing chapel? Why in the hell am I so bothered? I just am. The guy/witness with Tess is possibly the BIGGEST douchebag I've ever seen! My God, he's worse than that guy hitting on Langston last week at Capricorn. Woof! Oh, I'm still in love with Tess, her boobs, and her funny quotes. Gonna be kinda boring when Jess comes back.

Brody and Langston's, ok. I like Brody in scenes with the vets or Jessica and Natalie. Again, I'm probably just feeling this way because of my feelings toward Lang.

Wow, so the teen scenes at Vicki's cabin are nothing short of terrible. Good God. I praised the Lord yesterday for their absence and then I just got slapped with them again today. It's like the morning after excessive partying/drinking and you magically feel decent and then get up early but then at about 2 p.m. you feel like shit. I'm not advocating teen sex at all, but if I were 35 year old Nate and Dan-YELLA I'd be pissed!!! Coming between raging teenage hormones...Lord. Just like Llanfair, Vicki's cabin is a revolving door. Vicki needs to amp up her security. I can't say much more about these wonderful readers know why. I also don't want to just word vomit about the awfulness of's a Friday and I'm feeling generous.

Lemon Meringue Pie? Kelly, you dipshit. Seriously. Now, if a bacon cheeseburger and fries were in the bag then I might forgive Kelly...but not Lemon Meringue. Lemon Icebox Pie...maybe. Party at Llanfair huh? I will say this (because God knows I've bashed Kelly's stupidity on this blog): Kelly gave it to Joey today and everything she said was SPOT ON! Finally, my prayers have been answered. Kelly grew a pair and finally stopped getting lemon in her eye and choking on olives and told him the truth...thanks! Joey go back to your private pre-K 4 teacher because you are infuriating me! I liked you better making a sandwich yesterday.

Toad Manning (yes, I said toad), you are grating on my LAST NERVE! Maybe I'm also a bit frustrated because I'm so damn confused if Roger Howarth is coming back. Dammit, I get so excited when I think he is and then I hear he may not. Ugh. Stop it, soap world. Please tell me one way or the other. Pulling at my heart strings is cruel! Ok, so I'm convinced Tea is advocating her daughter having sex. I don't find this me, at least. I just couldn't sit there and know my daughter is out trying to cash in her v-card...just no!!! The more I think about this the more it bothers me. Maybe I'm old-fashioned? I dunno. I don't like her stance with it. Tomas hardly talked today...WTF?

I'm glad you're never giving up on John, Natalie, because God knows I've given up on you. Someone needs to stay positive. Wait...I feel John and Natalie are basically having the same convo again. "I was scared to tell you, John." OMG, enough! Of course, Liam will indeed be John's but for argument's sake...STFU, Natalie! "You wanna hold your son?" UGH! I'm screaming at you, Natalie! I'll say that Detective McBain looks good holding a baby. That baby looks at least 2 1/2 months old. Natalie: telling John that the baby only falls asleep to Miles Davis tunes is just like Kelly bringing you the pie. Just no! That doesn't justify shit.

Thank God for yesterday and today! Besides the teens it was good!

John and Kelly making out next week...yes please. John and Kelly in bed next week and Roxy finds Kelly...anticipation...killing me!

I'm having Nora and Bo withdrawals and I need Clint in my life, too!!! It's been a week! Dammit! Thank God they are on at least 3 times next week.

Still praying Matthew acts normal (by a miracle) next week and not like a slapdick. I'm so over his rudeness to his parents and to Destiny.

I missed Dorian (and her fierce hat) and Vicki today. =(

Oh, and I meant to say this yesterday. Like I said before, Kim Zimmer ONLY wears shades of blue. Her nightie and robe with Charlie at the motel were blue and so was the little ensemble she wore with John McBain. Dear OLTL wardrobe department, Please dress Kim Zimmer in colors besides blue!! Enough! xo, ME. I get it...I have dark hair, the same skin tone and blues eyes, too but I at least change it up a bit. This is a bit much.

I love Marty! I love Marty! (I'm singing this to the tune of "I feel pretty.") Can't wait for her to grace us with her psychotic presence next week. Oh while I'm referring to peeps at St. Anne's, I think Dr. Levin actually shows his face. Hopefully they will fire his ass since I discussed that yesterday. He is a quack doctor...convinced.

Truth about Vickers and his Moroccan vacation comes out next week...super pumped!

This was kind of a fast post. Have to go out and celebrate! Yay for gainful employment!

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend! Let's all pray that EVERYDAY next week on OLTL is good. If anything you need to pray it is or my posts are going to be bitchy bitchy bitchy! We don't want that now do we? I'm a cheerful gal so I want to post good things! ;)

Off for margaritas!



  1. Yay for your job!

    So I kept thinking today that the writers a bunch of hypocritical morons. "Do you want to hold your son?" I wanted to punch Natalie in the face. Yes, we all know that he is indeed John's son, but obviously neither of them do, so why was she calling Liam John's son? Because he named him and made a mix CD? Guess what. I made a mix tape for my bf in high school. Does that obligate me to stay with him for the rest of my life? And when I call the writers hypocritical, I mean because they took the exact opposite stance on the Ross/Todd situation with Dani. Yeah, so Ross raised Dani and watched her take her first steps and loved her for 15 years, but she has Todd's blood, so that means that she needs to forget Ross so that she can form a relationship with Todd? I don't think so. Not to mention she started calling Todd "Dad" and Ross by his name after only a couple of months? Give me a break. If the writers want to take the side of the DNA father, then Natalie needs to STFU! (Natalie and John have not been reading the spoilers and do not know that Liam is actually his.) Apparently John has formed more of a paternal bond with Liam in the two weeks he has been alive than Ross did in the 15 years he thought Dani was his? So that means that even though Liam is only 2 weeks old, he should still be considered John's son because John named him and made him a CD. But when Dani was 15 years old, she needed to start calling Todd "dad" because he's her biological father. Ridiculous. Also, Natalie goes from saying, "He's so happy when he wakes up," to "He's been a little fussy." Well which is it? He sounded happy. So I guess that mean he DOESN'T miss John. How can a 2-week-old baby really miss anyone? Ugh! If Dani wasn't really that upset by Ross dying (at 16), I doubt Liam would even notice switching fathers from John to Brody (at two weeks).

    On a completely different note, it just occurred to me that Kelly got lemon in her eye and then shoved LEMON meringue pie in Joey's face! Didn't even get the connection earlier. But it does seem like a waste because everyone is always raving about how awesome those pies are. Now if she had brought the flan with the note, Natalie would have forgiven her for sure!

  2. Hi Mary-Ella!

    I've been reading for awhile but haven't commented before. I had to congratulate you on getting a job- I am a 1L who is terrified about the legal job market and hearing people find jobs is always hopeful and happy!

    Anyway, I absolutely love the blog and look forward to it more than OLTL some days. It has definitely made me laugh out loud in the law library and annoy the gunners at least twice. I agree with you on pretty much everything especially the awfulness of Dan-YELLA and the awesomeness of Dorian's hats. I am a James/Starr fan though but I think that might be more because I loved Starr when she was little and find James to be more tolerable than Cole, who may be my least fave OLTL character ever. Although Roseanne Delgado and the Tim Gibbs version of Kevin are also in the running for that award.

    I completely agree that the soap world is messing with us about Roger Howarth's comeback and it is too much to handle. I have started watching on old clips on Youtube to prepare myself, which made me remember just how awesome Todd is. And therefore, how terrible he is now and I really want TSJ to not be Todd. RH is the whole reason I started watching the show when I was in 1st grade and he was terrorizing blind Nora. My grandma was a bad babysitter for letting a 6 year old watch and explaining that Todd was a gang rapist but I was RIVETED. We need the real Todd back- and if the show if messing with us, its just cruel.

    Hope you had a great weekend and hope you will keep blogging even with the job!

  3. @Lauren I totally agree with you, the only reason I even tolerate James/Starr is because Cole was the most annoying character ever. I just really want them to stop going in the most annoying circle.

    @ME The truth about Vickers is coming out?! Whoo! I used to read spoilers all the time, but I just avoid them so I try to be surprised, but that news is just amazing! I'm excited now!

  4. @desi Thanks about the job! complete agreement with you about Natalie needing to STFU...OMG! And if I would have had more time on Friday, I could have gone on for hours about that effing mix tape (aka you're instantly someone's father because you make a jazz mix tape). Don't even get me started. Ditto with you about the Toad/dan-YELLA/Ross situation. And...ironic about the lemon huh?! haha! Looks like Joey got some lemon in his it. Oh, and about the spoilers with Natalie and John, I've only looked a little bit but I think Liam is indeed John's thanks to Vimal screwing up or some confession he makes...maybe this week or next week. I think...

    @Lauren Thanks for the job congrats! So glad you commented! Looks like we were separated at birth with the whole "being like 6 years old and your grandmother letting you watch all this" thing...same with me! If you want to email me to discuss law stuff and job options, please do it...seriously! My job is actually working for a hedgefund. Oh, and my fiance (whom I met in law school) doesn't practice law...he is in the financial trading industry...with stocks and what not. I'd be happy to discuss all that in more detail with you. OH, and Starr and James. I know I treat them terribly on here. The deal with Starr is that, like you, I LOVED her as a child and feel the writers have kinda ruined her over the past few years. Actually, Cole ruined her. I'm so glad he is gone but that's another story. I'm hoping Starr and James just go on and get together...dragging it out. Oh, and I do plan to keep posting after I start my job! ;) Best of luck in your second semester as a'll do great! Really, email me if you have law school questions...happy to help.

    @yoSammity Yes! Rex tells Bo about Vickers on Wednesday, I believe. I think Bo lashes out at him on Thursday. Then, I know Nora encourages Bo to go look for Vickers in Morocco. yay!

  5. I agree with pretty much everything you said except John and Kelly. Kelly has always been bossy and constantly mothering John. All of her scenes with John have fizzled for me. IMO, there is just no romantic chemistry there for me.

    Poor Kelly will be left in the dust when John and Natalie finally reconcile. I just don't want to see that.

    Kelly deserves better than John.

  6. @ Astrid I agree Kelly deserves better than John but for some reason I kinda like them together. I don't know why and when I read the spoilers awhile back I didn't think I'd like them but I do. I just am loving badass John right now.
    I am dying for Kelly to get back to awesome Kelly from the 90's. I LOVED her then. Oh heavens...I get sad thinking about it. =(