Tuesday, January 25, 2011

You Son of a Bitch!!!

Finally! Clint is starting to shake in those Texas boots of his.

As you all can probably guess, the Nora/Clint confrontation pretty much made my day...or week. FINALLY, someone hit Clint where it hurts. I truly think this is all starting to unravel as of yesterday. And, thank you Jesus...Praise the Lord! Nora finally said she is tired of apologizing to Clint. This needed to happen becauase if I had to hear her tell Bo one more time "but we did hurt him" then I was going to have to jump through the tv and shake her (and she is my favorite character...so obviously I'm tired of it). I love fiery confident Nora and I love how the tables are turning on sinister Clint. How did he not think of how is family would react?! He's starting to wobble and soon the eldest Buch is going to topple! The line of the day also goes to our beloved D.A. when she told Clint: "Well, from now on, Bo and I will be protecting the family. We'll be doing that. We'll protect Asa's family...from you!" Somewhere, that philly and Bo are making Asa proud since God knows Asa is rolling over in his grave thanks to Clint's recent nefarious acts!!! I can't get enough of these intense scenes with the vets...keep them coming!

OMG, really? Could Whinez have been ANY MORE OBVIOUS that she was wearing a wire!?!? She basically said "testing 1,2,3" into the damn thing. So dumb. I loved that Clint talked to Bo into the wire! Clint just continues to be a badass...yes!

I can tell Bo really is upset by his brother. Like he told Nora, "I've loved that man my whole life." That's ashame. He really has and sadly, I just don't see how that relationship can be rebuilt.

Thank you Bo. You continue to say more words I need to hear. "Inez I don't want to hear it. I'm just glad I got my wife back. Stay clear of Clint--and me." Bless you, Bo, bless you. I was so damn scared you were going to be like "it's ok, no biggie about the drugs." Man, the way Bo said all that was like in a way your parents or teacher would talk to you when they are disappointed in you when you cheated on a test or something...ya know? I'd rather him be yelling at me and calling me an effing bitch/whore than giving me that "I'm disappointed in you" look. Damn. What an effect!

Damn, Tea is in that "Pirates of the Carribean" shirt still...le' sigh. Tragic. Oh snap, and Dan-yella is still covered in prune juice. There is no justice in this world, obviously. I LOL'd when Nora clapped her hands and told Tea "you won...yay!"

Oh, and I know people are going to take offense to this but I have to say what I think on here: I couldn't give two shits that Nate is out of jail. Additionally, I am convinced that the writers of OLTL have decided to make it their personal mission for me to gouge my eyes out from misery because they continue to put these lame ass Buenos Dias scenes on my screen. I don't care about the damn party, I don't. This is stupid. The ONLY good thing about the party was Tea and Shaun talking. He was there for her during the worst moment in her life and he practically is her family. Glad they acknowledged that. Otherwise, these scenes are painful. I can't take this Starr and James thing. Sidenote: I wonder what they are going to do if Kristen Alderson leaves the show. I'd be fine with it...sadly. Starr has become such an awful character the past couple of years. Tragic cause she used to be fierce. Anyway, the rumor mill is saying she doesn't want to renew her contract with OLTL. Also, another rumor is circulating that maybe ALL of the Fords will get the axe except Robert. Obviously, this won't happen because that would make me happy. But...that's the word on the street as of this week. In other casting news...

If they recast Matthew cause they plan to SORAS him then I'll be torn! Granted he is by far the most interesting teen on the show right now and has become quite the actor. However, OLTL may SORAS him after graduation and replace him with a more hunky, macho Buchanan type of boy which I see why they would want to do that. BUT...Eddie Alderson IS Matthew. I mean, he was just the best little kid and it would feel weird without him. Anyway, I'll type more on this once I hear it. Just throwing that out there. Ok, I don't know how I feel about Matthew and Destiny kissing. See, awhile ago when the show was kind of hinting there may be something romantic with them I was kind of into it. Now, I don't know. I need to see the aftermath of this kiss. I just don't know about it right now. Let me mull it over...

Christian and Layla scenes...what an awful send-off for Tika Sumpter. Granted, girl can cry! Those were some crocodile tears if I have ever seen any!!! But the break-up was just so rushed. They were together for awhile and I just don't like the way it ended. You can tell how much the writers are invested in Christian...ZERO. The writing for him is awful.

Tomas and Blair...DEF have chemistry. I can't believe my damn eyes...Roger Howarth in the wedding pic! Ok, so SURELY he is coming back right?! If not, then this is the WORST tease this show has EVER done. He would be GREAT on the show. However, I think they need to keep the present Todd and bring back Roger as another character. Again, there wasn't too much said...just that the pic is from Blair and Todd's wedding from 1995 (the one that will air as a rerun in February). I am very intrigued to see how and why Tomas got the picture...mmmm.

About to watch today's show. Another post later on...

Cheers kiddos!

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