Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thank God It's Thursday!!!!

My dog, Lola: "Oh thank God. This is the first day this week I wasn't forced to drink martinis to get through OLTL. Bless Dorian and her hats!"

Yes, I KNOW this picture is beyond random but I could not for the life of me find any pics from today's episode! I didn't just want to use a still picture from the intro, so I went with my go-to gal, Lola. She is an avid viewer so she is legit...fret not. Plus, this is only her second post appearance. She posed as Inez Sallinger back in January as some of you may recall. Anyway, I'm just so damn happy today's show was watchable!!! MUCH NEEDED!!! Plus, tomorrow's previews only looked "ok" so my motto for this week is "Thank God It's Thursday!!!"

It's amazing how one set of characters can just change the whole show. Granted, nothing life changing happened today but simply having Dorian and Vicki on made my day. Add that to the surprisingly lovely John and Echo scenes and then the Tomas and Tea scenes and well...the show ended today and I was downright pleased with what I had just watched and my favorite characters weren't even that's GOOD!

Pleasant Surprise #1: Ok, I'm by no means the biggest Tea fan. I don't dislike her at all, but I really just feel nothing for her at all. However, I really was feeling this sassy little lawyer today. Her scenes with Tomas were surprisingly great! I also fight back the urge to jump off my bed and pretend make-out with Ted King...OMG, something about him is so attractive! Anyway, I felt I learned a hell of a lot more about Tomas today than all of his scenes with Blair combined. AND...I found these more enjoyable. He and Blair basically just sit across from each other and act all if they are playing a game of Clue or some shit. Ugh! Anyway, my heart was really breaking for Tea today and this has never happened before (not even really during her kidnapping stuff. no, I'm not cold...just apathetic). What bothers me is what in the hell is Tomas going to tell Blair? Oh hey, I've told you 50 mother effing times I'm leaving but I'm staying around...UGH. How annoying.

Pleasant Surprise #2: John and Echo were great. Wait, so is John just going to stay at the Minuteman for awhile? I must say it is probably better than his apartment. OMG...that tv?! Can those tvs even get cable? It was so dated! So, the Minuteman has a minibar and provides little things of booze but can't afford a cheap ass LCD flatscreen. My ass. Anyway, those scenes were surprisingly touching, too. I love that John told her something like "that is the longest I've ever talked before" LOL. I bet it was. I really can't believe he opened up to Echo about all that. Of course, we didn't get to hear much of it but at least someone was there to lend a sympathetic ear. HOWEVER, I still don't feel sorry for Echo in the slightest. Not that I don't sympathize with her but I just hate that Vicki is getting hurt by her.

Good God, speaking of Vicki. I'm at a loss for words!!! Dealing with Jessica and then Dorian has the scoop of the Echo/Charlie lovefest...ugh! Regardless, I'm glad that Dorian got to check out the pic with Charlie's watch while Vicki took the doctor's phone call. Oh, P.S., Dr. Levin is like the worst psychologist or psychiatrist EVER! Worse than Marty! (MISS HER!) I mean, all of his patients remain crazy AND Hannah O'Connor fooled him that she was schizo. God, we could keep going...even Lindsay Rappaport fooled him. How in the hell is this man still employed!?!?!? FIRE HIM, St. Anne's! I'm glad Dorian didn't drop the bomb on Vicki today, because, hell, Nicki or Jean or another alter may have come out and then you'd have Vicki and Jessica's alters running amuck. One person with an alter at a time, OLTL. Please don't tag team us with a mother daughter team. P.S. Dorian's hat has a life of its own and I freakin' love it.

Nice Kelly and Blair scenes. However, I have a beef: If Kelly is as hungover as she claims to be, then she needs to be in pajamas and looking like smashed ass. Who gets shitfaced and then goes and puts on some super cute outfit and lays on the couch?!?! NOT this girl! Good God, OLTL. Hell, put her in sexy pj's but a cute outfit is not believable! On another note, I love Blair's little outfit...she is too cute. So...I knew Blair would throw a gasket about the John shit. Hell, I don't blame her. To an extent, she is right about Kelly going after every guy she finds attractive. Also, I'm glad Kelly got through to Blair about Tomas. Hopefully she will make a move because just watching her sip wine that reminds her of Tomas well....that's just so effing boring that I'd rather watch James and Michelle talk while in Christian's art classroom. Over it.

A Joey special, huh? Yeah Joey, because your six-inch sub is gonna put Natalie in one helluva good mood! Ugh! Oh damn someone slap him!!! On a different note, I'm surprised Joey could make a sandwich. Plus, it looked pretty good. His private pre-K 4 teacher must be the shit! Damn, I need to go to Vicki's house for a sandwich! I'm used to sliced bread but she has like Subway bread and shit with good meat. Mmmmm. Oh, and PLEASE tell me someone on the set ate those sandwiches. If not, then that is such a waste of food. That was my main concern with the show today. I was so worried that food would go to waste! I feel that Joey has NO RIGHT to be upset about this Kelly shit. He is just so effing dumb!!! What does he expect!? He just MARRIED Aubs and he is gonna get mad about Kelly and John. WTF. I guess I can see why he would be upset about the thought of Kelly and Clint teaming up but that's it. Oh, no sympathy for Natalie still. Maybe spring needs to go on and get here so my heart will thaw out? It is still a chunk of ice where Natalie is concerned. Another thing...the loss of her baby weight at this stage in the game is absurd! At least put her in loose fitting clothes! Her body is rockin' but it's just sooooo not believable at this point! UGH. Whoa is this like the first time Joey and Natalie have actually been together alone in a scene?? I think so.

Quote of the Day comes from Dorian: "She's a lying, husband stealing, watch stealing...Dipsomanic!!!" Maybe I've been living under an effing rock but...what in the hell is a "dipsomaniac"?! Wait...I'm googling this shit right now. Oh, ok. It's a person who has an uncontrollable craving for alcohol. For all of you who didn't know what that meant, you learned it here. Who said this blog was not educational?

Oh, and good news! I think Marty is on next week...yay!!!! Hip Hip Hooray!!!

Also, I know Matthew is on next week and Nora tells him who she thinks killed Eddie. So, Dear OLTL, if you are only going to bring Matthew on once a week PLEASE don't make me hate him. This is so effed up. xoxo, ME. I'm sure he will defend Clint or act like an ass to Nora and then I'm sure he will leave in a huff and then run into Destiny and then be mean to her...UGH!!!

Kelly and Joey deserve each other. Bringing Natalie lunch and note?! WHAT?! "Hey, sorry I effed your fiance'. Here is a cheeseburger. I also threw in some fries because we had sex more than once I think. No hard feelings. Love ya, Kelly." WTF!!! Horrible idea!

Kinda missed Tess/Ford today...

OMG...NO TEENS were on today!!!! AH!!!!! What a day!

F*$K. Nevermind, teens are on tomorrow. I'll be drinking at 1 o'clock tomorrow, I'm sure. My dog AND me.

Today was great! Nothing awesome, but it was just all around good stuff. Thank God! See you kiddos tomorrow!



  1. Joey's sandwich will put hair on your chest? Don't wrap it up and eat it later. Eat it now so you will turn into a grown-up man!

    Also, I know the writers are trying REALLY hard to make us want John and Natalie together, but I have no sympathy for her either. It's warm and sunny here in Florida, so you can't blame your cold heart toward Natalie on the weather because I have one too haha! Not to mention I think everyone has forgotten her husband, Jarrod. Was he even cold in his grave before she started going after John (you know, the guy whose fault it pretty much was that Jarrod died)? Talk about a cold heart! Not to mention John was dating Marty at the time! And she was a COMPLETE hypocrite today!

    Btw, loving the new friendship between Dorian and Vicki. Makes things very entertaining!

  2. LOVE the picture of your dog! She looks a lot like my dachshund, Gussie! I was reeaally hoping Dorian would call Echo a bitch. Nothing is more entertaining than the way Robin Strasser says bitch. LOL.

  3. @Desi haha! Yes maybe if Joey ate the damn thing he would be a grown ass man!!! Glad I'm STILL not the only one not feeling it for Natalie. OMG, Jared!!! I know not everyone liked him but I LOVED him! Even if he tried to swindle the Buchanans...I don't care! He was so cute and you're right. Natalie went running to John while Jared was getting his autopsy practically...ugh!

    @Katie Thanks! You have a dachshun, too?! Love it. Lola is sass and she loves OLTL so I feel obligated to include her at times. :) OMG...Robin Strasser saying bitch...she says it just like my grandmother did! So, I love when she says it, too!

  4. I was for sure that dipsomaniac was a made up word for sure. Man I'm learning stuff from this blog! I am just going to drop out of school and read this blog full time!

    And it wasn't a cheeseburger. It was lemon meringue pie and everyone knows that meringue heals all wounds. This was a very good show...

    And I just wanted to show Tea some love, since she is pretty much my favorite character, actually second behind Todd, but he has been acting like a douche lately...

  5. @YoSammity OMG, you and me BOTH thought that dipsomaniac was a made up word. I've never heard it and I consider myself to have somewhat of an extensive vocabulary. So, let's all thank Robin Strasser for that. Go tell all your friends tomorrow at school your new word! ;)

    Agreed about lemon meringue pie, but now you are making me want a damn cheeseburger!

    yes...I felt the need to hug Tea, too, which is a good thing. Hope there are some more Tomas and Tea scenes like that or ones that are better. Oh, and Todd is being a major douche as of late. The writers need to give him a good story. They put him in every teen story which is so annoying. He is a great actor so use him in a great story!

  6. @ME
    Please don't stop loathing Natalie, so that I am not alone.

  7. OMG! Thank you, thank you for the laughes today! I followed your link from FB and so happy I did. I haven't laughed like that in awhile. Keep up the great work!

  8. @Akesha I'm sure I won't, so we are def in this least for quite awhile!

    @Lynette Oh thanks! I try to post the link on FB. That is the only way people hear about it because I don't post it anywhere else. So glad you like it!

  9. I have been watching OLTL since the early 80's. My mom got me hooked. :) I would skip school once in awhile to watch!

    I used to watch all three ABC soaps, but with work I only have time for one. At my old job I had this cool radio/walkman thing and it was able to pick up tv signals. Well everyday at 1pm I would tune in to hear the soaps. Listening to them really was an eye opener. OLTL was the best of all of them. The acting was better...easier to follow and very interesting.

    I am so glad you mentioned Jess/Tess's boobs, BTW. I thought it was just me. I can't take my eyes off of them. They need to but a bib on those milk jugs. Holy Hell.

  10. So glad I stumbled across your blog today - you have a strong and hilarious voice, and I am so relieved to know someone else out there thinks the way I do.

    I have kinda only sporadically stayed in touch with Llanview for a while now, but somehow I got wind of the whole Roger Howarth tease, caught some old scenes on Youtube last weekend (okay I watched like 30 plus hours straight and can't believe how well those grainy hardly visible 90's epi’s are still SO DAMNED COMPELLING) and I caught up on all the Tomas scenes (thus far) while I was at it. Gotta love these folks that take time to post sequenced character-specific threads up there! Who are these people who have all these old tapes and have all this time on their hands?? Well, bless them I say, bless them.

    I decided to sit and purposefully watch the Thursday show. You are right - it was quite good - and for every reason you mentioned. I was grateful and relieved! Dorian - AWESOME. Vicki - hate the whole pathetic thing, but again AWESOME. LOVE them together no matter what the excuse. BTW, this pairing Vicki with Charlie is just sickening to me and always has been in my book- not even for a moment was he up to standard. Maybe Clint will pull one of those classic "a brain tumor made me do it" storylines, and he and Vicki can get something interesting going on (okay I would totally bitch if they did it like that, but like most people I can accept almost any far-fetched story device that gets great actors playing great legacy characters in the same storyline!)

    Come to think of it, Vicki is historically fabulous about forgiving atrocious behavior - so why not let her lead Clint into the light? It would at least be highly entertaining to see her try . . .

    I am glad the original Kelly is back and I enjoyed the scenes with Blair. LOL on your observations on proper hangover attire!

    What is up with Blair’s face? Looks like she did too much botox – not sure if I can agree about the whole “glowing with an inner light” thing when she can only seem to eke out half of a facial expression these days. Not disrespecting Blair now – love her, always will. Hopefully it will wear off soon.

    Mute John and that whole "I never said so much to anyone in my life" bit had me rolling as well. Even if it only would have required 3 sentences in a row to accomplish.

    Anyway – very nice to make your acquaintance –have your blog bookmarked and will be stopping in to play the choir and get in a few good belly laughs.

  11. @cri cir I'm so glad you stumbled up it! Hope you continue to enjoy it. I have the nicest feedback from people. Makes my day.

    OMG...I could watch old OLTL stuff on youtube for 30 hours,too. I have no shame. I love to do that kinda stuff when I find the time. I'm crossing my fingers for the Roger Howarth return!

    Glad original Kelly is back. Too bad they just starting writing good for her like last month because otherwise her return has been awful...sadly.

    Agree....Vicki and Dorian...awesomeness!!! Love them to pieces. They are just delicious together, aren't they.

    My fav characters are Nora and Bo...the reason I got into OLTL.

    Mute John has grown on me him now!

    Sorry my response is so quick...headed out to celebrate my job offer! Again, thanks for the compliment and hope you continue to like it!