Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Arrest Her, Bo...

Confused by my picture? I'll explain in a bit...

Sorry I didn't update yesterday. It was my birthday so the day got hectic. And since I'm not doing a recap for the rerun episode today, I thought I'd just make my post today...word.

SQUEEEEEEE!!!!! Ok, I'm not going to go on for paragraphs on end about how happy I am but I have to say: I'm pretty mother effing happy after yesterday's episode. What a birthday present! Bo and Nora back together as a team and working things through. Stronger than ever...I love it. I feel like it's 1996 or something. This is GREAT! Yesterday was a prime example of how fabulous they really are and why their relationship, in my opinion, is the most believable on television...period. They just have to look at each other knowingly and I'm sold. Their awesomeness knows no bounds! Ok...enough about me being overjoyed. Let's talk about some good things that came out and that mousy mess, Inez...

Kudos to OLTL (surprisingly) for addressing some much needed questions:
1.) Inez explaining that she and Bo did kiss but he thought it was Nora, etc. This needed to be said because otherwise, Matthew wouldn't believe Bo when the truth comes out this week because Matthew would be like "you're a liar I saw you two kissing." So...check that off.
2.) Inez telling Bo and Nora about Clint and how Nora "wouldn't be a problem." It sucks kids but face the reality...Clint's a mean bastard.
3.) How Bo realized he was the one who told Clint about Sam....not Inez. Another way to link this to Clint. Sidenote: you can tell Nora is trying to do everything she can to not believe Clint is behind this. She is blaming Inez every chance she gets. Hell, I don't blame her. She was married to him and has loved him as a brother-in-law for forever.
4.) Thank you Jesus...the question that has bothered me the most: Why in the hell Inez didn't just come to Bo and Nora in the first place about ALL of this shit. Now we know...she sort of in her own little manipulative way wanted Bo and Nora to split. Boo on her. But I'm glad this is answered because this bothered me the most. Oh, and I love pissed off Bo. His jaws were clenched for the last 30 minutes of the show...thumbs up!

Oh, and my picture. Who does that look like to y'all? Well, the picture is of my precious little dog, Lola. However, if you placed her in the courtroom on yesterday's OLTL then we would call her Inez. HELLO?! Inez looked just like my damn dog yesterday. I'm pretty sure Jessica Leccia magically saw this picture of my dog and said "when I do my scenes with RSW and HBS in the courtroom, I'm gonna look EXACTLY like Mary-Ella's weenie dog, Lola, since it's a pitiful look." SUCCESS, Jessica Leccia! You WERE my dog! I mean she just has this glazed over helpless look...throughout the ENTIRE episode!!!! If I were her, I would have been scared as hell (Hello...the looks Nora were giving her could kill a sumo wrestler and then even benevolent Bo was even pissed) but no...she decided to look like my dog which is just one word: pitiful. Lola is a bit cuter though, right? ;)

I don't know about y'all but I am super beyond pumped about Bo kicking Clint's ass on Thursday. Ummmm foreshadowing much when Clint was telling Echo how he and Bo used to fight over Pa's hat and Clint would usually win cause he was bigger and knew how to fight dirtier. Yeah, well I've seen the promo for Thursday and Bo kicks him to the ground...awesome. I'm still intrigued as to how all of this is going to pan out. Sure, Bo and Nora know the truth but how in the hell are they going to prove it?? This should be interesting. I mean, even if Bo and Nora told people the truth it would be hard for most people in Llanview to believe the litany of sins committed by Clint. Oh, and you know who is gonna be key in all this shiz with Eddie taking Nora?!?! Why, the sharpest knife in the drawer himself, Joey Buchanan! Remember, he saw Clint and Eddie together at the mansion. Therefore, he is pretty much the one who can connect Eddie to Clint. Should be entertaining.

Oh, and Echo and Clint...quite the discussion. Damn you Kim Zimmer! You kinda made me feel sorry for Echo yesterday and I don't want to since you have done everything wrong since you dropped into town but most importantly you are hurting my Vicki! AH! But...she made EXCELLENT points yesterday and made a huge effort to get Clint to do some self reflection. Did it work? Yes, I think Clint knows he has done no-good, terrible, horrible things but he is justifying it with the Asa card. Ay ya ya...I loved Asa but he would have NEVER done some of the things Clint has done. Oh, and I'm glad Echo finally came out about her feelings for Charlie. Which, go ahead girlfriend...take him. Vicki B deserves better! Oh snap! How about Clint looking in the mirror and then Bo showing up...awesome town!

Of freakin' course! Just what I said the other day: Aubrey is developing real feelings for Joey. Sonofabitch. This is not the route I want them to go down with this. I don't want to discuss this in depth too darn much right now but I am just saying: I flippin' knew it. Joey: "I really don't know much about you." REALLY?! Dammit to hell! How can I even acknowledge this statement!?!? I just want to pull all my hair out and then set it on fire! His stupidity is just beyond words! Sure, he showed genuine affection for wanting babies and his talk of how cute the newborns were was somewhat touching, but I don't like stupidity...mine or anyone else's for that matter. Whew! I know, I know I am beating this horse to death....can't help it.

Well, obviously the good Lord wanted to grant me mercy yesterday...he placed Dorian in the scenes with Ford and Lang which didn't give Lang much dialogue. I was spared...amen! Ok, so Ford was totally standing with his legs WIDE OPEN in Dorian's living room. He was beyond second position in ballet but his legs were just spread apart so much. It looked like he was peeing or something...but like a girl would outside. SO WEIRD! I love snoopy, on-the-prowl Dorian and I'm so glad she finally put together that mess with Aubs. Oh and a couple of columns ago I started calling Aubrey "Aubs" and ever since I feel Joey calls her that...or has he always? Oh, and I FLOVE how Dorian calls Joey "Joe." That's great...she owns him in a way.

Anyway, I am just feeling the need to be Kelly's cheerleader with this whole Aubs/Joey mess. Why am I feeling this need? I dunno. I think it's solely because she is a core character of the show, present and from long ago, and I just want her to have people rooting for her. She hasn't been given awesome material so I hope this is a good story for her. Eh, Cutter. I don't dislike him, nor do I like him. I'm just indifferent. This is probably worse. I mean, I can talk about my disgust for Langston or Gigi for days but at least they give me something to talk about. I just don't know what to do with Cutter right now. Oh, lemme go off about something for a second: I hate the fact that Cutter and our beloved Aubs have hogged our screens the past few weeks and we know NOTHING about them as characters. Sure, they like to screw a lot...each other and other people. But, what else do we know??? They are after the Buchanan fortune? I don't mind them being on, but I just want to know more about them. Nothing has developed. This is not how you introduce new people to a show. So, hurry up OLTL...

Anyway...cannot wait for Thursday! We are gonna have Nora and John "proud father of McBundle" McBain pulling Bo off of Clint.

Hope people enjoyed the repeat episode. Not my favorite but there were some good characters on there...le' sigh, Evangeline. I miss her. =(

Cheers kids,

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