Thursday, January 6, 2011

Inez, We Slept Together But Did We Have Sex?

My God! Bo is starting to figure this stuff out, albeit at a glacial pace! I reviewed the message boards on various sites this morning, and people are still livid with Bo. I am, too, only because I feel he should be doing 3 things a little better: 1. acting more paranoid that his marriage may end since HELLO this is how you and Nora broke up in the first place! Someone walking out without an explanation; 2. He needs to be more pissed with Inez. I get it, he doesn't think she is a Stacy Morasco. I wouldn't think so either so I agree with Bo that the drugging thing "sounds" far-fetched at this Bo's mind. But, he should blame her a bit more; and 3. He should feel even more guilty since Nora practically told him EXACTLY what could happen and he ignored her concerns. So boo on him for that. I could discuss how he should be onto Clint right now since a LOT of people think Bo is being stupid about that. But, if I were any of Clint's loved ones, I wouldn't suspect Clint of doing these kind of nefarious acts. Come on, anyone who has watched OLTL for awhile knows that at least the old Clint wouldn't have done this. So, I get why all in Llanview are in the dark with Clint. And, let's face it, I'd never be able to be mad at Bo for being this naive since I just love him too damn much and always have. Anyway, at least Bo FINALLY thinks Inez is lying! It took you long enough, Commish. Oh, and I'm tired of Inez's lame-ass dresses. She wears the same kind of dress all the time. Those nylon/stretch material wrap dresses or deep v-neck dresses. So boring. Yes, I know she is supposed to be poor but come on. Dress her better, please. Glad that Bo is going to tell John tomorrow since I feel John is ALWAYS on the right path and suspects the correct people. Oh, except for Natalie. That's right...

Wow...Jezebel!!!! I mean, that atrocious white dress and those boots on a pregnant woman and she is holding a 12 gauge shotgun! Maybe I'm freaked out since I can picture this whole scene actually happening in my small ass Louisiana hometown...seriously. This whole thing hits too close to home for me. I must say, I'm so tired of Natalie lying. I am. It has become so second nature to her. Her phone convo with John? Ugh...stop lying to him! The world is obviously off its axis since I have sided with John during this whole thing. Oh, and then Natalie is about to really jump deeper into her abyss of lies once she delivers her baby. Spoiler alert. Don't read the following sentence if you're spoiler free. She is gonna twist the story on Marty some more once she realizes Marty is about to snitch (and thinks that Natalie and John's baby is really HER and John's weird and crazy). When all of this comes out, how can John ever forgive Natalie? My God, I could never trust her again. Every word out of her mouth has been a lie.

Ok David, I get it: You miss Dorian and just want her back. BUT...really??? I mean, REALLY? You get ONE phone call and you call Dorian? Don't you think she is gonna want to hang up in your face?! How idiotic of you...well, this is David we are talking about but still. Why not call your good ole' pa? He has his phone attached to his hip at ALL TIMES since he is the police commissioner for crying out loud. AND, he would have at least heard you out. So stupid. I would have reacted in the same fashion Dorian did so good for her in all her leopard shirt glory.

Ok, how hideous was that oil painting of Blair?! I know...better than anything I could do but still. Maybe it's because I can't stand the way her hair is done in the pic? Oh, and whenever I read the spoilers for this "oil painting" I kept thinking how in the world is a damn oil painting gonna fit in this little safety deposit box? I mean, normally they are huge. My family has one of me at home and it's takes up a wall huge. I think the spoilers could have been worded better on this since when I hear oil painting this pic doesn't come to mind. I love it...Christian: "Yeah, that's really good." hahahahahaha! How many jobs has Christian had? High school teacher, teacher at LU, boxer, and now world-renowned art critic? My ass. Oh well, at least we got a hint of Tomas and his signature on the painting.

Starr/James. Can't/won't discuss. I'm tired of all this and feel the rash coming again. I finally got it to calm down last night but I feel myself twitching....MUST STOP DISCUSSING. Health Hazard. Next thing you know I'm gonna be quarantined. Oh hello. New girl at Buenos Dias is pretty darn cute. Go on with your bad self James...get you some.

This damn arraignment. So, lemme get this straight: Nora Buchanan is going to be the prosecutor?!?! REALLY SHOW?! REALLY? After the victim, Eddie Ford, (yes, victim when it comes to this arraignment legally speaking) had the D.A. bound and gagged in a motel room while practically molesting her and she is gonna prosecute his killer?! On the same night she was still in the motel room?! UGH! Maybe I am more bitter and pissed than most about this since I literally just graduated from law school this past May, but any credible judge would make Nora recuse herself. Hell, Tea' should ask the judge to take Nora off the case OR better yet, Nora should recuse herself since she cannot be impartial...LORD HAVE MERCY! What an insult to the audience. We don't live under rocks, writers. I mean, throw in some assistant D.A. or something. Please. Oh, and doesn't Dan-yella look like 10 years older with those glasses and that power suit on? While I'm still fuming about Nora prosecuting this case I'll just go on and say again...really show? Why can't Nora just call Bo's cell phone instead of going through the formal channels to talk to Bo? Ugh. However, I did LOL when she was like "no, I don't want his assistant's voicemail." hahahaha. And, it must be noted that Tea did point out that Nora could be a suspect...foreshadowing much. That chunk of missing memory is gonna be key people, I'm telling you! But, there is no way Nora killed Eddie since this would be Collin McIver all over again...too much repeat. This whole Todd thing is just to throw us off. But, hell I'm still confused by all this. I'm just gonna sit back and enjoy the whodunit shenanigans.

That's my take on today's show. Hope you all are enjoying my posts. I know I haven't even done twenty of them yet, but I'd love to know if you are enjoying them. You can follow me on twitter for daily updates: mary_ella_green or you can always send me a message on facebook or contact me on here. Feel free to give me feedback or just lemme know if I made you mad...I dish it so I can take it. ;-)

Can't wait for tomorrow! Bad boy Clint is on and I think we get some Echo action as well! Whoop Whoop!

Au revoir!

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