Monday, February 21, 2011

It Sucked to Be You Yesterday

Clint: "Rex, I'll accept you as my real son only if you get rid of Gigi. Her haircut makes me want to kill myself."

Hola everyone!!! I had a second round of interviews today and another tomorrow so I'm JUST now sitting down to watch my daily guilty pleasure. Hope everyone had a good weekend since God knows most in Llanview did not...

I'm pretty sure the entitled quote can be said for everyone in the whole damn town right now. It really sucked to be anyone in Llanview...except maybe Dorian? If her outfit reflects her mood then she is feeling pretty fierce. Oh snap, wait, and I'm sure Echo is also an exception because she finally got a piece of ass from her former Atlantic City lover. So...those two had a great night. Otherwise, I'm pretty sure the whole town could be on Zoloft at this point since everyone's world is practically crashing down around them.

I need to come up with a new phrase instead of "poor Vicki." I've beaten this phrase to hell and back and well...frankly I'm just tired of typing it. So...if anyone has any suggestions PLEASE let me know. FACT: Charlie says "sawry" instead of "sorry." Y'all replay that shit if you don't believe me. I'm sure saying the word "sorry" is a phonetic skill taught in early childhood development. He needs to attend Joey's nursery school and get his skills straight. Oh wait, remember from a few posts ago, it was confirmed that Joey got denied from Llanview's premiere nursery school so hopefully Chuckles can get this pronunciation problem fixed quickly...possibly by a private tutor. Or, he could just attend the school without any friends. I'm sorry where was I? Vicki and Charlie...ugh. The show makes Vicki look even more pitiful/vulnerable by making her look pale and wear no least for today. This woman is breaking my heart. I need her to have a GROWN ASS MAN for a husband!!!! Immediately. He doesn't even have the balls to just flat out tell her about Echo. Please Charlie...just tell her now and go and let Vicki continue to have a terrible day and get all this shit over with at once. Rip this band-aid off at once! But no, instead I'm sure Vicki will try to slowly absorb all that's going on and once she is finally accepting it all and getting on track...she will find out about Chuckles. Just no. Good God these scenes were PAINFUL for my heart to handle. I need to be held...immediately!!!

Echo and Dorian...they just sizzle together don't they? Ok, so Dorian looks sooooooooo out of place at the Minuteman. Fact. The feather with the ruby on the hat...lurve it. I still don't understand Dorian's motives here. I mean, I understand what she says but I just don't see why she is so insistent upon bringing Echo down. Oh nice watch, Charlie. Is that an I.W.C.? A Patek Philippe? Looks expensive...pawn that shit, Echo!!!! Pawn it!

I LOVED the Rex and Clint scenes. Loved them and oh how I LOVE the Buchanan study...always have. I like these two together...just wish their scenes would have lasted longer, that's all. Sonofabitch...Clint continues to justify his actions. I wonder if there is even a chance he can be redeemable now? I'm just not sure. I think I just like him being least for a few more months. I'd like him and Aubrey to get it on and then something happen and he become borderline redeemable. THEN, maybe he and maybe Vicki can get together. Far fectched? Hell yes. Just a dream. Anyway, I'm glad Rex pulled the David card but ummm....too damn late in my book, buddy. You should have done I dunno...MONTHS AGO!!! My God, he should have just told Bo. But then again, who does tell Bo anything? I mean, Inez milked Bo for all he was worth and then just didn't trust him enough to tell him about the Clint mess. Yet, she trusted him with everything else. Rex just did the same thing. I know Clint is scary people but Bo could have helped you...UGH! So...I will not feel sorry for you, Rex, in the slightest when Bo lashes out at you!!!

Sweet. Fact: God is merciful. So, I knew that Langston and Starr were gonna be on today. They were mentioned a few times in the spoilers for today alone. I was surprisingly relieved to find that their scenes were those really, really terrible quick snippet type scenes OLTL does that only last a half second or two and are really quick. Which brings up the question: Why in the hell even show them? It's like Blair and Tomas during the week of the wedding. What really was the point? The total of 3 minutes dedicated to these scenes could be used for other people that actually have a decent story right now. I can't believe it but they didn't bother me very much. This also made me feel that there was justice in the world, because Bo and Nora were only on in snippets on Friday so at least they did this to Lang and Starr today. Yes, I'm a happy girl because I didn't toss my dinner, wasn't forced to drink, and my hair was not pulled out in clumps. The scenes were bearable. Score.

Tess and Ford...yes, please!!! My God it's a miracle. I now actually LOOK FORWARD to the Tess/Ford scenes. I'm just effing flabbergasted to tell y'all the truth! And, I've never ever looked forward to a Ford scene. Whoa...I'm totally lying. I anxiously awaited for the scenes when Black and Blue beat Ford while Clint drank a beer and made himself an effing turkey sandwich (that was so awesome. bad ass Clint in full effect). Those scenes were nothing short of nirvana. Another fun fact of the day: I love that the hotel room in Vegas is the same "room" (with a few changes) that Bo and Nora almost got it on while in Seattle for Matthew's surgery. Love that Seattle and Vegas have equally enviable amenities. Nice. Another thing that is nice...Tess' boobs...again all I do is stare at them! hahaha....Tess: "I was there for the 30 seconds it took you to make your little deposit." I LOVE TESS!!! Please don't leave. Just please stay. And, if you do leave OLTL please come to Chicago and be friends with me...this could soooo work!!!

Poor Roxy. I feel that she is brought on the show for such shit scenes. Granted, it is good that the show addressed the place being destroyed, etc. but still...I dunno. Roxy could be utilized so much more and isn't. It really is a shame. OH REALLY?! She is inquiring about Natalie's wedding now? This is soooo shitty. She was her mother for crying out loud! Roxy would have been more involved with all this....just BOO on that. UGH.

AHHHH!!!!! Natalie. Unbelievable. I can get through a Langston and Starr scene and then YOU have to go and make me want to gouge my eyes out....Lord. REALLY?! Kelly doesn't owe me any explanations but you sure as hell do?! Natalie, no!!! FACT: John McBain became an apathetic badass overnight...literally overnight. From the wedding to the next day. Minority opinion: I'm enjoying John and how he is acting. If anything, solely for the purpose that he has become an interesting character. These scenes with John and Natalie are great. WAIT JUST A DAMN MINUTE!!! No Natalie...don't yell at Kelly like that. dog got so upset when Natalie yelled to Kelly "Why are you still here!?!?" I'm now upset with Natalie for upsetting my dog. John: "Why are you still here Natalie?" Ummmm good mother effing question. Natalie just baffles me. Yes, I know she didn't cheat on John technically but the lying for months and trying to pass the kid off as John's qualifies for John's shit list. So, he and Kelly having a one night stand...I'm fine with it. Natalie had no right to rant and rave the way she did (although I can see myself doing the same thing even after all the lying whether I had the right or not). Anyway, John...go play and have fun for awhile. Maybe with Kelly...

YES!!!! Dorian sees Kelly doing the walk of shame. Loves it. The red and black coat that Dorian threw over Kelly looks like the same coat Julia Roberts wore in Pretty Woman in the beginning. Hmmm

Free Marty! Free Marty!! Freeeee Marty!!!!!!!!!!!! And her voo-doo doll!!!!

More Ford and Tess (this still sounds weird for me to say). I just realized I'm interchanging Jess and Tess...sorry! I mean Tess when I accidentally type Jessica. I tried to go back and correct. My blog posts are hot messes when I'm tired...ah!

Today was a pretty good show. I'll be late posting again tomorrow, probably. Y'all have a GREAT night!



  1. That was the only thing I didn't get was Natalie's reaction to the whole thing, I get she was hurt but the way she kept trying to turn it around to make it seem like he was in the wrong! I am pretty sure they aren't together after the night they had so stfu Natalie! Geez, I just wanted to hit you!

  2. @YosammitySam, ITA! Natalie ALWAYS tries to turn things around so that she is right! Even when she finally admitted that the baby was not John's... she tried to justify it with, "Well, had you known the truth you wouldn't have stayed". SMH!!!

    @ME Thanks for the update and I hope your interview process keeps progressing.

  3. @YoSammity Dear God...AGREED!!! I also yelled at Natalie to STFU! Over and Over...the insanity of it all!

    @Akesha Thanks dear! I am going to do a combined post this afternoon that will include yesterday and today's episode. I'm typing this between job interviews as we speak! Will post later today...