Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Well Shall Call Him: Asa

Between Clint's attempt to channel his Pa and the Buchanan twins wanting to name their babies after their Grandpa, it's almost like Asa is back on the canvas.

Ok, I thought the show was kinda boring today so I'm going to do my damnedest to crank something out so here goes nothin'...

Well, this thing with Jessica and Natalie is just plain stupid. I'm not going to entertain this thing too long, because it's frustrating and frankly just not worthy of my attention for that long. It's bad enough these girls have a "whose the daddy" storyline going on but then the writers have to stick it to us even further and have the kids born on the same day. That was far enough and now they both want to name him Asa?!?! Puh-leeze show!!! Of course, the show will continue to pour more salt into the wound when the Buchanan girls have a joint wedding in February. What is it with OLTL and joint weddings?! God that trend needs to end!!! Le' sigh. I'm at a loss for words except that this whole thing is just that lame. I'm ready for all this to be over with...or at least for the good drama to start cause this mess on my screen right now certainly ain't it. I have to move on because my blood pressure is rising just thinking about it.

Wow...Roxy is on?! Three times for the month of January! Talk about record setting. I'm in disbelief. Now...if we can just get Renee on our screens then the world will be a better place. We got a mention of Nigel today but that's it. Snap.

Vicki was pretty flippin adorable standing in the new nursery. Those little babies are lucky to have her as their grandmother that's for damn sure. OMG...Bree got big, yo?! How old is this child now? She looks SORAS'd and I know she's not cause it is the same child. Wow. Oh, and Ford sooo has to be the dad of Jessica's baby right? I think...

Damn...Langston is on. This is rather fitting actually. It's a cold and dreary day here in Chicago so it's only fitting that Langston grace my screen. Le' sigh. Again, the only consolation is that I know she will be out by spring time. See, that's fitting! The sun will be out and the weather will be warm and pleasant and Langston won't be on my screen. This pairing goes hand in hand! =) My anticipation aside, those scenes at LU were atrocious. The only good thing in those scenes was Ford...yes, I'm serious. I'm starting to like him and I think because his acting has gotten pretty damn good. Oh, I'm so effing tired of hearing about Lang and Ford having V-day sex. It's not special or touching or romantic. It's just pointless because they have already done it a thousand times before. Oh, and I'm not discussing James. There is just no point. I'll have the pleasure of discussing him and Starr tomorrow since they are both on. Great...just great.

Oh Rama. I sang your praises last week and then you go and do an idiotic thing like telling Aubs about Vimal being Clint's minion and performing dirty work...NOT COOL. Lemme get this straight: You haven't seen this biotch in years and don't even know her last name (she didn't remember it when introducing Aubs to Vimal) and you spill Vimal's dirty work for Clint to her at lunch after 5 minutes?!?! My God you're dumb! I knew it was too good to be true when I thought Rama was going to be a smart badass. Please redeem yourself in the smarts department...counting on you, girl!

So, Joey left his playpen and toys and learning "Old MacDonald" to go see his daddy about getting Cutter a job. OMG he is so dense my brain can't take it. His stupidity is vomiting all over the show! No pre-nup? Dummy. Then once he gets disowned he's like "at least I still have mom" or something like that. Stop this insanity!!!! I'm hoping and praying he redeems himself by piecing together the Eddie/Clint connection but that is such a long shot at this stage in the game. Grrrr....

Ok, I just reviewed what I have written and I have done nothing but complain. There were positives in the show today (although few and far between) so I'll touch on those. I'm thankful I wasn't insulted with the gratuitous Aubs/Cutter "hit (it) and run" scene. She actually quashed his advances and I'm forever grateful for that. Bullet dodged...thank God.

Yes Kelly, when I'm looking for napkins I search through every single drawer in a bureau, too. I mean, obviously, because where else do people keep napkins in a hotel?

I do like Bo and John working together. They ALWAYS have each others' back and I find that comforting. Oh, and I loved the short-lived Bo and Clint scene. Man, I was so spoiled last week. I want an episode with those two going at it again.

Great, another Ford family member dumping their problems or concerns on Bo. Dammit, Robert better help Bo and this whole thing better benefit the demise of Clint. My sanity cannot take it just being another thing Bo has to deal with.

This Aubrey/Clint thing will be interesting. She is a scandalous little thing.

Tomorrow looks promising. Sorry my post is so bitter sounding! Ah! I just feel I didn't have a lot to discuss.

Have a GREAT evening kids!

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