Tuesday, January 25, 2011

"Don't Worry About Me. Echo's a Two-Bit User, Charlatan, and...a Full Time Slut."

Dorian plans to pull out all the stops to expose Echo...

I was pretty scared about today's episode. I knew the Buchanan trio of Clint/Nora/Bo wasn't going to be on so I was hoping I'd have something to feed my withdrawals. Enter Dorian Lord and Victoria Banks...thank you soap gods...thank you. I'd include Echo but she was mainly at the carriage house and well...I'll discuss that later. Dorian is just so damn fabulous and we don't get to see her enough. How can you NOT love a woman who properly says "incognita?!" She says everything perfectly...never gauche, that Dorian! I'm elated she is going to pursue Echo until the truth comes out. Not only will that give all these great vets more screen time, but it will also contribute to the demise of Clint Buch. Bring it. Holy Awesomeness...how clever! Telling Adrianna to go get a copy of Aubrey and Kelly's high school year book...genius! Women are so sneaky and nosy in general. My friends and I have done shit like this time and time again so I just ate it up...ha! Good move!

Let's all curtsy...Vicki's on today. Despite my thinking that Joey has the IQ of a pile of rocks (small small pile), he and Vicki do look somewhat adorable together and I genuinely get the feeling they are mother and son. Oh, timeout, I FLOVE the sex look Dorian gave Joe when he greeted her...hilarious!

Oh Joey, your stupidity is just insurmountable at this point and frankly I'm just exasperated. REALLY?! To Aubrey: "Yeah, my dad and I have always seen eye to eye when it comes to the business (i.e. BE)." REALLY JOEY?! Because wait, I forgot, you actually do work there like Kevin does? MY ASS! You have been galivanting around Europe. Kevin is the only one that runs shit. Puh-lease. You were a priest or whatever then a photographer, then what? Who knows but please don't tell me that you and that pimp of a father of yours actually are on the same page when it comes to BE. As if Clint the Pimp (why am I calling him this?) would trust your input!? Wait, damn. I may need to take that back because Clint stupidly trusted the paternity of his son and grandsons with someone like Vimal, so who knows at this point. Oh, and now you want to go back to being a photographer at The Banner (which is NEVER discussed anymore....only The Sun is talked of nowadays). I'm exhasuted with Joey...moving to his tramp fiance'.

Ok...I've had ENOUGH of Aubs and Cutter doing the "hit (it) and run" so to speak. I've said it time and time again but in case for some odd reason some one at OLTL can hear me: Writers, we know that Aubs and Cutter like to hump the hell out of each other. We don't care. It's gross. Show us people doing it that love each other if you are gonna go down that route. This is an insult. I can watch this kind of shit on HBO or Cinemax after midnight if I want to see people treat each other this way. Ok, thanks. As you can see, I'm livid as hell. Sorry about that. Again, obviously she is developing real feelings for Joey. I wonder when Vicki is going to catch on to Aubs. It appears at this point that Vicki doesn't even have the slightest inkling that she is a bit...off. God, foreshadowing, Vicki saying that the family is just "so blessed" right now. Poor thing is gonna damn near fall out when she finds out about all of Clint's machinations.

I'm going to wait and discuss Cutter and Kelly until I see their first date (if we get to see it...surely we will). I don't want to jump the gun and be harsh so let me give it the benefit of the doubt.

Eh...Todd and Tea have bored me lately. So, I don't have much to say about them per se...BUT Roger Howarth again!!! Second day in a row...so again, he MUST be coming back right!?!? I'm excited I'm excited!!! OMG, thank you God! Todd called Tea's shirt "a pirate shirt." Have you been reading my recent posts Mr. Manning?? ;) You're right! That's exactly what it looks like.

Ok...this Tomas and Blair thing needs a catalyst or something. Don't get me wrong, I ADORE seeing Ted King on my screen and he is great, etc. etc. However, this is day number three with them and not much has transpired. I feel like the story with them is just stagnant. It's as if nothing moved with them. Pick it up OLTL! You have been promoting the hell out of it so come on!

Eh...the worst for last. Gigi and her plaid shirts from Forever 21 are back to haunt me. Disclaimer: I love Forever 21 but her whole closet is full of the plaid button ups that I know they sell there. Surely she has other items of clothing to choose from. I'd take her outfit from Rodi's at this rate. Anyway, I think this storyline with Shane could be interesting if Gigi wasn't his mother because I just don't want to see her. I like Shane and think he is a pretty good child actor. OLTL's writing in the kid department has sucked in recent years so hopefully this will be a good one. Oh, and I soooo think that Shane's bully is going to be Jack Manning. The messages on myface are coming from "WhoDaMann" (two "n's" for manning). This would explain why Jack Manning was SORAS'd and he is now beating up on Shane. That's my theory...for today. Echo didn't do much today. I'd rather see her in a whole episode with vets.

Pretty good show today. Ready for Bo and John to collaborate against Clint and also ready for Clint to give Joey an ultimatum.

Until tomorrow, kids!

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