Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I Need To Learn How To Get Through Airport Security Like Natalie...AMAZING

Natty: "John, I had to tell the guy at airport security that you would help him get his hair shiny. It was the ONLY way he would let me through. I figured you wouldn't mind...I'm sorry."

Happy Hump Day! Let me go on and begin so I have time to go pick out a cute outfit. I didn't do that last night and if I'm not careful that will take up like 30 minutes this morning...ugh.

Tuesday, November 15th--One of Marty Saybrooke's Multiple Clones Is Blogging. Having Too Much Fun.

Yeppers...Jess and Ford are going to get it on. If I were Jess I would prefer to have sex at Llanfair instead of Ford's but that's just me.

I have a feeling that I'm going to like today's show...even if it's about John and Natalie. I'm into this for some reason...maybe because Tuesday's show moved so beautifully? better go get John! How is she going to get past airport security?

Again, I need to find out where Gigi got that passport photo. It's the shit.

Roxy is such a cheerleader and I love her for it.

Poor Liam has been in the dark for three episodes now. Damn he is going to town with that milk!!! Okay so this will be twice within a year this baby has been kidnapped...this is worse than Starr Manning...when we compare what has happened at the less than one year old mark.

So where did Gigi/Stacy get cute clothes and all that make-up? Cutter must provide. This would also explain Aubrey's nice duds for being on a budget. Cleary Cutter has a future in styling...

Melissa Archer is such a good crier. Good girl. I mean...GO to the airport.

I mean Brody if you are going to kidnap Liam you should have gone by now instead of just walking around and having a one on one. It's hard for me to see since there isnt' a lot of light in that bedroom but I think I just saw Marty in Brody's left eye. She stuck her tongue out at me!!! Bitch!

Jess...say that you demand to have sex at the Minuteman. It's the only way.

LURVE that Victoria calls Roxy "Roxanne" EVERY single time. Fabu. Good thinking, Bo! John will need proof. That would have been super dumb to leave without those test results.

Jesus...John is about to board the plane and we are supposed to believe that she will make it to the airport on time AND somehow go through airport security and get to John's gate? Horseshit but's a soap opera. OMG...thank you OLTL for showing the clip where John says "I know I'm not famous for my conversational skills." That quote just made my day. Gosh, was I blogging when that clip aired? No, I wasn't.

hahahahahaha!!!!! Vivian: "That lab is giving the hospital such a black eye." Oh I love it. Yes, it is. Aaaaand how adorbs does LDV look nestled in Shaun's strong arms. Can I trade places with LDV? Looks quite comfy. Ross isn't that big. that I think about it...what are these two doing at the wedding? She is Natalie's OBGYN so she gets an invite? Just curious.

I love all the vets standing around discussing this mess. Lordy...Clint says "all the while" entirely too much. Between that phrase and "gall" it is overkill. Calm down Clint I don't need you having another heart attack! I think I'd die! Nora's sash has changed positions in EACH scene she has been in so far. OMG...Cord's tie is so ugly. Wedding color or not. Oh lord...the parallels are starting. Tina is now discussing lying about paternity. Nora will no doubt make a mention as well. Good grief, Charlie Brown. I feel that Clint is too nice for his own good right now...

I'm not believing this Ford and Jess sex thing until one of them demands the Minutemen. I'm sticking to that...

I've never seen a child suck on a binky so hard as Little Liam on this episode...WHOA! He is a little machine!!! I have to say the gratuitious "Poor Brody." Yes...he lied to Natalie and that makes him suck but before that he was a great guy. Now he is some form of Marty...God help us. Marty is now leaping in the background behind Brody...playing peek-a-boo!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE Tina! Did I mention I love Tina? She is so fabulous! I love that she also turns all this into "I put all this hard work into this wedding and no one is going to see the flowers" stuff. Fantastic.

So Bo and Nora are just observing on the side? LOL. OF COURSE...they are gonna stay around if there is food. I would expect nothing less. I agree with Roxanne...everyone just go to the reception. I mean why not? Times...does Clint have a curfew? I appears as if he is a free man. I know he's not but I just get that feeling.

LOL...So Natty got through airport security and somehow John is still going to be standing at the gate. Eh...bullshit but whatevs. It is cute. " Jooooohhhhhhnnnnn! Wait!" far Jolie isn't getting on my words...and Natty has spoken one phrase already and I'm not bothered. This will be a positive sign. I have a feeling I am going to be mushy (no surprise) and like Jolie for a couple of weeks and I will no doubt dislike them again by the end of the show. This is just my guess. I can't really gauge my emotions about them. Again, I'm just hoping Natty doesn't suck the life out of John this go around. For this blog's sake, I hope that is the case.

NO NO NO NOT discuss Nora helping Mes with her apps or this baby! Dammit! I can't deal with this shit. Hmmm I don't know if I have heard someone say "Destiny's child" until today...that just sounds weird.

Well, I must say that I love this Cord and Tina stuff. YAY!!! I think I'm beaming.

I LOVE the random ass destinations for Llantano Airlines--Newark, Denver, Raleigh (WTF?), Seattle, Atlanta, Cancun (LOL), Chicago, Rio de Janeiro, Orlando and London. hahaha! I think I am peeing on myself. Those poor people trying to get to Cancun...flight is 15 minutes late.

Ugh...I need Rex to just go on and see Stacy/Gigi. I'm miffed about all this mess.

YAY! I am so glad about Cord and Tina! Seriously...that's the spirit...why let everything go to waste?! Times...don't they need a marriage license? I love that LDV is there for all this. How adorbs. AH! I knew it! They have to get the license first!

I'm tired of Jess wearing clothes that were stolen from Olivia Newton-John's closet. She is better than this. She really is. Otherwise I'm not discussing the rest of this....

Hmmm does Brody have Liam a little coat? It is November in Pennsylvania. YES! Nigel! Y'all I know someone dies next week and if it is Nigel I will die! DIE!

YES! Now that is what I'm talking about! Halfway into the show and Natty has already spilled the beans to John! I NEED the show to keep up this pace! NEED IT!

Ugh...I need to hurry. Ross isn't taking me to work this morning so I'm pressed for time. UGH.

Dammit Jess! I said you needed to demand the Minuteman! FAIL!!!!

I love that Tina is pissed about the government butting in. Ah ha!!! Victoria is going to ask Dorian for ANOTHER favor! UGH...I'm tired of hearing Dorian's name and seeing no Dorian! FAIL.

That dog is adorbs. I think I just peed. Did Nora really just pull a $100 bill out of her cleavage? REALLY? The best part was Bo's reaction. That was so random!

Yes...Vicki is cashing in a lot of favors today. Damn.

Rex's outfit makes him look like a limo driver. I love that Cutter and Gigi essentially have NO BAGGAGE for this trip.

I mean...this is beautiful. Natalie is telling John EVERYTHING in one segment. This shit has been going on for months and I've been pissed but at least the revelation is quick. I love it. Oh poor Dr. Buhari.

Poor Nigel! You're in danger you loyal little thing!

Awe...okay so the John and Natalie hug was very sweet. It was. Now I just need them to stay like this. Rather adorbs.

Yeah Rex def looks like a limo driver.

Vicki and Clint are edible. I love their banter. Oh and I LOVE that Vicki told Clint "He better find a smile when that marriage license comes through." FABU.

Say what? Some messenger just brought over the marriage license and gave it to Roxy? LOL. Ok so my heart melted a little bit when Vicki agreed to be Tina's maid of honor...same thing for Clint. Awe...Clint telling Cord not to waste another minute without Tina if he loves her...TAKE YOUR OWN ADVICE!!! Dammit!

Yes, Nora's sash has changed positions again. Le sigh...I get sad when I think about all the time B/N spent apart. Oh well they are still adorbs in every way. Be still my heart.

Ok so John and Natalie are being adorable. YES, I JUST SAID THAT! I can't believe it myself. But they are being cute...and I have to admit I feel happy for them. What in the hell is wrong with me?!

NO NO NO...are you effing kidding me?! WHO...I repeat WHO has sex like that?! NO ONE! That looks terrible. Soooooooo dramatic. OLTL pulled this shit with Blair and Tomas last week...WTF?!

Awe...John saw Liam tonight Natty. How presh. Aaaand the manhunt for Brody will begin shortly. On another note, we should all take bets on when John is gonna tell Natty "You look pretty." Wonder when he will spout off those magic words...

Oh I am going to be so upset with Brody for knocking out Nigel. Yes, I feel bad for Brody right now but knocking out Nigel crosses the line.

I just kinda teared up thanks to Tina's vows. Oh Mary-Ella get a grip! I can't help it. I believe that Tina REALLY is gonna make Cord proud and I just want to cheer them on...good grief. Oh and Cord is just so fabulous. Oh I wouldn't want to borrow Natty and Brody's rings. Cursed?

"DON'T GIVE UP!" I mean...let's all get a life, shall we?

Look at Nora making a quick buck. Vivian despondent because she feels bad about them being present for that sweet marriage after that discussion her and Shaun had at Ultra Violent or is she upset Shaun just lost a bet to Nora? I'm confused.

That little wedding was sweet. I mean...Roxy may be the trashiest characters on the show but she has the sweetest heart and I just love her for it. Sweet thing.

Oh good grief...FINALLY Rex sees Stacy/Gigi.

Colossal? Hmmm. That is not the first adjective I would think of to describe sex but I'm sure it's fine. Kind of random but fine.

DAMMIT...I hate seeing Nigel knocked out cold. Aaaaand it's official...Liam has been kidnapped twice within a year. Very nice.

Okay I must run! Happy Hump Day!

Love y'all,


  1. Yay! Was sure you would like it - how can you not? I repeat: super soapy awesomeness covered in awesome sauce. It may be a way over the top in schmaltziness, but it is absolutely irresistible. Delicious!!

    I have to say I laughed my ass off with Natalie running/bouncing toward John in the airport in that wedding dress.

    Now that Tina and Cord are reunited in holy matrimony, I do hope they stick around Llanview through to the finale. Shit, why did I have to say "finale/" *sigh* *sniff*

  2. Best episode we've seen in a long long time. Actually watch almost the whole show. Skipped the Ford/Jess sex and the Gigi crap, no thanks.

    The church stuff, doesn't get much better than those six being in the same room. But my favorite part was Bo's reaction to Nora pulling that money out, can't believe he didn't make some comment too.

    I still can't get into Jolie, I sadly felt nothing when she told him he was Liam's dad. I just don't like them together. I still feel very sorry for Brody and what they have done to his character, it sucks. Natalie's little rant about Brody lying to her made me laugh, considering what she did to him, Jess, and John all of last year.

  3. At the airport they listed Charlotte on the top line!! I'm from there and it just glared at me as SO out of place. (Cleary I was paying close attention to the action in the scene.)

    I'm with you guys. My favorite moment was Bo's reaction when Nora pulled out the cash. He gave that a long look. Hysterical. I think I watched it twice.

    I'm also thinking that they filmed most of the Bo/Nora/Shawn/Vivian scenes on another day from the rest of it. It is like they decided to go back and throw in some humor. That or someone was on vacation. Watch it. Most of the scenes don't have them appearing with Clint, Vicki, Cord, Tina, etc. It is like two shows. And do you recall that Asa and Kevin had a bet on Bo and Nora's first wedding??

    Looked forward to what you would say on this episode. You didn't fail me.


  4. K I've had quite the fun-filled evening so let's hope these responses make sense!

    @young stylish boots Oh no! Don't say the word "finale!" I will cry! NO DOUBT...CRY! You're was awesome...totally soapy and totally awesome and I loved every bit of it. haha! Yes, I also laughed when Natalie and her boobs (a different person all together) came bouncing down to John's gate. Hilar. Oh I need Tina and Cord to be fabulous until the end. NEED them. I mean...OLTL needs those two. I miss the 90's. Called me lame...old fashioned...the show was better. Le sigh.

    @mojomiller It WAS a good episode! Eh...I wish I could FF through (I just said that in my best Nora voice). ;) I agree...Bo's reaction was my favorite. I agree that I loved all of them there and enjoyed all the scenes. I'm actually elated about Tina and Cord...truly. I know...I have bashed Jolie to hell and back and I have a feeling I will resume doing that soon. however, I did like them...TODAY. Let us remember that Natalie may be spunky and pretty but she sucks the life out of most characters and makes me dislike them. I have felt that way about her since day one. I do feel badly for Brody though regardless of Natalie or John. The writers are ruining him.

    @Christie You know....about the scene splicing...Ross (barely watched and walked in and out of the room as I had it on) said the same thing. I think you make a good point with that. I do think those B/N and S/V scenes were comedic relief. I actually really loved it. Oh and HELLS YES!!!! TOTES remember the Asa and Kevin bet about Bo and Nora's wedding. I mean that is like one of my favorite episodes of all time. I like know the that one and countless others. yes, Bo's reaction was def the best. hahaha! I LOVE for you that Charlotte was at the top of the list! Look at Llantano Airlines...they know how to travel! To all the RIGHT places! ;)

  5. OMG, I cannot TELL you how much I loved Tuesday's episode! Cord & Tina! Bo & Nora! Viki & Clint! Gah! And the Liam story is finally moving! So much wonderfulness. I'm still smiling. :)

  6. I think I just want to say "Ditto" to Anonymous' comment. Finally, the show is moving at a decent pace and a lot is getting done! Plus, it was great to have a room full of Vikki, Clint, Bo, Nora, Cord, Tina and a HAPPY wedding for a change! Awesome.

    Hey Mija, did you know that Aubrey, or the actress that plays her rather, is married in real life to Ross' man crush Rick the porn director? Weird to imagine, huh? That said, neither one of them signed on to Prospect Park.

    Spoilers: Speaking of Aubrey, she, Rex and Cutter will run into the Wentworth's long lost mom, Alex Olanov. I know, I know...

    Anyway, lots will be happening now (although remember, no episodes on Thanksgiving day - the 24th, nor the day after), and I think you'll enjoy the pace.



  7. Hi again, just wanted to let you know that the "anonymous" comment was from me. I probably need to sign-up for one of those account things some day. ;)


  8. This was one of the best episodes for awhile, I have totally on the John and Natalie train, so this episode was definitely a long time coming! That made me laugh to how long it took for the truth comes out and its literally all out in the first 20 minutes of the episode. Crazy!

    Bo made me laugh with his reaction to Nora pulling that money out of her cleavage. Too funny!

    When Ford and Jess were having sex and they did the slow motion thing, it looked super weird when they both sat up and Ford lifted his foot, it was extremely strange to me...

  9. Always knew I liked Ross. Obviously perceptive and intelligent.