Wednesday, January 5, 2011

You Were Just Waiting For Your Chance to Spread Your Legs for Him!!!

I've gotta admit that I was PISSED the hell off when I realized I was going to have to watch Nancy Pelosi pass the gavel to John Boehner. AHHHH!!!! SERIOUSLY?!?! What are Foxnews and CNN for, huh? This 112th session of Congress is not newsworthy. Now, if something terrible had happened at the 112th session of Congress, like a disaster, then sure interrupt me all you want. But, how dare you ABC?! CBS didn't do it! They allowed their viewers to watch "The Bold and the Beautiful." Ugh...and of course they do it on the day I have waited 3 weeks for...Nora slapping Inez. Thank you God for Soapnet!

God, that may be one of my all time favorite quotes! I would have put the whole thing but I didn't have enough space allotted for my title. =( The slap was awesome and it exceeded my expectations. Welcome back fiery, bad-ass Nora. We have missed you...for years! Hell, even Tea didn't mess with her today. I mean, Red was on a mission today yo? If I can't have Nora and Lindsay duking it out in a trash compactor like the good ole days and throwing syringes around, then I'll take a bitch slap to Inez...absolutely I will! Sidenote: How incredibly useless was that bailiff?!?! My God! He was also a terrible actor. He just stood there. And, he knew Dan-yella wasn't Tea's paralegal...he heard her tell Nate. This guy needs to be fired! Anyway, Nora pretty much nailed it with everything she said to Inez. Then when she pointed and told the idiotic bailiff to keep Nate quiet. I love it then..."filling me with crap about how you weren't interested in my husband with all your cookies and your plants when all the while you were just waiting for your chance to spread your legs for him!!! " LOL. And as you will see a few paragraphs below, Inez was in blank stare/deer in headlights mode. She stood there looking like a scared child. Seriously, rewind and check it out!

Oh, the Bo/Nora scene broke my heart. Damn, she was truckin it across Angel Square in those heels! Besides the genuine sadness that I felt between these two today (no one does angst better than them...seriously), I have to say there was a bright spot in the whole thing. What? You think I'm gonna say that at least she laughed at his joke about the coffee? hehe...yes, that was a bright spot since it shows she wants to forgive him. I mean, you can tell she is dying to talk to him but is just to upset. But, no boys and girls the brightest moment of their sad scene was....AH! THE Hunter Green Coat! Yay!!! I love you and your high collar! I haven't seen you since last season...welcome back! I missed you and so did Nora. She needs to wear it often since it goes beautifully with her complexion and hair. Thanks wardrobe department! It's so chic and my fav!

Man, between Nora and Clint their were some awesome quotes today. Besides Madame D.A., Clint had me laughing, too. "Balsom is more interested in saving his own skin instead of yours which makes him a selfish little weasel just like you." I laughed cause I use the word weasel often...hehe. Then, "Bo is a gullible sap." With this storyline, my God. Clint I couldn't have said it better myself. DAYUM....Clint blew a gasket about Rex being a Buchanan! He is out of control! Of course, Vickers was pretty hilarious today with Clint. Gah, I love how he says "Pa." Trying to fit in hard with those Texas Buchs...he'll NEVER sound Texan. Then, "Step Nora." LURVE it! I cannot wait for David to go after Clint...gosh! Ya know there is rumor that David may get B/N back together. That would be pretty cool since he did marry them in the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.

"Gurl, we are gonna go out things!" That's right Dorian! You go things. LMAO! She was throwing stuff like that around and "OMG" and all this myface business and "the meat in an Olsen twin sandwich." What a witty little thing. Ah! So, she must have an actual conversation with David tomorrow cause I know he gets released. However, I don't think I want them together. He has left her at the altar twice and I just don't want them paired up. I mean, think about it. How would it work? Tuc Watkins leaves every few months to go tape Desperate Housewives. So, I just don't see how he could be a stable love interest for Dorian when he is literally only available to tape OLTL sporadically. The whole cheating/betraying her thing has been played out. So, I'd rather Dorian find someone new and Tuc Watkins just appear as comedic relief. Just my thoughts on it though. Moving to other rooms of Laboulle...

Ah...I knew it! I just knew that Christian and Blair didn't sleep together. Man, I wish I looked like Blair Cramer in the mornings.To be honest, I'm relieved. I mean, it would have been completely pointless since Ted King debuts as Tomas the week of January 17th strictly to become Blair's love interest. Blair and Christian are quite the attractive pair, but I don't feel any chemistry between the two.

I love how David is haunting Rex's dreams...about damn time! I was about to discuss Bo and Rex, but before I do, I have a bone to pick with OLTL. So...when Rex was reading Gigi's note she left him about her "having to go study for her women in literature class" I was livid! So, you mean to tell me that Gigi is in her SECOND SEMESTER at LU and she is already taking a women in literature class? What about the first two introductory English courses that any accredited/legitimate university makes you take before you take upper level Englishes. Oh, that's right, if you're smart enough you test out of those introductory hours. So, you mean to tell me that Gigi's background in grammar is so stellar that she tested out of the first two Englishes???? My ass she tested out. She can't count her tips at Rodi's without a calculator...give me an effin' break. Come on writers...I know y'all went to college. Let's be real. Ok...sorry about that. Moving on...

Bo and Rex have such a good bromance. Yes, I'm pissed that Rex hasn't told Bo about the David/Clint Moroccan prison business, but I adore their relationship. My God, Rex is so likeable without Gigi "I wear a squirrel on my head" Morasco! He really is a great character (despite his taste in women). Think about it, he is quirky, cute, and just an all around good guy that always tries to do the right thing. What's not to love? Anyway, thank you angels above for letting Bo think he may have been drugged. That is the one good thing that came out of this episode to get the ball rolling. I mean, I love contrite Bo since he is adorable but he is acting sooooo stupid. I know I've said that fifty thousand times but I have to point out the obvious here. I can't believe he is STILL thinking Inez had NOTHING to do with all this. Lord have mercy. I mean, are the writers just catering to people who just started watching the show so those people will think Bo is just naive??? I can tell you that the Bo from the 90's would not be this dumb right now. Then he sees Inez and asks her if something is wrong?!?! "Oh, I just got tossed out of Nate's arraignment." UGH!!! I've pulled all my hair out at this point. I'm so tired of Inez. She only has 3 modes: 1. Blank Stare/Deer in Headlights Mode; 2. Thank You for Helping/Doing This for My Sons Mode; and 3. Please You Have to Help Me Mode. Wow...she is 3 dimensional, eh? I'm so ready for all this truth to explode in her face. Thankfully by the week of the 17th Bo somehow miraculously finds his brain and begins to use it since he pieces a lot together.

Oh, and guess what? This may come as a shock to all of you but...I'm not discussing the the teen scene. I know...everyone sob uncontrollably right now since we all love them so much and they aren't gonna be discussed. I'm just too tired to type....yeah right. I refuse since all of it was pointless. The dialogue was shit and the flashbacks were useless fillers. Hello? We could have seen Nora knocking around Inez or calling her a whore. But no, we had to see the gripping and deliciously entertaining Ford and Lang almost get it on...since they haven't done that before. Langston must be killed off this year. Her character is so effing pathetic and she is of no use on this show. The Starr/Lang dialogue...paint drying is a helluva lot more exciting. And, I don't care about the Fords being shirtless. I don't. Yes, I'm 26 and heterosexual and am a youthful person but I couldn't care less about them. I can't acknowledge them anymore. I'm breaking out into a rash...

Besides that fact that I now have a rash due to watching the teen scenes, the vet scenes were GREAT! Nora, Clint, and Dorian had me cracking up with those quotes and that slap was worth it. Can't wait for tomorrow.

Let's all pray Congress or anyone else doesn't preempt the show tomorrow!

G'night darlings,

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