Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Have a Seat!

That damn commercial! I was peeing on myself! How hilarious. God, can you imagine if all infomercials were like that? I'd love it. The face of David when he had hemorrhoids...LMAO.

Despite the commercial being 10 shades of funny, I must say (and I cannot believe I am saying this) that there was too much Vickers today. Yes, I know. I haven't shut my damn mouth about how happy I am for him to return; however, there was too much silly jibberish with him today as he just stared right into the camera. Then, the dialogue with guards and the spoons...could have done without. I would have rather that time be filled with some Vicki/Dorian, Bo/Clint, or Matthew/Nora scenes...oh well. I'm ready for him to go after Clint...and Rex. Hopefully, there will be no David soliloquies tomorrow. I'd rather see a meaty Clint/Vickers scene. Oh, and that picture of Dorian on the wall that he made out of sidewalk chalk? LMAO.

But...it's about time Rex feel guilty enough to want to say something to Bo! Hello you ungrateful little thing...Bo has done so much for you since you moved to Llanview. He practically reformed you...Help him! So, if Rex was gonna have to get the hint to start to come to his senses and help Bo then hell, why not make it through a Vickers infomercial? I will say that I could have done without Gigi in the bed with him. Boo. Just boo on her. And boo on her hair...ugh.

Bo is STILL being an idiot which I guess I'm okay with since it is simply a plot point. BUT...the good thing about today is that at least he made Clint...dare I say it...seem like he was starting to feel guilty!?!? Bo was layin' it on thick (like how my hips get after the holidays thick). I noticed today that on some message boards that Bo is still getting flack for not feeling guilty/sorry enough. I don't think it's that, I still think he is like "WTF, I'm so confused. How did this happen? My life was great and now it's shit. The love of my life just kicked me out of our house since our son told her of my fling with my assistant. WTF." That kinda thing. Oh, and hold the damn phone (literally) Bo heard Vickers-Buchanan on the phone...yay!!!! Sidenote: I LOVE the Buchanan study. Always have. So stylish and chic. I love all the blue willow china in the background. Probably Renee's influence, no doubt. Miss her. Ok...back to Bo and Clint. Again, glad Clint is feelin' guilty (sort of) but I mean really? Bo, you just cheated on the love of your life that you just got back together with after 10 years of separation. Oh, and your son SAW YOU with Inez yet you want to sit around and shoot the shit with your big bro' (who pulled a shotgun at your wedding and the previous Christmas) and tell him your sorry and drink Asa's good bourbon. Don't get me wrong, I love bourbon and I'd drink my sorrows away, too, but come on!!! Go on and on about how bad you feel...ugh writers...just ugh. Oh, and I did love when Bo saw David on tv he was like "look it's David!" and Clint's paranoid ass started looking in every direction. It was funny...watch it again if you missed it. Sidenote: It may sound crazy but it's worth watching the show over again. I catch a lot of things I missed the first time. Hell, I have watched it three times. Anyway, I appreciate the show more usually once I rewatch it.

Oh Vicki...never a hair out of place. You even show up at someone's doorstep at midnight looking ever so chic. I'm not surprised since the woman is infallible. I love this dynamic of Dorian and Vicki but again I have to ask...why does Dorian want to go after Echo so badly?? This has been explained rather poorly. There has been no decent explanation given to the viewers. Dorian loathes Vicki. There has to be a better reason than she just wants Charlie and Vicki together. I'm just not buying it. Oh well, I love Vicki and Dorian in the same room so let's keep it coming.

She's dead?! REALLY Natalie? REALLY? God...ever since you slept with Brody you have become so effing stupid. Ah...I can't take this madness. I know on other boards people are asking which team are you on: Marty or Natalie. Well, as much as I want Natalie to be happy, I have to say I'm on Team Marty. She's just too fun to watch crazy. Therefore, I need her downward spiral to continue so I can enjoy it. I love the crazy ass look she gets in her eyes when she is yelling at Natalie. God, I wonder if she is like that in real life?! Geez...can you imagine if you were her kid and she looked at you the way she does Natalie and was like "Clean your room or ELSE!" Seriously, close your eyes and imagine yourself at the age of 8 and Marty "not gonna be tardy for the party" Saybrooke is towering over you and screaming that in your face. I just officially got scared of her. Sorry...I got off topic. But, I'm ready for the Natalie kidnapping scenes to unfold. However, how is she gonna redeem herself to John with all this? I mean, if she kidnaps Martyr and holds her at gunpoint at the Buchanan Lodge...how can John forgive that? He actually does care about Marty and I mean, he is chief of detectives. That should be interesting. Even if Marty delivers Natalie's baby, the truth will have to come out about why they are at the lodge. Oh, and I'm gonna wait on this Jessica's baby is at risk discussion since I don't know enough about it. But...I will say that now I most DEF think that Jessica's baby is indeed the spawn of movie buff, male whore turned loving romantic bf to that whore Langston (overnight change I might add), Robert Ford. So, this oughta get interestin'...

Wow...Matthew and Nora...alone...in a scene...together?! Has hell frozen over? This hasn't happened since around 2006, right after Nora's house fire. Gosh, she and Matt are my favorite parent/child duo. Remember from 2002 to like 2006 when she and Matt were BFFs. Gosh and he helped her through the Daniel Coulson fiasco? He used to melt my heart! For awhile I forgot she was his mother! Oh, and I'm so feelin' the way Nora does. Ugh...I've done the same thing after a break up. She is just being mopey...don't blame her. Anyway, Matt was such a doll...kissing her hand...ah! What a sweet child...he still is good deep down despite his little punk-ass bitch streak as of recently. But...I'm upset cause he had the PERFECT opportunity to tell Nora about Clint! UGH this is driving me nuts.

Despite my favorite characters being on today, there really wasn't too much progress today. It was just a lot of talk while David was hanging out in Morocco. But, I'll take a day with vets any day. Damn, Nate is on tomorrow. Ugh. Oh, and Dan-yella now wears glasses?! WTF. I know I saw the promo for tomorrow's show correctly cause I rewound that part. Blair and Christian...I know they wake up together but I wonder if they actually had sex. I haven't heard if they do or not. Yay...Bo and Nora finally come face to face. Sidenote: I effin LOVE the hunter green coat she has on in tomorrow's episode. She only wore it once last season which is a shame cause it looks so pretty on her. That and her winter white one are my favorite. I want them both! Ok...that was my vain and shallow comment for the evening.

See you kids tomorrow! Off to watch the Sugar Bowl!

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