Thursday, January 20, 2011

I Don't Know Who This Belongs to Now But It Sure As Hell Ain't You...And It Never Will Be.

OMG...Today reminded me why I even watched soaps in the first place. Today's episode was fantastic!

This whole Bo/Nora/Clint drama is my favorite part of the show and reminded me why I love the Buchanans and why I watched this show to begin with. JVD and RSW were freakin' epic in the barn scenes today...words aren't even enough. And, I don't know who is doing all the writing for these scenes but they are doin' one helluva job! Hello...this time last year was an effing NIGHTMARE so some shuffling must have gone on in the writing department! NICE use of history when Bo talked about how he and Matthew were out in the barn and talking about Pa's hat on the day Asa was buried. Actually, when Clint was telling Echo about the hat, etc. in Tuesday's episode my mind actually went to the Matthew/Bo scene from Asa's funeral. Sidenote: for newbies, I suggest you go on youtube and look at the Asa's death and funeral videos...good stuff. Oh, did anyone notice that Bo's arm was up for an effing LONG ASS TIME pointing that gun! Surely he was sore. Seriously...I held my arm out and stiff like that to test it out and its tough. Very impressive Bo. Anyway, I don't have anything witty to write about these scenes because they were just THAT awesome. And, it's about time Bo defend Nora instead of coming to Whinez's rescue. Oh, and snap, I think Clint has NO IDEA how far things got between Eddie and least, I think. He truly looked shocked when Bo revealed that Eddie practically terrorized her. Again, this is why I watch soap operas....people like Bo and Nora who truly love each other are going to stand together united and fight the big and bad ass evil Clint. I'm sure nothing made Clint's stomach turn more than seeing Bo grab Nora's hand and kiss her and walk off...WITH PA'S HAT IN TOW...YES! I think the best part was that he took the effing hat. Oh wait, lemme go off for a sec. I wholeheartedly disagree with Clint when he said "Asa was just doing what Pa would do." This shows that Clint has lost it. Asa had a heart deep down...just like Bo said. And, Asa loved Nora and would have never done that to her. In agreement with Bo, that is when Clint stopped being a Buchanan. BUT...I love evil and sinister Clint so I hope it keeps up...hehe. Clint's world comes crashing down at Nat and Jess's double wedding...going to be epic! And the paternity shit will hit the fan.

Speaking of paternity switches...HELLO RAMA! I absolutely love this woman and I only saw her for about 5 minutes. She is as lovely as chicken curry and I'm ready for her to have some more screen time. Obviously, she wears the pants in the relationship with Vimal and tells him when to pee...and I like this. I'm ready for her to unleash Vimal's paternity goofs. Ok, so let's discard ALL of my thoughts about the paternity shiz from the other day. We can now conclude that we don't know whose results got switched...right? So, it's anybody's guess. I'm gonna say that Ford is the baby daddy of Jessica's baby...yes? Well, I'm saying that on Thursday January, 20, 2011, but who could change. This will all come out in February sweeps. At the wedding no doubt...

Spoiler (don't read if spoiler free): Guess who gets out of the looney bin on the day of Natty's wedding?!?! Marty "don't be tardy for the party" Saybrooke gets released! AH!!! I actually hope she makes Natalie miserable because as of now I'm done with Natalie...D-O-N-E, DONE! She has dug herself in too deep of a web of lies for me at this to hell with her. Of course, this makes me feel more sympathetic for John (the world has now officially gone crazy). Dammit...when he walked into Natalie's room with that baby and smiled I just couldn't help but smile along with him...sonofabitch, McBain...I like you. Oh, and awkward much? You took Bo's side over your future father-in-law...loves it. That was great! John: "Do you want me to take him into custody?" Clint: "REALLY John?? He attacked ME." Effin great.

I've never seen more awkward stares in all my life between Brody/Rex/Gigi. Lord knows, if anybody knows about hiding the true paternity of a child it's Rex and Gigi. Well for about the 3rd time in a row Gigi hasn't annoyed me. I think this is because I rarely see her anymore and when I do she is in scenes with someone likable, like Rex. I would go out on a limb and say I don't mind her but I can't go that far because I know that she and Rex have a big story with Shane coming up. That means she will be continuously shoved down my throat and I'll loathe her again...just like this time last year. OH, and wait just a damn minute. Does it seem that the same people get a big storyline at the same time the following year??? Ok, so last February Gigi was in the HUGE Llantano Mountain/Stacey Morasco/Missing Boots/Schuyler Joplin storyline and we saw her she is getting another big one a year later at the SAME TIME. Another example, in 2009 around November and December is when Bo and Nora started making out and confessing their love, etc. They were on practically every single day. Jump to 2010 and this is when all the Inez stuff came to a head and then the kidnapping etc. Again, practically onscreen every single day. It's like OLTL has a calendar and they are like "time to give this person a story since it's their time of year." Anyway...sorry about that...but it is interesting.

Dare I say it...I kinda want Kelly and Ford to hook-up!!?? What in the HELL is wrong with me?? OMG. I can't believe I'm saying this. I wouldn't mind seeing them team up...I think. Oh, and I can't bring up Ford and not mention the OLTL news of today: Brittany Underwood got the boot. So, yes, I'm pretty effing thrilled that there will be no more Langston come late spring. However, I've always been taught not to build your happiness on someone else's sorrow. It's no secret I loathed her character but, it does suck because I don't wish unemployment on anyone. I'll miss bad mouthing her for sure. Her terribleness gave me stuff to talk about. I will say that if they are going to send her off they at least need to give her a GOOD send off in true soap fashion. Not some shitty exit like Kimberly Andrews had this time last year...Hello?! PLEASE effing recast Kim! For crying out loud OLTL! Please! Clint needs her! Now more than ever. So, I'm sure the Fords are here to stay...le' sigh. If I must be forced to watch them, then pair Ford with someone good or make him the daddy of Jessica's baby (which is what I secretly want...I know, that's wrong on soooo many levels but it would make for good story. so bring on Pappa Bobby!).

Cutter and Aubrey...ugh again. Oh, and I am SO EFFING SURE he described Kelly as TAN!?!? REALLY??? Aubs was right when he pretty much descrbed Snookie. Kelly is as fair complected as they come...what a dumbass. Like I said yesterday, I may just wait to comment on them more once I know more about them. Again, we know nothing...just that they are in cahoots...that's it. And they like to screw, A LOT. End of story for today. Oh, and Joey still has an IQ of 2.

I don't know about y'all but I am ready for some gel-haired Matthew to attack some good ole Uncle Clint tomorrow...bring it.

Night darlings,

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