Tuesday, November 8, 2011

And This Is What I Come Back To?

Rama: "Oh Vimal it's okay. This whole Natalie/John paternity storyline will be over with soon. Don't try and harm yourself because of it. It's almost over!"

Oh goodness...good morning! How is everyone?! Glad to be back. Ummm somehow I am running late this a.m.? Anyway, I have to make this a fast post. I'll be back to comment this evening. Hope y'all had a great week last week! Oh, and I haven't watched the episodes I missed last week so this post oughta be interesting. Ok dearies...

Monday, November 7th--John Wants to Leave Town Because He Is So Over the Lack of Renee Divine's Screentime

Oh wow. So this is my first day seeing Vimal's sister. Just awesome. She is exactly who I wanted to see in the first scene.

The decor of Foxy Roxy's kinda makes me dizzy. Very bright.

Awe...yay! Bo Buchanan is on to no doubt make my day. Seriously that is the only reason he is on...I'm convinced....to please me only. ;) Ugh...I guess I can accept McBain leaving but his hair has to stay in Llanview...that's an order.

Oh good God...Louie? Clearly he is not dead like I thought he might be.

Ok so I don't feel like discussing Vimal's sister because, frankly, I don't have time this morning and I just don't care.

Nice place to hide the pregs test, Tea. Sam is clearly the best child on this show. I mean...please be friends with me.

Again, as long as John's lucsious locks stay in Llanview then I guess I'm ok with him leaving. ;) Ugh...John you need to stay here and help Bo find Victor's murderer!

Oh boo. I was hoping that I would see these Jessica and Natalie scenes and somehow magically care about this storyline but I don't! Dammit! Why can't I be magical at times?! I mean...I really feel I should care about all this but I don't.

I love that Bo called John out on his bullshit excuse to leave Llanview.

Vindictive spiteful bitch...very nice, Natty. Otherwise...I couldn't care less.

I'd love it if Tea would let me come inside and decorate her house. How flippin' sweet is little Sam?!?! I mean...my children need to be like him. Hmmm I wonder if Sam will start playing with the pregs test thinking it is a toy...

Hmmmm y'all I'm kinda bored. Sorry...

Jesus...why can't Jessica just show Natty the flippin' test?! Where is LDV when you need her?

Clearly the only lovely thing about this episode for me is that Bo Buchanan is on being fabulous and adorable as usual. Otherwise...I'm about pull my hair out.

NuJack's acting is still horrible. I'm sorry.

Oh...lemme say that RH looks pretty yumm-o in that outfit. Y'all I NEED this episode to get better!!!! I'm so f*@king bored. I mean...this show ends in two months and I'm bored. HATE that!

hahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!! OF COURSE! Little Sam is waving around the pregs test! I knew it!!!!!

I love that Jess said she got the paternity test from David Vickers...because that's not misleading or anything. Oh so Jess can't whip out the paper because LDV took it back. This dog does whatever the hell she wants! No discipline...none!!!

Let me think...I'm pressed for time and this show is boring so I'll just sum up this show.

I don't give a damn about Jess and Natty. Why? Is it because they aren't intersting characters? No. They aren't lovely to look at? No. It is because this story has gone on for so f*@king long that I lost interest months ago.

The Tea being pregs thing is a good idea and I like it. What I like even better? Sam using the pregs stick as a sword.

Vimal's sister...I mean why should I even care about this.

Todd is great looking in these new clothes.

John's luscious locks AND his actual body need to stay in Llanview. I know I said just the mane could stay but now I'm being greedy and need both.

Bo was clearly the best part of the show for me today.

I'm also praying Tuesday's episode is better!


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