Monday, November 21, 2011

Let's Hook Up Tonight

Firstly, my apologies. I had every intention of blogging this morning but it didn't work out. We have had company in town all weekend so things have been hectic. Anyway, I PROMISE I'm blogging this evening. I don't know if I am just gonna do Monday or try and do Friday as well. Regardless, I will be able to blog for all the episodes through Wednesday!

I'm sorry! I mean...on the bright side, none of y'all would want to read this blog if all I did was watch this show constantly and blog about every little thing and be some crazy fan so...that's a good thing right? ;) I'm reaching for anything at this point...I'm sorry!

See y'all this evening!



  1. lately I am only watching scenes with Alex and Todd in them (damn you OLTL for making me have to listen to stagi and cutter!!) but today I had to watch the Brody ones and I sobbed like a baby

  2. @rac stagi?! I love it!!!! Ugh....I had to read a summary of Friday and I am about to try and watch quickly now. You sobbed??? I'm now nervous. Oh and LURVE Alex...LURVE her.