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Ok, wow! So, surprisingly people actually read this and were upset when I stopped posting. That being said, thanks to all who read and enjoy my mindless, sometimes harsh, commentary. My posts haven't been futile; therefore, I'll keep posting until a.) I'm forced to quit, or God forbid b.) OLTL is cancelled.

I decided this past Thursday that I may post again. Therefore, I will start with a recap of Thursday's episode and then do a second column for Friday immediately after. Not to short change anyone, I'll do a quick summary of Monday through Wednesday. This pretty much is how I feel about the dramz that went down on those 3 days:
1. Marty--delusional and crazy as hell. Like crazy woman on a Lifetime movie. Bring it...word.
2. Those premature babies are the size of baby cows. Not realistic at all, show...come on.
3. Aubrey--dirty, dirty muskrat. She will straddle any living thing and somehow managed to pack an entire wardrobe with her from London to Llanview. The amount of clothes she brought is just NOT believable.
4. Joey is a goon. He is naive like Nermal on Garfield the cartoon show from the '90's.
5. John McBain seems somewhat fatherly and this disturbs me.
6. Dorian can rock a wig and Michael Jackson gloves.
7. Charlie--dumber by the day.
8. Vicki/Clint--I want them to hook up. Now is not the time but I need this to happen in 2011.

Ok, that's just a quick take on those three days. Hope I'm not too rusty. I'm sure I'll have to get my feet wet with Thursday's commentary and Friday's will be better. So, without further adieu...

Thursday, 1/13/11

Todd and Tea are ALWAYS in bed. Geez. Ok, I have to point this out: Tea is the ONLY person on the show that pronounces Inez's name correctly. Granted, Spanish was my language I was forced to take in high school and college so I know, but you would think that the writers of this show would be like "hey, this is the way you pronounce it." Hell, Bo says it like "eye-nez." Nora says "eh-nez." And everybody else just changes their mind daily with what to call her. Thank God Tea is saying it correctly but everyone needs to be on the same page. Impressive, I think Tea is doing research on Westlaw. Kudos to the show on that. The computer screen looked believable.

Sonofabitch, the teen scenes. Man, I was looking so forward to today's episode since I knew I was gonna get some Bo/Nora/Clint/Matthew and Todd/Tea action but now I'm livid. Starr/Lang scenes...vomit. These girls are sooooo boring. This is sad since Starr as a small child on the show was so damn interesting and sassy. She was a little smart alec child that would tell adults what to do and I used to look forward to her. Now, the writers stick her in shit scenes with Langston "as exciting as watching C-Span" Wilde and now I just find all of this unbearable. Not to mention, the conversations are the same thing over and over and over. "I like James but I have to stay true to Cole." "Ummm, I want to have sex with Ford but I can't base my relationship just on sex." AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! There is a reason OLTL lost some of it's momentum the previous week...too many teen scenes. This dialogue is as bad as the New Year's Eve episode. Enough before my blood pressure rises.

Ah...thank God. Hello Clint and Nora. Love these two together, not romantically, but I think they play so well off of each other since they are such seasoned actors. OF COURSE, Matthew is back to looking like Patrick Bateman from "American Psycho." WHY?! I mean, is it a pre-requisite for all young interns at BE to wear hair gel and look like douches? He looks like pip-squeek. When he was with his parents the other day at the garret, he looked like a perfectly normal teenage kid and now he looks 10 shades of creepy. I'm telling you: he looks like he is going to listen to Phil Collins or Huey Lewis while he critiques his business cards and contemplates chopping people up JUST LIKE Patrick Bateman. Seriously watch clips from "American Psycho" on youtube or something if you haven't seen it. The resemblances are striking. Anyway, at least Matthew listened in on the convo. I know most people were frustrated on the message boards and said Nora was being an idiot by not catching on that Clint is behind all this. I think differently. She was curious if she and Bo divorcing would make Clint happy AND she had some dubious looks on her face as she left his office. So, yes, I think she will be shocked once she hears the truth on Tuesday that Clint was behind it all but I think she knows something is off right now. Oh, and obviously we were robbed of the scenes where Matthew questioned his mom about having an affair. The spoilers said we would get that scene but obviously we got gipped...grrr.

UGH...Inez. What a boring little mouse she is, right? Thank God for Rex! Hell, it seems Rex is more concerned about the demise of Bo's marriage than Bo least that is how it came across at first. I can honestly say that Bo Buchanan has his brain back...officially. Sure it happened about 24 minutes into Thursday's episode but it's back and I hope it's here to stay....hip hip hooray. Ooooh...that rhymed. Anyway, I am curious as to why they didn't show Rex ever-so-skillfully snooping through Marty's office or Inez's apartment. They always show him prowling and almost getting caught and then hiding in some conspicuous place yet no one sees him. I kinda wish we would have gotten that scene. Anyway, thank you Rex for moving this story along and making Bo "my Bo" again.

Sweet Jesus! Can we please have a Nora/Tea friendship?!?! I love this. They are great together! Tea needs a good girlfriend. Don't get me wrong, I love her newfound friendship with Blair but they will be at odds again I'm sure. I like them as frenemies better, not friends. Anyway, I don't think Inez did it? Do I? Nah, my money is on Clint, in some form of another. Whether it be his minions doing the killing or Clint knowing who. That's my thing for today. It will change tomorrow I'm sure. Oh, and Nora's memory loss will play a big part in that I'm sure. Oh, holy hell, I've been meaning to talk about that quickly. So OLTL, Nora has a period of missing time and NO ONE discusses it?!?! WTF is going on??? I mean, at the hospital Bo asked the doctor if there was any head trauma and the doc said "no" but still. Hello? This woman blocked out KILLING Colin McIver years ago and Bo or Nora aren't worried about this missing chunk of time. To me, this is a big hole in the story. Bo and Nora are too smart to not discuss this...or at least be worried about it. Seriously, no memory of being missing after the wreck and it's not discussed? Please. Anyway, Nate is so unbelievable...just completely and totally. I'll discuss more of this for Friday's column.

Awe, Nora lit up when Bo walked in despite of everything going on. My heart strings: officially tugged on.

Ok, lemme take break and write Friday's column. Glad to be back darlings!

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