Thursday, November 10, 2011

I KNOW OLTL Didn't Show Me a Teen Music Video Today...

Tomas: "Blair, the only reason I am still on the show is because I am getting paid to take this ugly jacket off of you. It is so horrible. You cannot ever wear it again."

Oh goodness...hi all. I must confess I'm a tad nervous. I've heard the WORST things about today's episode. I'm so curious now. I have NO CLUE what happens today but everyone is like "OMG" about this episode! I was going to wait until morning but curiosity got the best of me. Since it is Thursday I've had let's see...I'm on my 4th glass of wine now....yes, 4th. Ross and I have had a leisurely evening (I even taught him "The Hustle" for all you people who like 70's line dances) of dancing and goofing off. He is now taking a nap so...guess I'll blog? I guess it is good for y'all that I might be a tad more obnoxious since I'm a little loose thanks to this cabernet that sweet Ross stocked up on. Ok let me shut up and blog...

Thursday, November 10th--McBain's Locks Blog WHILE Doing Apartment Hunting in Seattle. Can This Mane Multi-Task or What?!

HOLY HELL!!!!!!!!!!! Is someone at OLTL trying to make me have a damn stroke?! THIS has got to be one of the reasons people were pissed about today...A F*@KING MUSIC VIDEO?! STFU! Sat it ain't so, OLTL, say it ain't so! Why oh why must you do this shit to your loyal viewers...and to bloggers!? I'm taking a quick time-out to pour my 5th glass of wine...this ought to be good. Ugh...thank God it is a Thursday night and I got off work somewhat early tomorrow.

Automatically this will chalk up to be one of the cheesiest OLTL episodes ever. HOW AM I BLOGGING ABOUT THIS?! Someone PLEASE tell me how?! Wine no doubt. That's it. Rick will no doubt save these shit scenes. UGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! Dan-YELLA you are such an UBER dipshit for being with NQS and at this rate...I hope the bastard cheats on you and you walk in on it and then cry. You are dumb. Shit example to females. YESSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rick is right!!!!! Biggest piece of crap I have ever seen...word!

Jessica is crawling on the floor. Yeah, this episode will be epic.

Aaaaaaand NuJack is gonna torch "The Sun" while the Patels are inside. Good God.

The insults Neela is still hanging in the pool house. How did this turn into the Patel Show overnight?!

GOOD GOD ALMIGHTY!!!!!! The one and ONLY reason I need Tomas and Blair to have sex this instant is because I need someone in flippin' Llanview to take that coat off of Blair! That shit is burning my eyes!!!!!! ATROSH!!!!!

I'm fuming and we are just now at the opening credits. This can't be good.

OMG...a Rebecca Black reference? Really, Rick?! Now why can't NuJack's stupid ass lock in these clowns and set the building on fire? Seriously, I'd prefer it if the teen scene was taken out in one swoop. not just yet...we have to add Mestiny to the mix. Nevermind...remove all gasoline. Woof.

WHANNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!!!!!!! This is the beginning of Jolie and I hate it! I could cry. CRY! I mean...I am indifferent to Natalie but I simply cannot handle John with Natalie. It's a good thing this show is ending for me in January because I can't take these two. Atrosh. Yes, I know...everyone kill me because I don't like them and everyone does.

Ummmm yeah Young Boots, I want to give RH a hug, too. I can't handle him being sad with this Blair and Tomas thing. Wait...I LOVE how Blair is apologizing to Tomas for not effing him the moment she met him. LOL. I'm sorry but Tomas and Blair haven't even really dated and he is all like "why did you decide now [to have sex]?" Good God.

Hmmm...the fire at "The Sun" looks decent. Not as good as Nora's house fire. Oh, and NOTHING is as good as Beth and Jim's house fire on "Guiding Light" and I bet like maybe two people know what I'm talking about with that...anyway.

Yeah...eff the teens this episode.

LOL...I LOOOOOOVE that McBain still has a damn old school boom box on his file cabinet! Please...pack it! Don't leave that cool shit behind!

Hmmm...ok so the fire at the sun is improving. Very nice.

OMG OMG...I just want Todd to go run in and take Blair from Tomas (or Toe Mass as "Young Boots" likes to call him). AHHHHHHH!!!!!! An Irene appearance! And may I say, the dame looks rather gorgeous. She really does.

Sooo Baz is just gone? Very nice. Jesus, why can't they do that with all the damn teens?! Aaaaand my heart kinda sank when Rick said "Or 'One Life to Live' is cancelled!!!" WHANNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!

Eh...Jessica is so boring and Brody is sadly about to lose his damn mind.

If I cared about John and Natalie then there exchange about how she wanted the baby to be his and the Seattle weather talk would be fabulous...but I don't care. I know...I'm sorry.

LOL....I love that this fire is burning rather slowly between segments compared to the time Kim and Cutter go to and from Anchorage, KY, to Llanview, PA, and back...ha! Sorry...had to say it.

Ummm yeah I just need someone...any random stranger at this take off Blair's coat. Right now. I'm sorry but I do NOT buy this Blair being super into Tomas shit and all this "YOU are the man that I love" crap. Totally unfair and effed up.

Niiiiiice. So hell obviously has a hair stylist or two since clearly Irene got a haircut. Good to know.

When Blair has sex she always has to have someone slam her up against a door. I understand...a time or two is okay but EVERY time?! Lord.

Ewwww Starr's hair is up in a clip.

I love that Brody...the already dressed for the wedding and Natalie isnt' even close.

TODD AND IRENE ARE FAAAAAAAAAAABULOUS! I LOOOOVE THEM!!!! Oh and Irene's haircut is presh. Ewwwww so this whole Irene working her hands up RH is kinda disturbing. Note to self--there are also manicurists in hell. Irene's nails look fabulous.

Aaaaand this fire is taking so long. I this rate Kim has been from Kentucky to Pennsylvania and then back to one episode!

OMG this is so sad with Rama and Vimal. Whannn. Wait what?! NuJack just saved them? THAT WAS ENTIRELY TOO FAST! Jesus...the writers, directors, and producers at OLTL have no concept at time.

Oh Brody don't do all this borderline delusional shit with Jessica. You're being a prick! And I don't even care for Jessica.

Does anyone care about these teen scenes?! This porn shit is RIDIC.

Irene is stunning and I find myself just staring at her. She really is GORG!

Wow...hi Blair and Tomas. I hate this becuase of RH but at least you got that damn jacket off. UGH.

This porn this is such a fat middle finger. I'm sorry.

I genuinely wished I cared about John and Natalie together...I do. This whole storyline and these scenes would have such greater depth.

Aaaand Jessica's jacket has GOT to be from the same store where Mes got her fuschia pleather jacket. Disgusting. I'm betting the jacket is from Rainbow.

Oh UGH!!!!!!! NO NEED in Tomas and Blair having sex! I just needed him to remove her jacket and then Blair can change her mind and be like "oh no, I'm not ready." UGH!!!!! RH dammit!!! Take control of this situation like the badass you really are!

OH EM GEE....this episode was dripping in cow shit!!!!!!! How atrosh!!!!!!!!!!! UGH. I am forgetting I saw it. FACT.

Lord I'm exhausted! See y'all tomorrow...maybe. I'll def respond to blog comments though. I THINK my beloved BN are on tomorrow but not sure. I still won't blog until Saturday or Sunday though I'm sure.

Love y'all and soooo meaning it!


  1. Thankfully, real life interfered today and I missed the episode. Judging by the comments here, I guess I was lucky. LOL Honestly, Neela and NuJack = fail. Tomas going all spy hard after Todd = fail.

    Mija, I think it was you who wondered why they were giving us this big story line with only two months left. Sadly, a lot of major players have NOT signed on to prospect park and so they are starting the seeds of stories with the ones who have. Yes, it's true: NuJack has signed to appear and has been promised a front burner story well into next year. Yikes. Other Llanview favorites, not so much. Hopefully, they will work it out. Meanwhile, harrumph!

    On a great note, Catherine Hickland is on set, where she's been for the past 2 days now, and is looking ever so fab as Lindsay Rappaport. I can also tell you she has some cool scenes with Nora! Yay! Fiona (Gabrielle) already filmed some scenes about 10 days ago, but she is due back in the studio in another week or so. Way exciting (I've always loved Gabrielle and Fiona)!

    Not so happy about the return of Mitch Laurence, geez how many lives can one man have?

    Finally, just for you, mija. Tomorrow's episode (Friday) will feature lots of Bo and Nora, including a beautiful, romantic dance. I know you'll love it.

    OK, off to Rodi'


  2. I haven't had time to watch Thursday's show. I don't have to. Only thing it appears of value is Irene. I do love her. Super excited that I am off today and can watch Bo and Nora in real time. And they should feature my favorite vet today of all days.


  3. I hate Jolie too. I like Natalie okay and I like John but I think they are toxic when paired. Just sayin'.

  4. Yeah, I was going to try to watch live, that lasted maybe 5 minutes. I was just beyond livid with this crap, what are they pulling? Do they not get what is happening in January? I don't care they are going to PP, us long time fans deserve so much better.

    I hate Jolie too, they just bring out the worst in each other, IMO.

  5. can't watch anymore--too many people NOT to root for, I'm talking to you Fords and every girl you are with, Jolie sucks as a couple, Jack is disgusting, Stacy/gigi both should be dead and gone, Blair and Tomas. People we could be interested in if the show weren't ending--like the Vimals and Rex/Aubrey are justed wasted airtime at this point-we know it doesn't matter.

    ANd now commercials for the replacement show--arghhhhh

  6. @Richmond Chandler haha! Hope you had fun at Rodi's! ;) Stop...this NuJack and Neela are a flippin' fail. I feel like I'm watching Disney shit with these two...WOOF! Thanks for the scoop! I've been following a lot of the PP stuff. I don't think my two favorites are signing so I won't keep watching. OH...RC I am soooo excited about the Lindsay Rappaport stuff. I know that BN stay together in the end so whatever drama Lindsay brings I'm ready for it. Love it Love it! I like Fiona...Gabby ehhhh not so much. Regardless, I'll enjoy seeing her I'm sure. Oh Mitch Lawrence...I'm rolling my eyes. Atrosh and he is so over the top. Not a fan. I heard Ty Treadway is coming back...and crazy ass Hannah. Lordy. Oh...loved the BN dance stuff. Too short...but very nice. xx

    @Christie Glad you got the day off to watch the Vets on Vets Day! How lovely. OMG...Thursday was ATROSH!!!! UGH. So awful. I can't believe I had to blog about that mess. Irene was indeed the only bright spot...for me anyway. I honestly don't know if I can keep up this blog if I have more episodes like that.

    @Andrea AMEN! I feel the same way...separately...NOT together! I actually love John without Natalie...seriously. I think he is just fabulous but she ruins him. Ugh. So boring too.

    @mojomiller You are so lucky you only had to watch 5 minutes of that mess! UGH! Agree...atrosh and I am going to feel so cheated if this mess keeps up until January...nothing else to say. I'll just be disappointed and feel cheated...that's it. Oh I love when people tell me they don't like Jolie!!! Makes me feel better because at times I feel like I'm the ONLY person who feels that way. totally bring out the worst in each other! totally!!!

    @rac OMIGOD...AGREEEEEEED!!!!!!!!!! I mean...besides Friday's episode...the show was unrecognizable last week. It was filled with people that I just don't care it was sooooo boring! I need this shit to pick right now! Oh I haven't seen commercials for the replacement show! They started airing those already? Wow. I have fast forwarded through all of it. I'll be on the lookout.