Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tuesday Teen Invasion

Shane: "I don't know what is scarier: you kicking my ass or how bad the show sucks today."

Good evening, peeps!!! Sorry for not posting yesterday. I had to prepare for 2 interviews today...things are going really well! Downside: I'm a ball of nerves and constantly sleep deprived. Ugh. Anywho...ummmm so thank God for DVR and the fast forward button. Tuesday's episode pretty much sucked and God knows Wednesday was pretty sluggish, too. Same pattern as last week. WTF is goin' on?! Soooo....I'm gonna do a one-two punch and post for both days. P.S. I'm gonna bitch...A LOT. You have been warned!

Tuesday, 2/22/11
Good God...the teens were in full effect huh? Damn. Well...where do I begin? Oh, I know...let's begin with Matthew Buchanan since this is his first appearance in a decade. So....I knew Matt was gonna be on and all and I was pretty excited. excitement deflated effing quickly. Whose kid is this?!?! Not Bo and Nora's...that's for damn sure! He was a bastard the ENTIRE episode. Oh, and he knows about what happened at the, did his parents tell him??? Maybe not? Maybe the newspaper? And, he thinks what Clint did was pretty much okay? This is effed up. Also...Ummm lemme get this straight: Matt and Destiny sucked face in the doorway of the garret...then what? She just ran away immediately and he went back to just hanging around the apartment? I don't think so. Chunks are missing here! AND...He was so rude to her when she came up to him yesterday. WTF is that all about? I want nice Matthew back. This one is some evil spawn...AND he is being a little bitch.

Speaking of people being called "little bitches"...I don't care for the new Jack Manning. This is probably a minority opinion but oh well. I liked the former smart-ass Jack who was still likable. This new Jack reminds me of a mean Justin Bieber...which means I won't like him. And, I thought his first scene with Todd and Tea was pretty terrible. Besides that, the bullying stuff kinda makes me sick to my stomach. I'm fine with the story but it pains me to see a child with an illness get picked on and stuff like this happens all the time. Tear. =( Oh, and those other two kids sucked major ass. Someone needs to tackle them or give them terrible wedgies...asap. Of course, Matthew continued to be a slapdick and not help Shane. My God...Bo and Nora would be horrified if they knew this was going on. Bring back the sweet Matthew of like 2005 or something! I can't handle this! We rarely see him and now when we do I hate him...dammit, OLTL!

Clint and Vicki scenes...nice but not enough. And we could have had more Vicki/Clint delicious goodness if...Oh, I dunno, OLTL, maybe you could NOT HAVE HAD THE LAME ASS JAMES AND MICHELLE SCENES ON OR THE GIGI AND CHRISTIAN ONES!!!!! Sonofabitch!!! Was it really necessary to have James and Michelle on yesterday? That was such a trick, too, because they were not shown until after the opening intro and then I saw it and was like "oh f**k...just no, please." Then, of course, it went to hell in a handbasket after that because Gigi and Christian were on together in that Godforsaken art classroom...vomit. Wait...back to Vicki and Clint...good scenes but not long enough. I was so genuinely interested in them. Vicki's right though...this shit is Clint's fault. Word.

Rama/Aubs/Cutter...get them out of the Buenos Dias because they look out of place.

OMG...Todd is so effing rude. Oooh...Tea looks beautiful today.

Wait...Langston said she was going to talk to Vicki?! OMG...Brittany Underwood and Erika Slezak in a scene together?? Surely the writers wouldn't do this to us. Wait...yes, score! Vicki already left before Lang got there. Bullet dodged.

Oh...and Tess and Ford are so enjoyable. If it wasn't for them and the Clint and Vicki stuff...well...I would have eaten rat poison. Dramatic? Yes. But there is only so much one person can take in an hour long soap opera.

Ok...lemme move on to today's so this thing won't last so long. Too many teens on Tuesday and not enough vets. Or when the vets were on, we didn't get enough of them. Moral of the Story: Tuesday Episodes in February Have SUCKED.

Wednesday, 2/23/11
I can tell right now I'm going to hate this episode. Yes...Dani/Nate are on. all hope of me enjoying this episode is lost. Negativity will haunt this post, too....grrr

One positive...Vicki is on. However, she is just frantically running around looking for Tess. Yes, she should DEF be concerned with her daughter...HOWEVER, I feel that for I dunno the past couple of weeks all Vicki has done is just be frantic or worried about someone else. I want her to have her own story. This is kinda ridiculous. OMG...could Todd have been any more rude to Vicki!?!? He and Matthew need to just be locked up in a room together and beat the ever living shit out of each other...immediately!!!

Another positive...despite the glacial pace of the story, I do indeed believe that Tomas and Blair have chemistry and this will indeed work when it gets going. OMG...I MUST try the flan at this place!!!! I salivated a bit when they were eating it...mmmm. But...I've beaten the shit out of my feelings about this but the story must get going! Even Blair said something like, we always think we are saying good-bye forever but we see each other again. Ummm now that you mention it I'm effing tired of them "saying good-bye" and then leaving...yet only to see each other AGAIN. Move this along, OLTL...people are gonna lose interest! I'll say that I did love the drawing he did of Blair. ;)

What?! Tea is okay with Dan-YELLA sneaking off to have sex?! I'm so confused by all this. I mean...maybe that's good...I guess. I just know that if my daughter called and said something to the effect of "I'm safe but hiding with my boyfriend so we can do the nasty" then I'd be like "I'm gonna beat your ass if you don't get back this instant, young lady." But that's just me. Maybe you will change your tune Tea when Dan-YELLA ends up on MTV's "Teen Mom." Hmmm???? That's what I thought. Oh, and Todd and Tea are entirely too mopey as of late!!! A little happiness please!!! Go and have the flan at the Buenos could help.

Dan-YELLA and Nate...I don't give two flying shits about them and their first time to get it on. Don't/Won't/Can't discuss this.

REALLY James?! So YOU suggested to Nate that they can go hide out at Vicki's cabin?! Where are your manners??? OMG. I mean, I know you and Starr were there hiding out at one point but that's rather rude and ballsy of you to just say "hey, go to Vicki's cabin." I know Dan-YELLA is Vicki's niece but still. Then again, it makes since for people to take advantage of poor Vicki since everyone is these days. Oy!!!

Well, for like the millionth day in a row I had to re-watch the Ford/Tess scenes because I'm only paying attention to her boobs! I swear that they grow bigger each episode. I find myself asking questions like "what kind of push up bra does she have under there, if any? Or, is it just built in the lingerie?" I'm jealous of them. Grrr. Anyway, this whole thing with them is just hilarious.

I don't really remember Brody and Lang having many scenes together in the past. Despite my disgust for Lang, I thought the scenes were decent. I'll comment on these more once they get to Vegas and shit hits the fan.

Oooooohhh!!!! FINALLY! Tomas and Tea together in a scene. At least this part of the story is moving along!

OMG...THANK YOU GOD!!!!! Tomorrow: Dorian/Vicki, Echo/John, Kelly/Dorian, and a Tomas/Tea scene...should be decent. Hell, anything is better than the shit that has been on my screen for the past two days.

I'll see you kiddies tomorrow! Preferably early afternoon. Y'all have a great night!



  1. I really felt like the new Jack Manning was a terrible actor. The other one, though younger, had a natural spunk about him. And when did Shane get to high school? Isn't he about 11? Wasn't he 10 last year when he had leukemia? If Shane is in high school, he would have to be at least 14, which would make Gigi how old? Yeah, I thought that we were past the Gigi/Christian storyline too. I haven't seen today's episode yet. Gotta wait for it to come on SoapNet, but I enjoy reading your posts ahead of time so that I know what I'm getting myself into. :)

  2. are soooo right about Shane and high school! I think he is 12 or maybe he is in junior high? But, Llanview High is a high school so you're right he should be 14. Unless they include the junior high people, too. UGH...I'm confused now that I'm thinking about all this! We need to straighten this out. And yes, the other Jack did indeed have spunk! He was so cute, too. Boo! =(

    Oh, and I hope to God I don't give you any pre-conceived notions about the show! Maybe (and hopefully) you will enjoy today's episode more than I did. ;)

  3. Completely agree, yesterday was just awful. Today, I watched the first 5 minutes and turned the damn show off.
    I don't get why the are making Matthew such a bitch, that is not the child of Bo and Nora, no way! And to think we are suppose to believe that Dani dumping him caused this, wtf?
    I miss my sweet little Matthew who adored his parents.

  4. I am glad that I am not the only one who had a WTF moment with the new Jack Manning. Todd and Blair are blondes and this dark haired/eyed kid comes around? The other kid had a spunkier Manning attitude not a mean turd attitude. Anywho, there were rumblings all over the web that AMC or OLTL will be cancelled soon :( What are your thoughts on this??

  5. @mojomiller God, I know right??!! Two days in a row of crap episodes. Even if Bo and Nora would have been on, I would still have been infuriated with all the teen stuff. Oh, and God knows I miss the sweet Matthew, too. If I have time tonight, I need to go watch a clip on youtube of when Matthew adored his parents and was just so sweet he'd make your heart melt. MISS IT! And, you're right there is no need for him to be a monster after Dan-YELLA dumped him...insane.

    @Katie OMG...the opening scene with new Jack Manning was AWFUL! I was like "this is the BEST the show could find?!" So, no, you were most certainly not alone, Katie! The other Jack was soooo much spunkier...and adorable in a little shit kind of way.

    Yeah the cancellation rumor has been talked about often the past couple of months. I personally believe (and maybe it's just me being hopeful) it will be AMC because it is over-budget and just not generating the revenue it should and last in the ratings. Susan Lucci's paycheck alone is enough! And, positive thing for OLTL is that it is consistently produced UNDER budget and the ratings have improved. So, my fingers are crossed it won't be OLTL. Oh, and I saw Perez Hilton talked about it today on his blog so that is good for soaps...since he is pro-soap operas.

  6. LOL! I saw it on Perez Hilton, too. Guilty pleasure.

  7. ha! Perez has been my guilty pleasure since 2004 when his website was absolutely nothing. He's come a LONG way! I have to look once a day or something in my world is just off...

  8. I used to watch OLTL, AMC and GH. Then it went to just OLTL and GH. Now, it's pretty much just OLTL and sometimes I leave it on, and GH comes on, but I'm not really paying attention. Even if it's not as good as it used to be, OLTL is still the best soap out there. You know what would be great? Todd finds them and kills Nate and goes to jail, and then the "real" Todd shows up because he was just hiding from this fake Todd. Then Dani gets back with Matthew, and he isn't such a little bitch anymore. Problems solved! And no, you didn't ruin anything for me with today's episode. :)

  9. @desi OMG...PLEASE submit your flippin' fantastic "todd kills nate" scenario to OLTL. Good God...the writers should use your idea and then pay you handsomely for it! It could happen. Agreed OLTL is the best. I actually attempted to watch GH this year only because my fiance's fam watches it and I could use my new GH knowledge to jump in their discussions to help me "fit in." Yeah...not so much. I hate that mob shit and told them they need to watch OLTL instead! And glad I didn't ruin the show for you tonight!!!

  10. OK, out of curiosity from everyone's comments, I went to Perez Hilton's blog for the first time, and I just have to say...Owen Wilson named his son Robert Ford???? Didn't know he was such a big OLTL fan! LOL!

  11. Firstly, you are a Perez Hilton virgin?! So glad you finally checked it out. It's addicting...sometimes cruel, but addicting nonetheless.
    Secondly, I think I just peed on myself! Sooo funny! How did I miss this news?! My fiance' thought I was lying...hysterical! I'm thrilled he is such a big OLTL fan! ;) Thanks for sharing!

  12. ME,

    Just found your blog. Great job. I agree with you about Tuesday's show. I love Matthew, but I can't take this even worse as of late attitude. One thing that was totally out of character was his treatment of Destiny, which sucks because we had to wait about a month to see them. I could take a lot less of Dani/Nate or John/Nat to see a little more of Matt/Des.

    As for new nuJack, there's no explanation on why he's so angry. He's more stability in his life for the last few years than Starr ever did and yet, she's basically a sweet kid. I want old Jack back.

    BTW, welcome to Chicago from another member of the bar who still watches soaps. :)


  13. Kendall,
    So glad you found it and that you like it! And, you're in Chicago...nice to know!
    I'm still interviewing for jobs...ugh. Hoping to have something by next week!

    I adore Matthew, as well, but agreed...he just sucks too much as of late. I need him to go back to old Matthew...STAT! I'd love to see a little more Matt/Des, too, but I don't want him to be an asshole to her like yesterday. He was awful.'re right about the stability. Lord, Starr is so normal compared to him. Maybe he is just trying to channel his dad or something? I have no idea.

    Welcome aboard! :)

  14. Mary-Ella,

    Do these 2 actors not like each other?

    "Wait...Langston said she was going to talk to Vicki?! OMG...Brittany Underwood and Erika Slezak in a scene together?? Surely the writers wouldn't do this to us. Wait...yes, score! Vicki already left before Lang got there. Bullet dodged"

  15. @Lynette Oh, no it's not that they don't like each other because I'm sure they like one another very much. I just can't imagine someone like Langston (I'm NOT her biggest fan) having a good scene with someone as awesome as Vicki. That's all. :)

  16. ME,

    So true. I really loath the Langston character. She is such a bore! I am not crying myself to sleep worrying about her departure, for sure.

    Back to Matthew. Remember the night that Rex and Nora were run off the road? Why are the writers not addressing this? Matthew was the one that caused them to wreck. What the wroters have done to Matthew's character is a crime. I am so over it. I hope he gets his butt kicked. Spock the Vulcan, JR.

    I loved the old Jack. Those scenes were priceless. He was playful and what a smart ass. I totally believed he was the offspring of Blare and Todd. Loved him. This new kid? pleeeeeze! Don't let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya.