Monday, January 10, 2011

Mama's Boy

Hi! Sorry I'm just now posting Friday's recap. I went to watch my LSU Tigers win in the Cotton Bowl. I planned to blog Saturday but was too, sorry. So, here I am.

Friday, 1/7/11

I'm guilty...I did it! Puh-leeze!!! Nate, sit your 25 year old ass down! UGH. Like hell, he did it. I'm sure he is covering for Whinez cause he thinks she did it. However, I don't think he really knows. Speaking of Inez...did Inez look a little worried when Dan-yella mentioned Marty Saybrooke and how she could be a suspect in the killing? Inez was like "the psychiatrist?" I think she was a little worried...maybe it's just me. Hell, maybe she just has that sheepish look on her face cause Nora is giving her death stares...loves it. Regardless, Inez effing sucks as a mother if she knows Nate confessed to cover her. Suckytown...

I am liking Tea these days. I wasn't really into her during the whole brain tumor thing (I know, minority opinion, I upset with me) but I am finding her likable. That's it...she is appealing to me now. Maybe because I think it is awesome how she thinks she can get anyone out of a charge and usually she can. Kind of a badass. However, if I were Todd, I'd be pissed. She totally threw him under the bus. I know Tea thinks Inez did it, but I just don't know. It seems too obvious, but then again JL is not on contract like her three sons are so they could make her the killer and then write her off the show. Again, I think Nora will be the link to all this. I have some suspicions but I'm gonna wait until the end of next week to make a more definitive prediction.

Who in the world is that with Nora??? Is she an ADA?? Ummm...why can't she be the one prosecuting Nate? For those who didn't read my previous column, you can refer to that to see how I feel about these shenanigans. Moving along.

Ok, I have to point this out: The yellow daffodils or whatever the hell those flowers are in the background at the hospital in the Bo/John scene are the SAME EXACT flowers from Marty's house. You know, those yellow flowers in the pots that were just on that table in the middle of her living room. Did she steal them?? I found this obvious. Don't ask me why.

Anyway, again at a glacial pace Bo is piecing this together. I still also understand why he would believe that she wouldn't want to do that. Thank you John for making a lightbulb go off...finally.

Ok, I enjoy some bitchy banter between Martyr and Natalie just as much as the next OLTL fan, but how stupid is Natalie? Wait, before I go off on a tangent about Nat's lack of a brain I have to say this: How in the hell did a pregnant Natalie tote an unconscious Marty from the courtroom all the way to her car? REALLY, show? REALLY? And, no one saw this happening? Not anyone at the courthouse? Please. If the Judge was having to stay for arraignments that evening like he said then you mean to tell me that no law enforcement officers where at the courthouse to protect the judge and to see the criminals coming and going? If so, then Llanview has run amuck. I just think this was a huge hole but, oh well, what do I know? Surely Marty's conscience is going to get the best of her as the spoilers indicate. I'm super glad that Marty starts thinking the baby is hers and John's and loses her mind even more...BUT, I'm kind of upset. I think once Marty loses her mind that means she is going to be toted away to good ole' St. Anne's. And, I think that means that Susan Haskell will be taking a vacation from our screens which totally sucks since she is rockin' bat shit crazy Marty. Not to mention, I think this story could keep on going if written correctly. Oh wait, Natalie's stupidity...gotta discuss. Yes, I feel sorry for her kind of since she is going into labor but come on? How dumb can she be? She crushed Marty's phone and then Marty crushed hers. ZERO communication available now. It's snowing and freezing and she is in the middle of nowhere and barely dressed for the weather. Oh, and she is totin' a damn gun around and she is pretty damn pregnant. She put herself in this position. Oh, and I believe in karma...I do. It's a bitch. Therefore, she is gonna have to deliver this baby without the help of pain medication...again, this is suckytown for Nat. Moral of the story: don't tell lies and kidnap your nemisis...then you won't have to give birth without pain meds at the Buchanan lodge. ;)

I'll discuss Jessica's baby next column. Basically, all I have to say is that she needs to wise up and do the C-section...word!

Not gonna lie, I want Clint and Vicki to get together. Something about being side by side in Jessica's room worrying about her makes me want them to be a unit. Charlie, as I've mentioned 50 thousand times, is just too stupid for me nowadays. How about Clint goin' after Charlie?! DAMN! I LOVE THIS! Despite the fact I feel sorry for poor Charlie and, of course, know he didn't mean to shoot Jess since he was trying to take out Mitch "I've died 30 times already" Lawrence. But, hell I'd probably feel the same if I were Clint. Clint is also out of control nowadays so it's easier for him to fly off the handle. Thankfully cool, calm, and collected Victoria was there to call him down a bit. God bless her. Ummm....someone gonna call Kevin??? Just wondering...

Yes! When Dorian gave Echo the check, I literally thought "please call the bank and put a stop on it!" Smart girl. Ok, I just cannot wrap my mind around the fact that Echo is this awesome photographer. Seriously. She only totes a camera and no other equipment. Hell, I could do that...gimme a break.

Ummm....quite obvious that for a moment Nora forgot she was mad at Bo when telling him about Nate pleading guilty. Then, it's like her head went "wait, I'm supposed to be mad at him." Bo WTF? Why don't you say "hey, can we talk a minute cause I think I have a crazy idea about what really happened? Or, hey I have something really important I need to discuss with you and it can't wait." But, no of course not. Because that would be the intelligent thing to do. You can tell it's killing Nora not to talk to him although I wish she would have. Love how she nodded as if to say yes but just said

AH!!!! Don't do it Charlie! Don't do it! I can't handle another repeat of last February when he drank after Dorian forced him. I need this man to stay sober. If not, then my dear Victoria needs to DEF kick him to the curb. Awe man...a Jared mention. WHANNNN!!!!! I miss him! And now he thinks he has Rex?! God, I can't take this sadness. Poor Charlie. =(

Holy Lord...I FLOVE Dorian in a disguise. She looks awesome. She is like the peeping tom on "That Darn Cat!" Have y'all seen that movie with Haley Mills from the 1960's??? Dorian looks IDENTICAL to the peeping tom...awesomeness.

Pretty good Friday episode. Moving onto Monday's...


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