Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Too Bad You Fired The Only Cop In The Room, Huh?

Bo: "It's okay guys. Nora and I are going to St. Blaizes for a few weeks and by the time we get back the mayor will want me back. I'll see you soon."

Morning!!!!! How are y'all on this Turkey Day Eve?! If any of you are traveling, then I wish you safe travels today. Ok let me go on and blog. Ross is taking me to work this morning so I have a little extra time but I slept late. ;)

Tuesday, November 22nd--No One is Blogging Since Everyone Is Depressed Bo Lost His Job. Everyone in Llanview Is Running A Muck

Dammit Blair still has on the sweater. I need it off.

Wait...I'm kinda confused. So Todd is trying to blame Tomas for all this to get him out of town (mainly so Todd can be with Blair)...ok. Tomas has to know that Todd is the one that really killed Victor. However, I'm now wondering if Todd REALLY did kill Victor. I mean...I would really prefer it if he wasn't the killer but...c'est la vie. I'm just gonna see where this all goes because I haven't read spoilers on it and I am just not sure. Hmmm.

LOL! I love the cheese fry being used as a mustache for Kathleen. Hilar. Ok I know I may be in the minority here but I love the mayor. Hell no...she is NO Dorian...that's for damn sure. No one can replace Dorian. But, I liked WM on Guiding Light and she plays the snide, bitchy role very well and I think she has done well with her role here on the show. So I think she is just doing a good job...lemme put it that way. Ooooh Kathleeen is jealous! It is patently obvious. BN are adorbs today...ah!

Again, who in their right mind goes to Rio to get plastic surgery?!

Dammit to hell. I'm fine with Dan-YELLA but NQS being on the show. I mean...this is just wrong. WRONG!

I mean I flippin' blinked and that Tea and Blair scene was long over. Good God that was quick! Tomas has a gun. Could there be a shootout at Warehouse 22?! I feel like I'm watching an old western.

Dear God...I hate this porn shit...or jail bait shit whatever you want to call it. Skanky Starr...I do like that. It has a ring to it. Is this story for real? NOOOO!!!!! They did NOT just split the screen four ways to say "Rick Powers!" Are you kidding me?! I quit...

I mean....the thought of ALL these people from Llanview being in Rio is ABSURD. ABSURD. Oh and Aubs should just knock that bitchy receptionist out cold. I must say I love that Aubs is going right along with the plan and saying she wants and upgrade. She is quite the team player. ;)

OMG this mayor is bitter! I love how Bo said the mayor had a point (about PDA) and then he kisses her. Bo is so adorable with all of this smirking. Wait...Kathleeen has fired Bo like 40 times. She is so wishy washy. However, it will be permanent this time.

These Blair and Tea scenes are too short. I can't even get a damn sentence down.

Y'all I am so confused with Todd and Tomas. And...I'm actually enjoying these scenes today. LOL! Yes! And these scenes just got a lot better now that Baker entered...laugh factor...check.
hahahaha! Did Alex just call Cutter "hot butter?" I love it.

Yeah Aubs and Rex are way better than Rex and Gigi. LOL...Alex is like a damn mummy in all that gauze!

Kathleen is such a snide little bitch! Loves it. What I love more is that Bo is smiling the whole time. These scenes are cracking me up. There should be more investigating going on and less goosing...haha! I love that Kathleen asked if B/N were investigating the "case of a missing heart attack!" I'm like peeing on myself over here. OMG....Bo just ate the damn cheese fry that was on the paper! I.LOVE.HIM. LOVE HIM. This is like old school 1990's BN today...fabulous.

UGH....I hate that damn fence behind Baker. It is on every warehouse scene.

Ok let's let these Blair and Tea scenes be longer than two seconds. Oh I love Tea's necklace by the way. Tea is no fool. Bitch knows Blair still loves Todd. I wonder how she is gonna react when Blair heads back to Todd.

LOL...Baker is capable of putting a bullet in anyone's back at any time. That's right y'all...Baker is THAT good! Thanks for reminding us Tomas! WHAT?! Baker just pistol whipped Tomas?! What in the hell is going on?

The only thing I have to say about Rick Powers is that I'm sorry Ross isn't here to see this. Y'all know he has this undying love for him. Ross' fav characters on this show are ridic. I'll have to list them one day. Let's just say Rick and Hannah are at the top...God help me.

I love that Tea is listing all the positive things about Blair and says "you look great in leggings." FABULOUS! Blair is lying through her damn teeth about loving Tomas and she infuriates me so damn much because all her decisions with men are so f*@king terrible! It is hard for me to feel sorry for people like this! Tea looks gorg by the way.

ha! Baker is such comedic relief. I just love him. I really do. Not all the time...but every now and then he is great. Tomas is kind of a badass this episode! Yes?! I mean...he has more ammo to use against Todd and I think Todd was genuinely surprised. This may be where Tomas FINALLY shows us all his CIA tactics.

Bo is so adorable I can't deal with it. Kathleen's quotes today are PHENOMENAL! "Your lead detective walked off the job. Your other stellar officer assaulted a butler and kidnapped an infant but we're not gonna see a conviction in that will we?" LOL. Awe...Bo defending still my heart. hahaha! Couldn't secure a guilty verdict against Osama Bin Laden! Hilar! Damn...I wished Nora would have said "vengeful, uptight, lonely bitch" instead of "woman." Snap! They just slapped each other! I.LOVE.THIS.TODAY. Nora should have clocked her back like Phylicia did her. I love how Bo smirked...adorbs.

hahaha! I'm cracking up this episode. Cutter telling Aubs she is getting the girls the lift they always needed. I love it. Let's all remember that Dr. Fascinella's office is really a hotel room in Seattle. Just in case y'all forgot. HAHA!!! I love how they tried to make Alex's hair look like Gigi's! I think I just peed on myself! I think Rex is kinda confused at the moment. Alex is right though...if anyone should be going after the Buchanan money it should be her. ;) I mean...I love that they swooped her hair to the side. LOVES it!

What?! Kathleen just said she can't believe Nora hit her?! WTF? Yes I just peed when Kathleen said she should have Nora arrested and her response was "Well it's too bad you fired the only cop in the room huh?" I mean this shit is hysterical. Bo isn't even mad! I mean he is smiling. Jesus....I mean I cannot handle how adorable these two are today! High fives, kissing and then Bo saying how much he loves her...this is like too much for me to mentally absorb in one morning.

Tea...just flat out tell Blair that she is totally full of shit. LOL...strained metaphor! Nice Tea. What?! Blair, you REALLY mean to tell me that you took your time and really got to know Tomas before you started a relationship with him. BULLSHIT. God, you are so stupid sometimes! I just want to shake your little ass!

I am literally LOL'ing when Baker talks. I can't help it. These scenes are enjoyable to the point that I am watching and not really blogging...

"My music doesn't need drama. It can sell on it's own, Rick." f*@king joke I have ever heard. Thanks, Starr.

I mean I love Alex...always have, always will. Damn...I don't even watch "AMC" but I did hear about the two Erika Canes thing. I still don't buy for a minute that Dr. Fascinella is any good. Speaking of...are they ever going to show him?

Oh damn....TEAR! Bo taking down his real Vietnam pics...can't handle it. "I guess it all comes to an end sooner or later." Y'all I could cry. THIS SHOW REALLY IS ENDING! God bless. I mean...between Bo saying that he never wants to be alone and Nora saying she will walk with him anywhere...well just kill me. My heart can't take this adorableness any longer. A salute?!?! OLTL, are you trying to kill me this morning?! I just had a tear slide down my cheek!

This Rick shit is ridic. With all those weapons they are holding it is like a damn game of "Clue."
So that's it? Alex just gave Cutter her info and that's it?! I don't buy it.

OMG...Bo's gun and badge just hanging there. So sad. Now Drew?! Very nice they are showing that picture. Sadness. Le tear.

I HATE THAT OTTOMAN!!!! Remove it Tea! Now! Seriously if Blair laid across that ottoman right now it would be even more of a disaster...all that black and white!!!

Hmmm...listen to Tomas, Todd! Listen. He is preaching the truth!!!

Ah...great episode. I'm officially running late! I'm gonna respond to my other comments today...PROMISE! I might be able to do it after I get dressed quickly.

Love y'all...mean it!

Gobble gobble,


  1. Props Mija on showing some restraint. One tear? Really?? I, myself, burst into tears on the boys in blue saluting Bo out of office. Ugh - I guess absolutely everything echoes that we are nearing the end. These old school Bo & Nora scenes were marvelous - so adorable. I LOVED the series of looks that flew over Bo's face after Nora walloped on her Mayorship! LOL!!

    I like to think Todd DID NOT kill Victor - but who the hell knows what the writers have cooked up on this one? I got the feeling during these scenes that Todd is truly losing it on some level - like he might be having a real nervous breakdown here. Doesn't he need some PTSD therapy? I am sure Blair could probably fix him right up if she would STOP BEING A MORON.

    Sorry, but us old school TnBers are climbing the walls for some sexual healing to take place here. Surely the writers don't want to be responsible for all of our collective head's exploding by not allowing this to happen. Surely. ACK! I don't trust anybody.

    At any rate - I am betting Todd will not go through with this nonsense with ToeMass. And I hate ToeMass a little less for his work in these scenes - I agree with you they were quite compelling all around and nicely laced with humor.

    Apparently somebody is going to die today? A major character?? Gawd help me.

    Hope you and Ross (who is a delicious cutie pie btw) have a FABULOUS Turkey Day Mija!!!!! Kisses!!!!

    Young Boots

  2. LOVED this episode! Okay Bo and Nora was all it needed, but adding any Tea / Blair moment tends to help as well. Yes, it was old school Bo and Nora. So funny for the first half of the episode. The looks from RSW (after Nora slapped Kathleen) once again make the scene. First the $$ out of the dress and now this. He's phenomenal! (And it is okay, I like the mayor too. I hate it when they put weak actors in scenes with RSW & HBS. The mayor is holding her own.) Then we got the sweet packing up scenes. Yes, the Vietnam pics coming down were so sad, but we did get a close up of young RSW. And the salute by his officers...wonderful. But did you notice that RSW can still give one hell of a salute? The man knows how to do it right. This episode is a clear example of what RSW and HBS can do and why we all love them. Can you sense I'm a little biased here?? Add in Alex humor and the Blair in leggings comment and the show works. They could have just run commercials during the teen scenes and it would have been fine with me. I was already happy.


  3. You know every time I think Bo and Nora can't get anymore adorable, they prove me wrong.
    Past two days I have laughed and cried during the show.
    Still love Alex so much. But I hope the rumor about Cutter's father is wrong, because there are so many things wrong with that. #1 Alex is the biggest Gold digger ever, no way she wouldn't use that to get money.

    P.S. Watched Venice yet? Way fun.

  4. Have you ever seen "Dirty Soap"? Farah is kind of a b*tch to JP, and he doesn't seem to be in the least interested in marrying her. Not exactly Rex and Gigi. I kind of like him with Aubrey, though I'm sure they are going to have Stacy wind up being Gigi after all. Also, I'm still, STILL holding out hope that Todd did not really kill Victor after all. I was kinda hoping that he was going to have Baker use some of his brainwashing techniques to make Tomas believe that he really did kill Victor. I mean, Irene was able to make Victor believe that he was Todd. It can't be that far of a stretch to believe that Todd was brainwashed into believing that he killed Victor with that whole "Feel the weight of the gun in your hand" stuff. Plus, Victor was on the phone when he was shot. He wouldn't have hung up when someone came in waving a gun. The voicemail would have picked up, "You took my life Victor, now I take yours." I'm going to be so pissed if they have Blair wind up with Tomas at the end of all this instead of Todd. I've waited too darn long for my Todd to get back together with Blair (I think since I was in high school) to have it end with him being a killer and her walking off into the sunset at the end of this show when it's canceled with Tomas Delgado. Heck, I was on team T&B even when it was TSJ instead of RH.

    On a side note, I'm freaking the F out! Can anyone please tell me whether the cliffhanger at the end of today's episode is for real or not? Do they revive? And they way they did it, terrible. Don't want to spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen today's show yet, but I'm all kinds of depressed now. :(

  5. Happy Thanksgiving, Mary Ella! I'm watching the Parade, making some pies and thinking about OLTL's Thanksgiving episode, which was so awesome and sad. I can't wait to see what happens on Monday.