Monday, November 21, 2011

After I Finish Sobbing, I'll Take a Zoloft...Or Whatever You Got

Brody: "I know. You're right, Liam. I can't believe I paid off Nadine's house note either. That was a poor decision...just look at her place. What was I thinking?"

Hi! Hello! Good evening! Happy Monday! How are y'all? Things are quite busy around here. To be honest, I don't have time to watch Friday's episode (doing a summary from, I heard Friday kinda sucked?) let alone blog about it. Sooooo I am picking up with today's episode. Ok lemme blog quickly before I cook dinner...

Monday, November 21st--Only One Available to Blog Is LDV. Everyone Else Is Sobbing Over Brody.

It's official...I can't deal with Liam's adorableness anymore. He is just too damn cute. I love that he constantly has a binky in his mouth. Oh I love John and his matter-of-fact I take care of business don't mess with me attitude. Fabulous.

Oh and how did I not mention this on Thursday or whatever day it was last week--I LOVE that Dr. Fascinella's office is the Seattle hotel room...the Las Vegas hotel get the drift.

You can choke Alex, Cutter, but if you do then retrieve her coat. K, thanks.

I don't like blair's outfit. The white neck and cuffs remind me of...I dunno...I don't like it. Oh damn...Starr had to enter the room.

I'd love to know how much leather is in Tomas' closet. I'm assuming he has a huge closet wherever he is staying. I'd also love to know when Todd went shopping. No one will tell me.

Hmmm what set is being used for Nadine's house? Is it just a new one? OMG...Liam is a little actor already! He genuinely looks terrified as Brody points that gun at John and Natalie. Could this child be any more perf? I think not.

Yeah...I'm so over Rex trying to find Gigi. Just hook up with Aubs. I'm okay with it.

Is it sad I laughed when they flashed to Cutter choking Alex?!

LOL! Dan-YELLA "Dad just died and you've been seeing someone!" hahaha!

Yeah...if I were Starr I'd be pissed with Blair, too. I mean...Blair's decision making when it comes to testosterone is just piss poor and there is nothing else to add. Yeah that's pretty much it.

I mean I know Tomas made a promise to Tea yada yada yada but Todd is right...Tomas just wants Blair.

I can't deal with Blair saying that it is none of Todd's business etc. Technically that is true but I'm biased and think Todd should know about Blair's decision. ;)

Tea/ mother daughter combo ever.

I keep thinking of the Seattle and Vegas hotel rooms and it is hard for me to concentrate on the Rex/Aubs dialogue.

I need someone to put a necklace on with Gigi's outfit. Thank God...Alex lives.

Finally...back to the good stuff. I'm really only interested in the Jolie/Brody/Liam stuff today. Besides this (and Alex) the show is boring today. Woof. UGH...these scenes are too f*@king short!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't win. This is DEF a typical Monday.

Thank God...back to the baby fiasco. Wow...Brody is telling the truth...every damn bit of it. Aaaand the scene is over. Kill me.

UGH...Blair is driving me nuts this episode. "Sweetheart he [Tomas] was just doing his job." I can she be with Tomas when Tomas is the reason Todd left...I.Just.Don't.Get.It. So infuriating!!! God, I don't even really care about Blair that much as a character and THIS is driving me nuts! That's how bad it is...

Tea can cry like nobody's business. I'll give her that.

So...supposedly Cutter is gonna be...wait for it...Asa's kid and Kim is gonna be Carlo's. God help us all.

If we really all stop and think about this...we should all be insulted by this plastic surgery Gigi/Stacy storyline. Y'all realize that huh?

I love that Alex is worried about her make-up. At least she hasn't changed. The sign to Dr. Fascinella's office is UBER shitty and if that is ANY sign of his plastic surgery skills then everyone should flippin' run. I mean...who goes to Rio for plastic surgery. FAIL.

Please let these baby Liam scenes be longer than two seconds. God Bless America. I HATE how Brody's life is one ball of sadness. Yes, he lied and that was awful (but Natty did too) and poor thing just wants a family. That is all he has ever wanted...poor baby. OMG...I think I might cry. I really might. Now Brody is asking about Nigel and saying he is the nicest guy in the world...can't handle it y'all!!!!

I pray to God I have at least one child that is as well behaved as Liam. Praying.

NO! Alex you would NOT be Mrs. Bo Buchanan...hush it. Hello? By the way, Bo still never confessed to making out with Alex. Woof.

I despise Blair's sweater! Dammit! Remove it! Oh Blair...poor decision making...poor decision making. Wardrobe and men wise.

Y'all Dan-YELLA and Tea are too fabulous together. I can't deal.

I love that Tomas keeps asking Todd if he is gonna shoot him. LOL. He has said it like 5 times!

I'm sorry but Brody is still a good guy (in my biased blue eyes...sorry). No John! You didn't make a mess of your life when you boozed! You did have those couple of months with Kelly and I LURVED it!!! Majority opinions be damned! I nice are John and Natalie being to Brody?! You can tell that they are just so sad this is all a big mess. Le tear.

UGH. Blair. You are driving me CRAY-ZAY!!! LOL..."You didn't give up James when Hope didn't like him." Did I really just listen to Blair say that shit? REALLY?!

Jesus...I'm so tired of Todd and Tomas at what...warehouse 22? Is that what that shithole of a place is called? Nice...Todd is telling Tomas that Tomas killed Victor...touche

Alex.Is.So.Vain. Please don't change, Alex. Never. I love it. Makes me feel better about myself.

Aaaaand I could cry. Yes, Brody is losing his mind but DAMMIT...this man has lost 3 flippin' kids!!! THREE CHILDREN! I mean...this is sadness overload. SADNESS OVERLOAD. OMG OMG OMG...I AM CRYING!!!! I really feel HORRIBLE for Brody. I do!!!!!!!!

I will now watch something funny to perk me up. That was uber depressing.

Lordy. Ok...y'all have a great night. I can respond to comments from here on out. Yay! I will make time!

Love y'all on this cold (and now sad) Monday!


  1. I'm so glad they let Brody tell his story--i really thought they would run right over him and not mention that he lost shane and ryder--i wanted him to say he at least was willing to love all 3 plus bree when they weren't his UNLIKE JOHN!! who dumped Liam as soon as he found out he was Brody's. Dear PTB please let marty have screwed with the other patenity test and make poor ryder Brody's son.

    you were kidding right--Cutter is going to be another long lost Buch?? NOOOOO

    And what's with Todd not wanting to kill Tomas--love ted King but Tomas is an annoy-o

    Wouldn't stacy have scars somewhere along her hairline if she had had that kind of surgery? And how do Stagi, Cutter and Aubrey have such great credit lines to book flights at the last minute to Rio?? LOL

    Let's hope wednesday is as good as promised

  2. I wasn't to depressed about the show ending, really hadn't sunk in. Then all the actors started to tweet about their last day of shooting. And for the topper the WSJ has the picture of Eddie and Hillary, can't handle seeing Eddie in tears like that, not to mention it was obvious that Hillary and Bob had been crying too. Now I am very depressed about the whole thing.

    At least today and tomorrow I get to see our couple.

  3. I'm sneakily responding from work. Maybe I'll get fired?! I'd love it...

    @rac SOOOOO happy they let Brody tell his story. If OLTL wouldn't have let him do that then it just makes him look crazy. However, when he told the story the way he made people empathize with him. I just wanted to give that poor baby a hug. I mean...he has now lost THREE children. QUITE the blow and most couldn't handle that. I know...John did leave Liam. But I still love John...I'm sorry! I agree...I hope ONE of these kids is Brody's though...needs to be Ryder. We know it won't. Ugh. Sadly...I'm not kidding about what I heard about Cutter. It's not 100% true but a pretty solid rumor (if that makes sense) and I wouldn't doubt it. I mean...OLTL WOULD do something like this to us. OMG agreed...I LURVE Ted King (how could one not?) and Tomas is totes annoying! LOL! know my ass has been wondering about Stacy/Gigi scars and do NOT even get me started on the costs of those flights and Cutter being like "yeah just put them on my credit card." ass!!!! Praying today's is good!!!

    @mojomiller stop...I can't and won't discuss it becaue I get upset. Even when tweeting with Hillary the other day I saw people discussing it with her and I just couldn't...made me too sad. :( Those pics from the WSJ...STOP. Entirely too much sadness for me to handle. I really do feel like it's the end. Well, at least today's episode is supposed to be good...yay for that!