Sunday, November 27, 2011

Everything Has To Come To An End Sometime, Right?

Nora: "I can't believe Mary-Ella is ending her blog. This is so upsetting."

Omigod I am sad, sad, sad as I write this. And, I am also very, very torn about it. However, I know it is the right decision. I am ending the blog. :( I have been doing this blog for a year or so now. Some of you have been with me from the very beginning and some have joined me only recently. It has been an absolute pleasure blogging for all of you...truly. I have become friends with some of you and some of you have become lifelong friends! This blog has been a blessing.

However, I have been thinking about ending it the past few weeks. Between work, commitments after work, social events and traveling...being a newlywed, etc. I just don't have the time to blog to my best ability anymore. This upcoming week alone is jam-packed already. It would be unfair to all of you for me to just half ass blog just to say I blogged. I truly just don't have the time anymore. Plus, I would also just like to enjoy the show for what it is with what little time we have left. :(

I hope all of you understand. I really am sorry. My friend said that it may actually be better if I ended the blog now instead of when the show ends since that would be two things ending at once for a lot of you! Some of you talk to me on twitter or email and others are great lifelong friends that I chat with on the phone or visit. But, please if you want to discuss the show or ask questions...y'all know where to find me! I can always respond via email, twitter or facebook. I still want to discuss the show! I just can't do a full blog and respond to comments AND have a life...too much. But I don't want to stop talking to some of you who always post on here...that would be so sad. has been an absolute pleasure everyone. Thank you for all of your comments and feedback and HILARIOUS commentary! Some of y'all are soooo witty! And all of y'all are so encouraging (except for an occasional complaint or two I have received about cursing...ha!) and upbeat. But, above all that I consider y'all my friends and I thank you very much for taking the time to read this little blog about OLTL. It has been a lovely year with all of you.

Don't be stangers. I'd hate it. I am actually shedding a tear now! Good grief! I'm so sad for me and all of you. :(

Love y'all and most definitely, definitely meaning it!!!
Your friend,


  1. I'm gonna miss this great little blog. But I know it's the right decision. Plus if it opens up more opportunity for us to chat with you about the show, well YAY!! I'm so glad to have been part of this. There were times it truly brought me pure joy & laughter! I am thankful to you for dedicating so much time to it, to us. But mostly I am thankful for the friendships I've made through it & for your friendship!! ME in my best Nora voice, Loving you and meaning it!!!

  2. I am gonna miss your blog!! Thank you for taking time to make this last year of OLTL so much fun! Maybe we will run into each other at the Florabama!

  3. Alas, There would be nothing to talk about in a little over a month anyhow, but I was delighted to find and read your blog from the first moment, you have become part of my daily routine, as well as a cherished friend Mary Ella, you have made me laugh on days where I thought that would be impossible, and that is deeply appreciated. Sal will be sad to know I will not be reading this aloud to him anymore, he loves you too. So, Happy Trails, Llanview Ledger, and see you around facebook ME XO, Love, Krisi

  4. Awe, I am going to really miss your blog. Loved reading your perspective on everything. You always kept me up to date when the episode sucked. Always gave me a good laugh too. I'll still bug you on twitter every once in a while too! Long live Bo&Nora!

  5. Mary Ella - Completely understandable. Not even certain how I stumbled onto your blog a couple months ago. I've enjoyed following you. Sometimes I read the blog before I watched the show. Always enjoyed your wit. go and enjoy married life!

  6. So sad, but it was fabulous while it lasted, just like this show. Thanks for all your hard work on it. I’ll definitely miss it!

  7. I want to echo all the thanks above to you ME for all your time and work on the blog. It has been quite the commitment on your part and you have provided endless entertainment for us. When I started reading this, I couldn't believe that you took the time to respond back to each comment individually. I told you once before that I have never commented on a blog prior to this one. Seeing what you would say back was a good part of the fun. Thanks for expressing yourself creatively with us. And I have always appreciated the respect that you show the vets on the show. It proves that you don't have to only be a fan of your own demographic. As fans, we are open to all generations. We just want good stories and good actors. The fact that you love some of my favorites was just icing on the cake. For now, I think I just may have to go back and read again from the beginning just for the joy of it. I'm sure the big stupid grin will appear on my face once more as I read. Thanks again. You know that you will be hearing from me.


  8. Awe...let me respond for the last time (or one of the last times) on this blog!

    @leigh ann I love that you cam out and posted for the last one. You are so sweet. You are one of the people I talk to the most and I look forward to chatting about the show. Thanks for the encouragement and great advice big sister! ;) Love ya.

    @katie Awe...I'm gonna miss your witty comments too! ACTUALLY...I WILL be at the Florabama next spring for a bachelorette party. You should find me on Facebook so we can connect on there since this blog is going by the wayside. I mean...the FUN we could have at the Florabama...thrills me beyond belief! I tend to act a little trash when I'm there...

    @Krisi Do you have a way with words or what?! What a sweet send-off!!! Thank you soo much! If you and Sal want to hear any of my comments then just ask me something on Facebook. Give him a hug for me! I always see you on facebook so I know you'll be around...thanks for those kind words. Glad I made you laugh. :)

    @mojomiller AS IF you would ever be bugging me on twitter. Bug away! I'm glad I was your synopsis of the show on the days you didn't want to watch and that I made you chuckle a bit. Always love someone that loves BN! You know where to find me.

    @Stacie T. Well thanks for the comment darling! Your first comment on my last 'bout that? Glad you stumbled upon it and even though it was only for a couple of months--thrilled you enjoyed it! Thanks for the comment and for understanding. Yes...I plan to go enjoy married life!!! Yay!

    @Desi're welcome darling. It was my pleasure. It was fun while it last wasn't it? I always loved your funny commentary! They were also thought provoking! Hopefully I'll see you around on facebook. Thank you!

    @Christie have a way with words, too, huh?! You are so welcome and it was my pleasure. I'm so elated that my blog was the FIRST one that you commented on! Seriously I LOVE that! Oh...I grew up with the vets so I LOVE them. Sure...I watch silly shows about people my age but when it comes to OLTL my heart is with the people I grew up with--B/N, V/C, and name a few. Go back and read from the beginning?! Oy vey! I hope I have improved! Let me know what you think. Look forward to hearing from you!!!

  9. Just read that prospect park isn't picking OLTL now i read your blog is canceled too--not a good night ;)
    You've done a great job and it's been a pleasure to read your blog--best wishes for your future and may you have a long and happy marriage (not in soap years-LOL)

    I've been thinking about not watching the show any longer--they have ruined so many characters of late and what was the point-it shouldn't have ended this way. I was actually kind of happy they had killed off matthew because he is one of the ruined and the Lovely Bones ending was brave, and fitting.

    I'll miss you my blog writing friend!

  10. Oh, I am so going to miss this blog because you, my cyber-friend, are hilarious, and I'm very glad to have met you.

    I'm still going to come here and squee when Viki and Clint finally get together (and they better freakin' get together). I hope that is okay. :D

    Best wishes to you and your husband. And thanks for the laughs!


  11. Yo Mija!

    Perhaps you will considering coming out of retirement for the last episode and giving some final reflections we can all comment on. If not, I completely understand. Thanks for the blog post; you have a good eye... and who knows; maybe they will revive it like they did Edge of Night... or the one whose name eludes me at the moment but came back 3 years after cancellation.

    Be Well!


  12. Wow, this makes me so sad! Even though I didn't get a chance to write a comment on all your stories, I read every single one of them and they just made me enjoy the show all of the more! You are freakin' hilarious and your sailor mouth was a joy to read! I am definitely going to miss this blog, but you have an exciting and busy life to lead, so ain't mad at ya! I wish you and Ross the best of luck!

  13. @rac Oh no! You found out about my blog and PP on the same day?! I'm so sorry darling! Thanks for the marriage wishes! Jesus, I hope it last longer than soap years! I also hope there isn't a paternity switch etc...ha! Well as you know now they didn't kill off Matthew so no Lovely Bones ending here. come on you have to watch until the end! There is so little time left! I'll miss you too! You know where to find me. Please feel free to email me anytime...seriously! I'd love it! ;)

    @Laura Awe well I am going to miss you too! Glad to have met you as well! If you want to email me, etc. then please feel free to do so since I check that more often. You can squee about Clint and Vicki (LOVE THEM) all you want! I know you just started reading...hate that I missed you for all those other months! Don't be a stranger! Oh and thanks for the marriage wishes. Hope it lasts longer than any on OLTL...thanks, rac! ;)

    @akesha Long time no see! Thank you for the compliments darling. I MIGHT come out of retirement for the last couple of episodes but as of right now I doubt it. I'm glad you think I have a good eye since my vision is going to shit...haha! I would LOVE it if they brought the show back but I'm not holding my breath. My heart can't taking getting its hopes up and then being crushed. You know where to find me! I always LOVED your insightful and thoughtful and witty commentary! ;)

    @yosammity awe I always loved reading your comments. They were HIGHlarious! Thank you for reading every single post! Really means a lot! I'm glad you think I'm kinda funny and I apologize for my potty mouth! I don't smoke or do drugs or color my hair so I have to curse a lot! ;) Hit me up on twitter or email if you want to chat. Glad you're not mad at me. Thanks for the well wishes! Stay cool in Nebraska!

    THANK YOU EVERYONE!!!! xxooxxoo

  14. Mija!

    So sorry to hear that this is it for the blog. I guess we've all come to realize that all good things must come to an end. Thanks for being one of those good things. You're blog made us smile, laugh out loud, and somehow made the day a little brighter, a little lighter, a little better. Thanks for that. So we'll look back fondly on these blogs, but look forward to the future and staying in touch as the friends we have become.



  15. @RC Awe...thank you ! I am so glad you enjoyed reading my nonsense. AND...your commentar was ALWAYS entertaining and informative! I always hoped I would get an email saying you commented! We will most certainly stay in touch. I'm looking forward to it. Thanks again, darling! xxoo

  16. OMG, Mary-Ella! I know you probably won't see this for ages, but I have come back to SQUEE over Clint & Viki as promised. I just love them! I hope they have some happy times before the show ends. :)

    Happy Holidays!


  17. Laura!!!! Merry Christmas! I actually get an email every time ther is a comment so I saw this immediately. Every single time Vicki and Clint are on my tv I instantly think of you! They were faaaaaabulous on Friday. I think we are going to get a happy ending for least I hope so. Yay!!!!!! Comment whenever you like!

  18. Happy New Year! You can follow me @akesha on twitter. I think I am following you!

  19. Holy mackerel, today's episode was CRAZY! LOL, I'm freaking out over here. How am I going to make it through the last week of this show? I'm so bummed that you are not blogging any more!

    -Laura :)

  20. Mary Ella, hope all is well with you. I am dying over here about the show ending, and missing your blog terribly. I am watching Gabrielle and Bo and Nora and Troy and Bo and lindsey and I am crying for a blog about so many vets in the same episode. Omg how about viki and Clint lying there looking at each other--I'm almost hanging off the chair as each scene changes and can't fast forward fast enough. I was not always a OLTL faithful, and I did not always agree with each story and how it played out, but I think with the ending so close, I'm a finding myself a more obsessed with how they are going to end it. Le sigh, I am going to be so lost on Monday. How are u holding up?

  21. Ding dong the Ford is dead YAYA (but they did show those abs one last time gag)--too bad it's as a hero, oh well. Gosh I am missing this blog during this final week. Please let john discover it wasn't Todd who killed the evil Victor--please please please

  22. oh and I meant to add Luna, Gabby, Megan, Troy, Allison and Lindsay woot woot woot--i was even glad to see stacy in her final cameo escorting the messenger to Hell!!

  23. @akesha Following!

    @Laura Are you in heaven or what?! I bet you are LOVING all this C/V stuff! Everyt time they have a "moment" I think of you! I hope and pray they end it on a good note with them. I think they are. I read an interview with JVD and he seemed pleased. V/C are the only two that they didn't do alternate endings for...ooooh! I miss doing the blog too but look how long it took me to get back to you for a comment! Life is moving quickly lately! Yikes! ;)

    @momma I'm doing fabulous. Thanks so much for asking. Hope the same for you! I miss the blog too but like I told Laura...just no time. I know...the vets!!! How about it huh?! Between B/N/T/L and G and C/V I am in hog heaven! I have permanently saved last weeks and Monday's shows on my DVR! I'm going to be lost too! Thank God I have out of town company coming in on Friday to distract me. I'm honestly in disbelief it is ending so ask me NEXT week how I am doing. That will be the real question...scared to know the answer. Le tear ;(

    @rac LOL...Ross was soooooo upset that Ford died. I quickly skimmed through that episode today since we have been out of town for a week. Ross was like "WTF why couldn't they kill that new Cole they brought back for two seconds!" ha! I'm glad to be missed! I miss talking to all of y'all! Hmmm I dunno if we find out about the Victor thing or not. I'm so in the dark for these next two episodes. Oh and all the cameos...LOVE LOVE LOVE! OMG I even loved the Stacy cameo too! I thought she and JVD were fabulous together! I mean the show is ending NOW?! Sooo good! UGH.

  24. I am in HEAVEN now that it's been announced that Starr, John, Blair and Todd will be moving to GH. Even if it's for a short term I am hoping someone with brains uses it as a way to give a proper ending to OLTL. A few mentions or updates here and there would mean so much.

    And seriously, I can see Blair and Carly being friends. They don't have to go at each other.

    I have the last two weeks DVR'd and cannot bring myself to delete them. I've watched several episodes over and over. Strangely, I caught myself FF-ing yesterday's episode with Starr and James and Jack and whats her name. Can't wait to see what happens today.

    1. Cried the entire last 2 episodes--well done OLTL except now I need to know how the heck did Alson get Victor. Was so happy to see Brody and Langston and Addie, glad they mentioned Skylar and Drew, just wish there had been less delgado siblings--they were bringing the show down for me. And they couldn't have Robin Strasser make an appearance--at least David was there-- I guess I'll have to start watching GH again. was thinking of you when they mentioned Asa's photo back on the mantle!

  25. What a finale! I really loved it. Actually, I loved the last two weeks. Just amazing.

    Mostly, I loved the re-Buching of Jessica AND Viki! LOL! But you knew that already. :)

    Anyway, just wanted to stop by and say "Hello". I hope you enjoyed the last show (HBS & RSW rocked!), and that you are doing well.

  26. Dear Mija - I am still pretty raw about the loss of our beloved OLTL – any least little thing at all can provoke spontaneous weeping or loud lamenting on my part.

    I am taken aback at just how hard this has been for me – but am also not entirely surprised. The line between real direct human attachment and the attachment we create with the imaginary or fictional is questionable. Emotionally, mind does not fully recognize the difference, ESPECIALLY when these attachments are reinforced daily over a long period of time. The pain and loss FEEL much the same as losing the daily presence of a truly beloved friend and companion.

    And OLTL was such a fabulously compelling and highly, if imperfectly, entertaining companion – just like most of my “actual” friends, come to think of it.

    Those of us who are able to fully embrace the peculiarities of this art form (yes, I said it) found its pinnacle in this wonderful and crazy show, whose imperfections were part of the ride. Some of us go a little off the rails over couple preferences and TOTALLY incredulous story lines, but we also know this is an inescapable and necessary part of the package – and we could relax and ultimately embrace it.

    Well, I could anyway.

    If we always got what we wanted, even if that were at all possible, it simply would not be as entertaining – even if it makes us feel a little crazy at times. I am a puddle of RH/KDP/TnB/Manning Clan fangurlery, and believe me – that is the worst position to have been in for 90% of the last nearly 20 years. I find it hilarious when folks threaten the writers that they will stop watching if they don’t get their fave couple together pronto LOL. And the 2 Todd’s SL? Lord what an impossible but thoroughly engaging and hilarious mess THAT was!! Don’t even get me started on the volume of dropped plot points, the over-the-top torturing of the Jolie fanbase, the early exit of characters I loved (*sob* DORIAN *sob*) and the addition of those who were a total waste of MY time. I, after all, did have to concede that there MUST a lot of folks out there who apparently DO love the Ford brothers LOL. Those are probably the people that despise my beloved TnB so what are you gonna do? Roll your eyes, bitch and laugh your fool head off at how completely out of their minds THOSE “OTHER PEOPLE,” who are your compatriots after all, are.

    Learning how not to be so concrete with our expectations and personal agendas is actually a sign of good mental hygiene and the ability to enjoy life in general LOL.

    Well – clearly I am still pissed and sad – and in denial that anything cannot still be done to bring my lovelies back. Maybe a small piece of OLTL will live on buried within a PT version of GH. Maybe the match will light and be extinguished before we know it. Maybe there are some grand but publicly unknown plans to bring the whole show back in another form or on another network. Slim hope – but much like a soap hero or villain who has clearly died right in front of our very eyes, hope is hard to kill.

    *Le sigh* Miss you much Mija!