Sunday, January 30, 2011

"You've Got a Pair Don't You Aubrey?"

Clint can't seem to catch a break this week. Poor guy is being threatened by the whole damn town.

Thursday 1/27/11
Ah...I KNEW it was gonna be a great episode when all my favorite characters (Bo, Clint, Vicki, Dorian, Echo and Charlie) were on...minus my darling Nora. These people could talk about the weather and I'd be enamored. Let's dive in shall we?

Ok, the Bo/Robert scenes. I have mixed emotions. I like that Bo is helping him. Minority opinion, no doubt. I just like white knight Bo. One of the main reasons I love him. Also, I love that Bo was quiet during the whole thing and he was just like "I believe you" and Ford was shocked. HOWEVER, I did NOT like the way Bo reacted to Robert's confession about Jessica. I didn't like that whole thing honestly. Firstly, Ford raped Jessica. He did people. She was out of her effin' mind during all that and he knew it and preyed upon it. End of discussion. The writers are justifying it somehow and this is horse shit. Secondly, Bo darling: You're wife was almost raped and THIS is your reaction?! This person is confessing to you that he basically raped a girl and you react in THIS way. And, to add fuel to the fire the girl was Jessica Buchanan ( I know...Brennan but for argument's sake she is a Buch)...your niece. UGH! Oh and Ford: "It's a good thing Jessica's baby isn't mine." Good God...foreshadowing out the wazoo. likey these Aubrey/Clint scenes. I enjoyed them so much that I didn't really pay attention to those heinous bangs of Aubrey's. Aubrey is so cheeky. These are JUICY! I mean Clint acted so surprised when Aubrey said the truth could be confirmed. REALLY?! For him to be so smart, he was such an idiot with all this Vimal mess. Ugh. It's official. I'm twisted. I want Aubrey and Clint to hook up! My fiance' was like "that's gross, Mary-Ella!" Hello...does anyone remember Kim? So that was ok and Aubrey isn't? Bitch, please. Love how she said "fix it or I'll fix you." See, these two belong together. Hell, I'd date Clint over Joey for the simple reason that Clint has AT LEAST the fully developed brain of a toddler.

Hold the damn it morning or nighttime?! Kelly won't shut up about muffins and breakfast food and Dorian's having a bellini, yet it should be late afternoon in Llanview. It looks dark in all the other scenes. It looks like nighttime at BE and at the police station...WTF???

Hot damn...I am LOVING the Rex and Dorian scenes! Maybe because I'm laughing throughout them! hahaha! All the mental dialogue!? Priceless. These scenes are flippin' GREAT! Rex does great acting when he is in scenes with the vets...good for him. Well, at least Dorian got Rex thinking. The fake grass (which they borrowed from Sam Rappaport's old house) at The Palace restaurant MUST GO! Atrocious!

Echo is a manipulative tramp. Sidenote: Thank God they are at least dressing Kim Zimmer somewhat decently since God knows she looked like shit on Guiding Light (R.I.P.) OMG. Charlie Charlie Charlie. He and Joey are neck and neck in the race for Mayor of Dumbass-ville. Chuckles...the name reminds me of a clown. Do y'all think so too? I think it is perfectly fitting because Chuckles is acting like a no-talent ass clown...OMG! He couldn't get a job at the effin' circus at this rate. OH HELL NO...did Charlie just yell at Vicki?! I had to rewind this shit and I'll be damned...he did! He did yell at Victoria! She's UNGENEROUS?! My blood is boiling right now! Please divorce this no-talent ass clown ASAP. Poor Vicki...this shit with Clint hasn't even come out yet. February gonna be a bad month for the Vickster? Let's use Vicki B's favorite phrase and just say, "I'm afraid so."

Starr and James are boring and I'm so not interested at this point because to be perfectly candid...this shit has been dragged out for too damn long! And, is everyone in agreement that Michelle is possibly the nicest girl on the planet?! Lord have mercy. She doesn't even bother me, really. I just want her to be the president of the abstinence club and get everyone to join...or something like that. No...not the abstinence club something cooler. Sidenote: At my high school the members of the abstinence club were people who were all having sex. It was such a joke. To make it worse, they had t-shirts made that said "Save it for the Honeymoon" and it had a picture of a couple embracing in the sunset. The poor president and other officers had no idea. Tragic. Whoa...back to the show.'s definitely nighttime so the breakfast stuff had to be an error?! Fact: Kelly ONLY wears printed shirts. Does she own anything solid? Hell, even just striped?? Joey: "Kelly is supposed to be with someone else." THAT'S RIGHT OLTL...she is supposed to be with Kevin!!!! Why in the hell don't they bring him back?! He is sooooooo much more interesting than Joey. Kevin is THE SHIZ. Bottomline. His awesomeness knows no bounds. He is the ONLY person Kelly has chemistry with yet the one person the show won't lure back...dumbasses.

Le'sigh...despite my ass clown comments about Charlie, I am indeed going to feel sorry for him when he realizes Rex isn't his son. The man has been enough in the losing children department. Enough is enough. Oooohhh go ahead Rex! Gonna do the test yourself. I like this. You aren't the best (and only) P.I. in Llanview for a reason! There is sarcasm in this comment in case you haven't gotten my humor yet...FYI.

Nice...we get a Bo/Clint scene for the ending. I simply cannot get enough of these two together. They just sizzle! They have that je ne sais quoi! You know?

Cheers lovelies!

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