Tuesday, January 22, 2013


We have been sitting in this spot since January 2012 just waiting on the news. That's right, we have been here for a whole year. It's about damn time.

Oh y'all if someone would have said "Mary-Ella, you will be resurrecting the Llanview Ledger in 2013" then I would have said that he or she was bat shit crazy!!! Can y'all believe it?!  I can't. This better not be a joke or my head will spin like Linda Blair!  

Anyway, it's been a fun year despite the fact I have missed OLTL. I quit my job, seriously took up acting (and it's going well and I LOVE it) and life is pretty great. Anyway, when I heard that all this Prospect Park thing was serious I was approached by some to start up the blog again. I didn't know if I could or would BUT I heard the show was only 4 days a week and 30 minutes each (and now HBS finally signed)...tempting. It should only take me 30 minutes (or less) to watch show then 30 to blog. Yes, I don't have a structured job anymore BUT my life is more hectic actually...acting classes, auditions, voice coach lessons (gotta ditch the southern accent), traveling, friends, oh and this guy that I'm legally married to. I mean...I'll just cut something back that I do 30 minutes each day to make time for this. Worth it...right?

That being said...I'M DOING THIS DAMN BLOG AGAIN! I don't know if it will be each day or a couple of times a week etc. but I want to make this work. I will have to decide when I can be most consistent etc. I'll figure out those details within the next couple of months. I feel I have a strong following now and I would love for us to all have a good time on here again. It's crazy how many of my readers I have actually MET! The world we live in...crazy!

So I think I might switch websites. I'm not the biggest fan of this blogger site I must admit.  I plan to keep the name or some variation. Don't worry...I will make sure to let everyone know the new name etc. I also have lots of generous and thoughtful people willing to help spread the word about the blog. So let's just do this damn thing shall we?!

I can't sign off without saying something sassy.  So...did y'all SEE the "audition script" for Destiny and Matthew?! Now...I know everyone is in a tizzy BUT this is an audition script so that does not mean what is in this script will play out on screen. I mean...let's all get serious here. Do y'all REALLY think Bo and Nora would just let Matthew be a deadbeat dad and let Destiny start turning tricks (EWWWWW!!!! And don't get me started. You know she is wearing the purple pleather jacket  as she roams the streets or meets a "client".) to support the baby. GIVE ME A F@*KING BREAK! They are the Buchanans...the child would never want for anything. AND...if Nora can talk Destiny into keeping a child then they can monitor the living tot's whereabouts. Ummm and hello? A trust fund. Let's just all pray that audition script was exactly what it says...audition script.

More to come much later but just wanted to say "hi" and "yay" since this was an exciting day! Here's to lots of soapy goodness in 2013!

Your long lost friend, Mija


  1. Feeling for those women in the back. Standing in heels for a year is gruesome work! It is good to be Hillary and Erika. Excited the blog is back!! The world seems to be righting itself.


  2. Lmao loved the comment Chrsti!!! ME, welcome back Girl!!! How exciting is this? I must say I never thought this day would come, thought we were getting played yet again but it seems like the real deal and I'll take it. Online & 30 minutes is fine with me. Beggers can't be choosers I guess ;)
    I for one am thrilled that your taking this Blog on again and look forward to it. As I said, no worries you will most definitely do it justice!!! Welcome Back OLTL...... It's been a long year ;) xoxox

  3. Yay!Im so glad were getting both this show, and this blog back. Ive seriously been having withdrawals from both.Cant wait!

  4. YES!! I was really hoping you'd start this again!

  5. Yay all around! I'm definitely going to be back. Within the next couple of weeks I will know if I am going to keep the blog on this site OR if I am going to move it to another one. If I decide to move it then I will most definitely post the link here. Thanks so much! Stay tuned!