Monday, January 3, 2011

The Snoop!

Bonjour!!!! Hope everyone had a fun-filled and SAFE New Year! I don't know about y'all but I was looking forward to 2011--for my own life AND OLTL! I think the show is on the upswing so I'm ready for some drama. Anyway, without further adieu here is my post...spoilers mentioned, darlings. =-)

How about a big WTF and LOL with "The Snoop!" Ah! I know this isn't the most noteworthy thing to report about today's show but it was hilarious. The one thing I've always LOVED about OLTL is the humor. I love all the joking and one liners the show throws out. The Snoop thing was funny and much needed comedic relief. Speaking of Snoop, I wonder who OLTL will have as it's next special guest star?! Thoughts???

Ok, Joey is a complete and total tool. Yes, it's a damn shame but true. Ya know, I liked him in the beginning. I thought, "wow OLTL, what a great job of replacing Nathan Fillion's Joey" but something has gone awry quickly!!! Ah! I think it's just the writing? I mean, Joey has always been impestuous and kind of a goober but they are making him look like a complete and total dumbass. Aubrey is obviously playing him like a deck of cards with this Cutter character.

Speaking of Aubrey, she needs to get out of that heinous romper/onesie/jumper or whatever the hell you want to call it. I didn't like it on her cause she is too short. I haven't seen many spoilers on all this but I'm guessing she and Cutter are out to play Joey (which they are doing beautifully) and try and get ahold of the Buch fortune? I guess?? So, looks like my foot will be inserted in my mouth maybe in a few weeks. Clint is not being that paranoid. Everyone does indeed want a piece of the Buchanan pie. Oh, and just for good measure I have to say that ummmm Aubrey is a whore. Yes, I'm a woman and I shouldn't throw it around but I am on this one. What a skank! Hooked up with Ford, Cutter is her boyfriend and she is also sleeping with her "fiance." In my book, that at least gets herself a nomination for the "Whore of Llanview" but since I'm a bitch I'll probably give it to Langston. ;)

So, obviously Cutter and Kelly are gonna have a discussion in the near future since he was creepily staring at her at Capricorn. Maybe poor Kelly will FINALLY have some chemistry on the show with someone...why not Cutter? I don't know how long term his character is, but I know Aubrey has to be kept around since she is on contract. Hello, she is in the opening with a NEW PICTURE! Ah...I've said it before and I'll say it again...please get the older characters new pics!!!! Speaking of pictures, I sure hope Rex gets his hands on a copy of the French mag with the pic of Cutter and Aubrey. Glad Kelly is onto her ass. I believe Cutter is the one that is gonna be key in all of this. Who knows, maybe he will fall for Kelly?

Christian and Blair? At least they are giving Christian something to do but I am kinda bored by the whole "Layla is cheating on me in Paris with Stefan" and God knows who else thing. Christian is incredibly attractive and he is talented but they have got to find something to do with him. I don't understand this thing with him and Blair since Ted King is getting bought on next week or week after next to be Blair's new love interest (oh, pretty pumped about can just tell they will have chemistry). I just hope they give him a story soon. If they can't figure out what to do with him, then just get rid of him. I'm not about people losing their job, but come on, it's just filler stuff when he is on. Either put up or shut up, TPTB! It's an insult to his character. And this is a character whose family has a rich history with the's a shame to the Vega name!

Jack and Sam Manning...ADORBS!!! I don't care if they were on for all of two minutes...I relished it. I love them and am soooo incredibly sad that Jack has been SORAS'd and now recast!!! GASP! I adore smart ass Jack Manning! You can really tell he is Todd Manning's kid. I can't believe TPTB did this and really don't see the purpose in SORAS'ing the character but oh well. Sam Manning...that cute little thing. His acting is so awkward but I don't care...just want to pinch him. Sidenote: I love Dorian's "white Christmas" theme she has going on in her house. Might do that myself next year. Quite elegant looking. Martha Stewart would be impressed.

Grand Finale: Oh Marty Marty Marty. What a delusional, crazy, dripping mess you have become...please keep it up. If not for the viewers, then solely for my viewing pleasure. Since I know what is coming up with all the Nat/Marty/John drama then this stuff today is boring compared to what's on the rise...hello? Nat holding Marty hostage at the Buchanan lodge?! I'm dying with anticipation! I can't sleep...I can't eat...I'm that effing anxious for this shiz to unfold! And, can we all come to the conclusion that we feel sorry for John? Damn, I still find him attractive (strangely) and Mercury is no longer in retrograde...le' sigh. I don't know what's the matter with me. When all this hits the fan, I just can't feel sorry for Natalie. This is unlike old Natalie to go on lying like this for months but this new Natalie pisses me off. She should have just bitten the bullet and laid all this out on the table a LONG time ago...I mean, why not? She didn't even cheat on John for crying out loud. Ugh...anyway, I'm looking forward for all this.

Oh, and I must say maybe my New Year's wish is coming true fellow OLTL'ers! Did anyone notice something totally unusual about the show today?? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? (kidding) Seriously, there were NO TEENS!!!!! AH! I'm so damn happy! I just hope this is foreshadowing for the upcoming year.

Kinda like Wednesday's show, there wasn't too much to discuss about today's episode. Looking forward to tomorrow since we got....drum roll please...DAVID VICKERS BUCHANAN!!! Hells yes! Is it annoying that he only comes back to OLTL sporadically when he is not taping "Desperate Housewives?" Yes, but I couldn't care less. If this was anyone else, I'd bitch and complain but I just can't get enough of Vickers humor...bring it! And, thankfully, we get some much needed vet time with Vicki, Dorian, Nora, Bo, and maybe Clint. Can't wait.

Until tomorrow, darlings!

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