Thursday, November 10, 2011

I Can't Handle Clint...Too Dapper For Me To Handle On This Thursday Morning

Clint: "I don't have time for these phone calls. Yes, I already know Vicki wants me. So unless you have anything new to tell me, I must be going now."

Hello Hello Hello!!!! Gosh ALMOST Friday! I'm dying! I've been busy all week and haven't seen Ross in practically a week...ready for the weekend and some good old fashion fun, i.e drinks, dinner, good friends, and Ross. Oh and if OLTL is good for the rest of the week...even better. ;)

Wednesday, November 9th--John Refuses to Blog. Pissed His Man Didn't Get a Box To Pack Up Personal Items

Well hello there National EAS Test! Your interruptions are always pleasant...feel free to come back any time.

Oh hello V and C! Dammit that's it! I missed the scene!? UGH EAS Test!

Natty looks MIZ! Who doesn't? The most adorable baby in the U.S....little Liam.

I just don't have discuss this Neela shit.

Tomas' old iPhone is better than any iPhone I ever had. I'm miffed and won't let this go. On another note, I can't bear to look at Blair's ugly ass jacket anymore. It's burning my damn eyes!!!

Thank God Clint and Victoria are on because otherwise I have a feeling I'm going to be bored. DAMMIT TO HELL David Vickers! Did you just HAVE to interrupt the almost kiss? Boo.

Jesus's not your house.

I love that John told Vimal to sit because he's making him nervous. LOL. Aaaaand John has on jeans. I can't think of the last time of have seen this man in denim. I kinda like it. I wonder if his man approves of this new fashion choice.

Why oh why is OLTL doing this to us?! Do they expect us to give a flying f*@k about Neela when we have 2 months of this show left?!

On a sad note, I only have about 2 more months with you people...whannnn!!!!! =( How sad.

OMG...Vimal is genuinely upset that McBain is leaving. See?! This is affecting everyone.

I couldn't pay attention to Natty and Brody because I was staring at Liam.

I love all these messages from Dorian via David. LOL...he is a funny little messenger.

Idea--how about we just have Clint and Vicki on for the entire episode?

God, if I were RH I'd beat the shit out of NuJack. It's a good thing I'm not RH. He is more tolerant than me.

Liam has the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen!!!! Aaaaand Brody has crazy eyes again. Very nice.

LOL...Clint: "Aren't you ever gonna let that go?" ha. I'm sure BDV will Clint. Sending someone away to Morocco to an underground prison is just small potatoes. OMG....LDV is just sitting there ON the paternity test and Clint doesn't even really care! No one gives to shits about this dog!!!!

When does Brody go crazy? I kinda stopped reading spoilers but for months now I have been hearing he was going off the deep end. On another note, Brody will no doubt have a conversation with Liam about all this paternity foolishness and he will also ask Liam for advice. Everyone else does that...Liam is a baby buddha.

LOL..."Vimal! Get a hold of yourself, man." See these are the kinda comments I love...McBain you can't leave!!!

I need someone to sneak up behind NuJack and throw him in that fire.

This Blair/Tomas convo is so effing boring and pointless. Good God...I feel insulted. Whew...thank God Todd just surfaced. I need someone to liven this shit up.

Vimal and Neela look like they are on a cruise ship.

UGH...I can't believe Todd and Blair are arguing about Tomas. I MEAN...REALLY?!

hahahahaha! Vicki is looking at Clint like a lamb to slaughter. Ugh...these scenes are too short!!!

LOL...Clint just called LDV "a little mutt" twice and said he would ship her off to Morocco! haha! Oh God bless...he just lets the dog runaway with the test results! No one pays attention!!!

The word "crud" leaving Natty's mouth sounded weird.

Does anyone have the exact month count of how long this insulting paternity storyline has been going on? No big deal if you don't know. I'm just trying to calculate how many minutes, hours and days of my life that have been totally wasted.

I love how disgusted/upset BDV is with Vicki. These two really are so cute together and I love their friendship. Ewww....BDV just told Vicki that he and Dorian have Skype sex 10 times a day. haha!

I cannot stress enough how much I hate Blair's coat. It's like that fuschia pleather jacket of Mestiny's. My eyes will not recover from this shit. I just know it. Damn you, Blair. In other news, Todd is in badass mode and I love it.

On a random note, I think I need to put out an APB for Bo and Nora. God when was the last time they were on together?! Don't even bring up Matthew...sad sad.

Obviously everyone who works at "The Sun" has an IQ of 2 if they are going to beleive that stupid ass phone call from NuJack. Stupidity overload. Fail.

LOL..."If he hurts you, I'll have Dorian deport him." Awe...I love BDV and Vicki. How sweet. Aaand I can't handle all these looks Clint is giving Vicki. AH. Be still my heart!

Hey...John's mane needs a box for personal items, too! Snap...I like Natty in that white shirt. Very nice.

Brody is in crazy mode. Full out.

God...NuJack you are so dumb. It just infuriates me.

Oh no...I am NOT into this Tomas and Blair thing and was over it months ago. RH please end this now...for all of us. Just somehow make Tomas go away. You can do it. I know you can.

Ooookay! Off to get ready...stylist is here.

Love y'all on this Thursday! Have a great one!



  1. Dammit I am going to have a hard time snapping out of this funk if I have to figure out how to actually buy in to this redunkulous Tomas/Blair/Todd triangle BS. JEEEEZ. Somebody WORK with me here!

    David Vickeruptous man! He is killing me but I do adore him.

    Am on pins and needles for Clint to tell Viki that he will show her his if she shows him hers. Love between heart transplant survivors - it's a very special feeling.

    Oh no. NuJack is going to accidentally murder some more peeps again. Oh no.

    Dammit my left eyeball is stuck up in the back of my head again - better go take care of that.


  2. Ok--please OLTL let Brody the Navy Seal go out with some dignity--the Sun is on fire-he knows he locked the Vilmals in the office so he runs into get them out and dies from smoke inhalation--Nat can run to John, Brody off the show The Vimals survive to tell nat and John what everyone and their dog in town already knows!!

  3. @young funky boots Eh...I'm not buying the Tomas/Blair/Todd thing. I just don't have the emotional energy to buy into it. I just can't. It's not even worth my time to be perfectly honest. Vickers is crazy--love him but he is a nut! I don't like his schtick humor all the time but I welcomed it this week. haha...OMG I would kill for Clint to tell Vicki that! Bo said that to Nora on their first honeymoon and I swear I haven't heard anyone say that line since then! Stop...NuJack is such a monumental dipshit. Can't even discuss him...despite his Disney-like boyish looks. hahaha! Oh no...hope your eyeball is ok! You don't have strabismus do you?!

    @rac OMG I agree about Brody. Of course, OLTL will proabably just make him go crazy. See if it wasn't for someone like you then people FORGET that Brody is a fabulous guy and a decorated Navy sucks and NEVER lets you know that ever. Ummm your scenario is 1,000 times better than anything the damn show would ever come up with! UGH. Oh and I need the paternity bombshell to go on and drop because I'm so over this shit.

  4. Sorry, I've been away for work the last few days, but now I'm catching up...

    So I'm watching Wednesday's show, and this is what I'm thinking:

    "Yes, Clint! Kiss her!!! Awesome! Wh- wha- what-! Aw, hell, David! How did you even get from La Boulaie to Llanfair so fast? Are they right next door? Seems like we would have heard about that before if that were the case..."

    And also, "Damn, Jack is REALLY good at accidentally killing people."

    But seriously, I really enjoyed the David/Viki scenes. I always do. They are too funny. Like that time he found her in Paris, TX, and thought she was Niki Smith. Hilarious!

    Okay, I'm off to watch Thursday. Here's hoping it's good! :D


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  6. @Laura So glad to have you back darling! I LOOOOOVE your reactions to Wednesday's episode! I couldn't agree more! Oh and I always love David and Victoria...great relationship there. OMG...all that Paris, TX, stuff was sooo fabulous! watched Thursday? Did you not die? It was atrosh!!!!! UGH-TROSH!!!!