Friday, January 21, 2011

Bonjour Monsieur Ted King!!!

Sure it was for all of 2.5 seconds, but just seeing Ted King's handsome face answer the door left me with a smile.

How delicious is Ted King?! I have no doubt that he and Kassie Depaiva will most certainly have chemistry. I'm ready for this all to take off. Hell, knowing Blair she and Tomas will be throwing each other up against the walls and having wild animal sex before the week is over. And, I'm okay with this. ;) So since not much transpired between these two today I'll discuss more on Monday.

REALLY show?! REALLY? Christian: "Monsier, can we get your best bottle of champagne?" REALLY? Anyone who has been to a nice, like really nice, restaurant knows that champagne can costs thousands of dollars A BOTTLE. And he didn't just ask for a nice champagne, he asked for THE best. This is dumb as shit and lazy writing. Sure, if Clint, Bo, Vicki, or Dorian (hell, even Blair or Kelly or Todd) said this then its believable but Christian? Like Christian can afford that since HELLO Blair tells Layla "yeah I offered to pay all of Christian's expenses." Just DUMB. He cannot afford it...especially in Paris of all places. Whew...enough. Eh...I don't like this Layla and Christian break-up thing that is about to happen. It's gonna be sloppy now that Tika Sumpter has left the show. So, of course, OLTL is gonna make her out to be some cheater and then she will look like the bad guy...end of story. I don't like it but it's not like I can complain. She is off the show so oh well. Still sucks.

Sweet Angels of Heaven! Bo and Nora being adorable drinking OJ and canoodlling and sitting around actually having a great is this?! I wanted a little more lovin' but I'll take what I can get. I'm shocked as hell the writers even allowed this awesomeness on our screens today. I LOVE her robe! I'd rather watch them sit around and discuss the life cycle of perennials or any plant than watch the God forsaken mess that was James and Todd, etc. Eh...I'll discuss later. Well, hats off to Bo...and Nora, I guess. That was probably the WORST way to explain to Matthew what the hell is going on...LOL! That was terrible! Now this poor kid is even more confused and who can blame him at this point...this shit is bananas! Think about all that has happened? I mean, he wakes up and his parents are making out and they are like "hey it's all a misunderstanding and by the way don't talk to Clint or report to work." WHAT?! I understand, I think: Bo and Nora have ZERO evidence to implicate Clint. They are scared Matthew won't believe them and he idolizes Clint, yada yada yada. However, I do believe they could have joined forces as a family. Bo should have come clean. Oh, and Bo looks yummy in pj's. I'm so glad I can like him again. It pained me to despise him for a few weeks. ;)

Is Vicki grace and elegance personified or what?! I feel the need to curtsy when she walks regal! Again, I want her and Clint to hook up. Oh, and Clint always kicks Vicki out of his office so hurridly. He always stands up so quickly and is like "well, lemme know what I can do" and he shows her to the door. What a rude little weasal.

OMG...the writers remembered twice within a month and a half that Nora and Vicki are friends. I damn near fell out when I saw Vicki just hanging out with her friend, Nora. So, all the Buchanans drink their coffee out of French press coffeemakers??? Nora and Bo have one and Clint has one at BE (go look at those scenes if you missed it). Very interesting. This means they use whole coffee beans and not coffee grounds...impressive peeps, impressive. LOL...of course, you and Bo got no sleep. I'd be doing it too! It's been since before you were kidnapped...Good Lord that's awhile! Good for y'all!

Ok, so the spoilers were incredibly misleading when it comes to Matthew confronting Clint. The spoilers indicated that Matthew would basically go off on Clint to defend his parents...but, oh hell no. Of course, he is gonna follow dear old Uncle Clint's advice and then go home and lie to Bo and Nora about the job. Again, all this could have been avoided if B/N would have just told him. I hate that Matthew is letting this man take advantage of him. Tell your parents he is Rex's father!!! My God!

Man, how rude was Matthew to Nora when he got home?! Lord have mercy! He is so disrespectful with them! I don't care if he is mad or what. I would have been put in my place a long ass time ago if I were him. I mean, the kid just skipped school!!! WTF? He has adored his mother for forever and now he is treating her (and Bo) like just no. who in the hell is bringing Inez a change of clothes?! Ford or James?? Really? I mean her other son is locked up with her. Oh, and she resembled my little dog more this episode with the color scheme of her clothes...brown. I'm glad Bo was kind of dismissive with Inez. He needs her to help him and he should most definitely use her. I think when she saw Bo she thought he was coming to the rescue...not so much though. Of course, putting a wire on Inez while talking to Clint is not gonna work as planned on Monday. So, I am VERY curious to see how this all plays out. Haven't read too many spoilers on it.

Todd cracked me up as usual at the diner. Those Marty comments were HIGH-LARIOUS. Besides that though, the diner scenes sucked ass. I'm so tired of Starr saying Cole is in jail. WE EFFING KNOW!!!!!! AH! Stop this misery! I can't discuss that further. The Todd/James scenes were PAINFUL. I felt they were so filler. UGH.

Oh, and the most hilarious comment of the day was from sweet new girl, Michelle: "I don't have my degree or anything but I'm auditing this law class and they had a discussion on illegal search and seizure so maybe you could tell your mom's lawyer about it to help her out." REALLY?! REALLY?! So, you mean to tell me that Inez's criminal defense attorney just happened to skip criminal procedure in law school (a required course) and didn't learn about illegal search and seizure but decided to practice CRIMINAL law. Give me a break show...give me an effin' break. When Tea starts taking legal advice from Michelle, then obviously Armageddon is approaching.

Speaking of Tea, what in the HELL was she wearing?!?! That shirt was an eye sore! My mind kept switching from it looking like something from colonial times or something from Pirates of the Carribean! HIDEOUS! Obviously, Tea decided to dress Dan-yella for the day cause her outfit resembled smashed ass, too. It looked like she had been soaking in prune juice for days. Seriously, the shirt, scarf and stockings were all plum/purple. Heinous. These are two pretty people...what an insult wardrobe department!

While I'm going off on WTF moments/looks, I might as well go on and touch on what the new ADA said: "Mrs. Buchanan has decided to recuse herself due to personal reasons." LOL! REALLY?! NOW??? Where was this a couple of weeks ago? So you go through the arraignment and sentencing THEN recuse yourself? This is hilarious.

All in all, I thought it was a great show despite the atrocious Buenos Dias scenes. Ready for the Inez/Clint discussion Monday and to see how it all plays out.

Hope you all have a GREAT weekend! See you Monday!

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