Tuesday, November 15, 2011

I Don't Care If He's Tom Jones...The Truth Needs to Come Out

Brody: "Liam I hate that every wedding in Llanview requires formal attire. I can't take it anymore!!!"

Morning! No time for small talk. Let me go on and do this while I have time this morning.

Monday, November 14th--McBain's Locks Are Crying So LDV Steps In to Blog Despite Her Busy Schedule

Ok so for fairness I will try and get into this whole paternity thing.

I just need Natalie out of that dress. My eyes are burning.

LOL...did y'all see Gigi/Stacy's passport photo?! It's like a damn glamour shot! I have to find out where Stacy got that pic taken. Wal-greens? This actress working for the airlines is horrible.

I'm assuming that this furniture was already in John's apartment when he initially moved in so that is why he is leaving it there OR he is sending movers for his stuff OR he just doesn't give a shit.

YES...Tina. Always knows how to make my day. Now Nigel? Be still my heart. I love that Nigel said that BDV was in Washington with Senator Lord Vickers Buchanan. haha! That name is priceless.

OMG!!!! It's November sweeps and Liam and LDV are the ones who are carrying the show! This is whack...adorable...but whack.

Ok let's think about this for a minute...when is the last wedding that went smoothly? Dorian and David the 2nd time around? The double wedding in February was atrosh and lasted weeks. Dorian's wedding in August was a disaster. What else? I'm going with her second wedding being the only other one without a hitch.

UGH...who gives a shit that Stacy/Gigi needs to go to Rio to see this doctor? I just don't care. As I'm looking at the walls of the Llanview Airport it makes me think of Irene Manning's office. Maybe she will pop out and kill Cutter and Stacy/Gigi for me. Early Christmas gift? Please. Actually, no. If she is going to kill anyone, please make it Mes.

I mean how long is John just gonna stand there and let that phone ring?

LOL...Jessica: "He's not answering." Ford: "Jessica you did everything you could." ha! YES! Just by making that one phone call Jess did everything she could. hahaha...I'm sorry but I had to laugh when Ford said that no one was home except Liam and Nigel.

I love that Michael Easton is the voice to baby Liam. haha...I love that Liam and LDV are saying that Tina is a piece of work. Hilar.

I mean how regal and chic do Clint and Vicki look just sitting on the front row? They all look good. Bo and Nora look beautiful!

YESSSSSSSS!!!!!!! Finally! LDV has the test. Now, I NEED Tina to actually take it from him this time. I love that Tina is having this in depth conversation about the wedding with these two. OH EM GEE...Liam is drooling ALL OVER THE PLACE!!! Praise God...Tina has the test results. LOL..."Oh no, and I promised Cord I was going to turn over a new leaf which means I have to tell him the truth." Oh, I love Tina.

Yeah, there are too many flashbacks from the last few weeks in this episode. Brody's eyes have little Marty Saybrooke's dancing around in them! I swear I just saw a few little Marty's jumping around in there. CRAY-CRAY.

Whoa...Ryder is with Inez. Good grief, Charlie Brown. I forgot about her.

I can't believe I'm saying this but I want to hug Rex during this whole wedding ceremony. He really does look awful. YAY!!!!!!!! Tina bust up with the dog!!!! I'm so excited! I'm so excited! It is good I'm excited because normally I don't care about Jolie but I love this wedding drama.

And my heart may explode from this cuteness that is Liam and McBain...just know it.

WHOA...I JUST saw the promo for "The Revolution" aka OLTL's replacement. Surely you are f*@king kidding me. Surely?!

I love that Tina is being truthful and doing the right thing!!!! Yes...I just saw two Marty's sprint across Brody's blue eyes after Natalie read the test results.

Ninja Liam? Y'all I can't deal with this cuteness. I understand...it's cute if John and Natalie get together so they can all be a family etc. For everyone's sake (and especially for this blog's sake) I hope that John and Natalie are an exciting couple and don't suck ass like they have eery other time. Liam is cute and John and Natalie are both good looking. I just need both of these, particularly John, to NOT suck once they get back together. I'm praying that is the case because it would make this blog so much better. LOL...Nigel's weapon! I think this just made my day.

Hmmmm....the Cutter and Gigi scenes were just interrupted because of possible tornadoes in Indiana. Sorry. Seriously, no joke.

Timeout...Clint is being waaaaay too nice for me. Now he is being apologetic to Brody about switching the results. Clint literally went from a badass to a softie overnight. I was hoping for a slower transition. Yes, I want C and V together but I do miss him being a badass from this time last year. Come on, y'all know y'all miss it too!!! Poor Brody. I really do feel for him. His whole life is crashing down at this very moment and he knows it...so do the little Marty Saybrooke's dancing around in his eyes. I love the random comments from Vicki, Clint, Bo and Nora. SNAP!!!! Natalie knows that Brody knew the whole time! YES! I love that all of this is coming out in one episode as opposed to about 2 weeks worth of shit like the last wedding. Nice...Natty putting her CSU skills to good work and piecing together that Brody knew the whole time. Smarty pants!

I mean...the reason we don't see Nigel more is because? Exactly. I love that the baby cried as soon as Nigel bragged about how good the baby is. I mean...my heart is breaking with John talking to Liam. Seriously. I can't deal with men being sweet with children...heart melts instantly. Le sigh. McBain's locks were crying...saw tears.

These airport scenes are painful. Otherwise this episode is good.

Aaaand Ford will be sweet and tell Jess how fabulous and strong she is and Jess will be like "Oh Ford you're so sweet and you are the only person I can talk to...let's have sex." UGH. This is just me summarizing how I think this will go down. Who the hell knows...

There are now ten, I repeat ten, Marty Saybrooke's jumping around in Brody's eyes. Natalie is getting sassy...love it. Wait...you know now that I think about it why didn't Natalie just have Liam tested a while ago? SNAP...Brody even went on and confessed to knowing the truth about the results! I am loving this episode! Shit is moving fast!!! Natalie should beat the shit out of him right now...I mean, I would. I love the crowd's reactions to Brody's confession. Soap opera reveals are so priceless...

RIP Dr. Buhari...RIP. Damn so is Brody going to reveal everything this episode? I believe this bastard is! Good girl Melissa Archer...crying on cue. Oh Rex looks downright despondent. Poor thing. DAMN...Brody IS going to tell the truth. I'm sorry but I kinda laughed when Brody said he erased the tape. You know...Bo could arrest Brody for tampering with evidence. I'm sure he won't though since that wouldn't be good soap opera.

The Brody and Natalie scenes are so good and then I'm forced to watch this airport shit. FAIL.

Yep...Jess and Ford are just gonna be like "Oh now I think you are so great. Thanks for being there." Then they have sex...

If I were Clint and Vicki I'd be like "Jesus are our girls THAT big of sluts that they can't have a wedding without paternity test drama. How many people are they sleeping with?!" I find myself looking at LDV every chance I get in these scenes. Lordy...Brody is grasping at straws here and poor thing is trying to convince Natalie like no other. I do feel bad for him. Eh...Natalie...kinda. I mean I know she wants John but bitch shouldn't have lied to begin with! BUT...that being said...she has paid enough for her mistake so she might as well get to have who she wants. I'll give her that much. YES...there are now twenty-one (21) Marty Saybrooke's leaping around in Brody's eyes! She has multiplied!!!!

Well at least Natalie said she hoped they learned from their mistakes last year. Ok so this was like the best reveal ever. All done in one episode! THAT is what I'm talking about. Yeppers...there are now fifty Marty Saybrooke's dancing around in Brody's eyes and about half of them are playing with fire. Brody is officially gone...mentally. Soooo I am assuming that Bo isn't arresting Brody right now. I'm fine with that. Natalie what are you waiting for? Go after John!

I can now sleep at night...Cutter has agreed to go to Rio with Gigi/Stacy. I was going to be so worried about her if she went alone.

Robert Ford is not a great human being but I find him incredibly attractive. I'm sorry...I just do. David Gregory is just gorgeous. Yep...sex soon between these two.

Oh hell...how many times can Liam be kidnapped within a year? I mean seriously. He's gonna be like Starr Manning 2.0.

I love it...Llantano Airlines. Hell, you better go Natty! Llantano Airlines always departs on time (from what I have heard) so you better go catch John!

Okie dokie. Off to get dressed for work and make Ross pumpking muffins. I'll respond to comments later on.

Love y'all and mean it on this Tuesday,


  1. Hi Mija !! Finally, Finally !! Now if somebody can stop that plane with McBain on it, perfect.....Too bad we all know what Brody's next move is gonna be.....Hey, excellent Blog today Missy, Thats all I've got...XO Krisi

  2. haven't watched Tuesday yet--is brody going to kill somebody--make it Ford!

  3. I am seriously ROTFLMAO about the little Marty Saybrookes in Brody's eyes. I can totally see them, and they are awesome! ;)

    This episode rocked. I love how fast it moved.


  4. Hi! Quick responses...busy day!

    @Krisi Thank you thank you for all that praise! You flatter me, darling!!! Ugh...I know...poor Brody. Makes me sick the way they are sending him off...SICK! UGH! I think McBain stays off the plane, right? ;) xx

    @rac Oh, rac, I have a feeling that Brody ain't gonna kill Ford. Actually, I haven't been reading spoilers so I don't know who he kills...if he even kills anyone. I know that someone dies next week but lemme tell you one thing...if it is Nigel I will lose my shit! Do you hear me!? I will flip! UGH.

    @Laura hehehehe....glad you liked the little Marty Saybrookes dancing around Brody's pupils and irises. Dancing Marty's are great right? Who wouldn't love them? Yes, the episode is good and I'm with you...shit was moving! THAT is what I'm talkin' 'bout!