Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Clint/Vicki--The Adorableness Continues

Vicki/Nicki: "I can't wait to wear this outfit for Clint. He will love it."

Evening everyone! No surprise...no comments on my last post. I don't blame y'all...it was a totally shitty post and that is really all there is to say about it. I actually have Ross next to me tonight as I blog so maybe he will provide some useful commentary. He will only pay attention to about 10% of the show. For y'all's sake, I hope this post is better.

Tuesday, November 8th--John McBain Volunteers to Blog Since Clint and Vicki Are So Adorbs. McBain Just HAS to Gush About Them.

Wait...I have to take a time out and say that I can't believe I didn't comment on Natty's wedding dress. Dear God...how effing awful! Ross said the following "It looks like some shit 'The Little Mermaid' would wear." The man has a point. Anyway, I had to say something about the dress. Whoever designed it got a little crazy with the damn bedazzler.

Ugh...Blair's coat is effing atrosh and needs to be removed immediately.

Lordy...Baker on the cover of "The Sun." Poor bastard can't catch a break. Now...Tea has on a gorg coat. Blair needs to take lessons. If the hair and make-up peeps are trying to give Tea that I'm pregs and glowing/healthy look then consider it a success. She looks fabulous in that all white.

"You have 27 missed calls from Vimal." Gosh, the day I wake up and see that on my phone remind me to kill myself.

Jesus...where in holy hell is that pic of Natalie from?! That backdrop looks like one of those TERRIBLE junior high spring time pictures that you had to take. UGH. OMG OMG OMG...it's Clint!!!! Looking ever so dapper! AHHHH!!!! Enter Victoria! Thank you Jesus! Laura, I know you are so happy right now. I love how they always dress Vicki in bold solid tops and a long necklace. Hey, if it ain't broke? I'm sorry...but I hate that Clint is on house arrest. HATE IT!!!! Oooohhhh so is Vicki trying to get Clint special permission to go to the wedding?!

Omigod...someone burn Blair's coat. I can't deal with this fugly thing. AHHHHHH!!!!!! BDV (big David Vickers) is surfacing?! I had no idea!

Awe...look at C and V flirting!!! Clint likes Vicki calling him out on his shit...and other things. I LOVE IT!!! He is smitten! That cute little grin...can't deal. OMG that sweet little V got Clint's tux dry cleaned...adorbs.

I'm not into Neela shit. I'm sorry. I mean she is a pretty girl but I'm not interested. I feel like I'm watching some show on Disney or ABC Family. UGH. These two are too mcuh. On another note, the Mumbai airport looks shotty at best.

Good God will someone please ship me Tea's coat?! PLEASE!

Oh woof...I'm over this French man and Tomas at this point. Seriously.

I love that Dorian sent David to ask Blair if she voted! WORD on that!!!

Vicki is a terrible liar. LOL. Wait...Clint and Cord are the same size. That's a lie. OMG...regardless if Clint can go to the wedding or not you can tell Clint is touched. Sweet thing.

I'm just not commenting on this Vimal/Neela foolishness.

I hope that Blair and BDV chewed gum or had a breath mint before that scene. I mean they were nose to nose. OMG...flashback to that Halloween adorableness that was Todd/Blair/Sam.
I mean...this Vicki and Clint adorableness is more than I can handle.

Again...not discussing this Neela shit.

LOL...I love Todd's facial expressions when Tea said that Blair had turned herself trying to get over Todd. That bastard is confident and knows Blair still wants him...I love it.

I have to say that I do find these Blair and BDV scenes are quite funny and entertaining!

Is Tea's hair a different color? It looked like it was when she exited "The Sun."

Gosh I'm so excited about these Tomas scenes!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm smiling so wide right now!!!!!!!!!!!! Boo.

NOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The judge turned down the request!? Boo! Huge effing boo.

Wait...Tomas is off chasing his _____ little tail? I can't understand what Todd just said.

Ugh..Ross just fell asleep so he is offering ZERO comments. ZERO.

I mean...can we just all give Vicki a group hug!? I think she wanted to cry when she told Tea that Clint was writing his toast. OMG and now I could cry seeing Tea and Vicki hug. Adorbs.

I'm sorry but I think Todd/Victor makes/made enough money from "The Sun" that he can afford a better damn desk. Get some big mahogany thing why don't you? I mean there are ZERO drawers on that damn thing.

I would KILL to hear Dorian's voice! Why can't BDV answer and put Dorian on speakerphone?! WHY NOT?!

Tomas is a sneaky bastard huh? I'd like for all those years with the CIA or FBI or whatever the hell he did to be shown. As far as Tomas goes, at this point I just know that his painting is just ok...he doesn't like to shave (or bathe for that matter) and that he appears to be a pretty bad liar.

I mean...this Tea and Vicki stuff is hilar.

Shouldn't BDV be leaving to go have sex with Dorian? It's been 3 months...run to her!

NOOOO!!!!!!!!! Poor Clint! I mean...I will console you sweetheart. Just let Mary-Ella come and take care of you...poor thing!

Oh boo on Blair going to tell Tomas she loves him...huge boo.

Ooookay so I don't think my iPhone does all that shit Tomas' does. PLUS...that looked like a 3G or 3GS iPhone and not a 4 or 4S...yet it scanning shit and what not. I need to get better with my apps.

Oooookay! I'm going to have a glass of wine and go to bed! Have a great night!

Love y'all and mean it oh so much!


  1. Natalie's unfortunate dress was not only designed for her "look at me!" moment but for her boobies "look at me!" moment as well. It definitely looks like someone was a little too enthusiastic with a bedazzler. Just awful.

  2. As horrible as the show is at the moment and as much as I hate the Todd killed Victor stuff RH's acting in scenes by himself is pretty amazing--and the stuff with Louie I loved, Todd has always needed an older man/mentor around (like Sam)

    The Vilmal stuff--just why!

  3. *Sigh* can't seem to watch any of it, whether I love it or hate it, without feeling an overlay of grief. I think somebody must have slipped some of that crazy sauce into my moisturizer.

  4. Love the RH scenes - anything he's in is great. Love Viki/Clint, Cord/Tina, BDV is too cool - Tuc Watkins rocks, Tea looks better than ever!

    Big Fail: New huge story line with NuJack and Vimal's sister Neela. Really? Are these characters we really need to see more of? Do we really want to see NuJack's love life (and possible runaway marriage), not to mention more and more of Vimal? UGH. Say it ain't so! OLTL, find someone else to write about instead of these guys, PLEASE....

    I am looking forward to the return of Lindsay Rappaport and the Appearance of Gabrielle Medina, however...

    Blair - it's Todd you want. Todd - it's Blair you want. Don't listen to rumors, just deal with it face to face. lol

    RC -

  5. I sure hope Gabrielle is in scenes with Tina--CAN NOT WAIT!!

  6. Hello everyone!!!

    @Katie OMG Natty's boobs are going to be OOC in that dress!!! I mean they are going to show her girls off like no other and they will def be in our face for multiple episodes. UGH. Gosh, Natty's last dress was dripping in shit, too. Oooh the dress for this wedding looks like something out of those "Seventeen" magazine special editions about prom. You know what I'm talking about???

    @rac RH is doing fabulously. Plus, I can't lie...looking pretty delicious lately, too. Lord...it pains me to say this but, yes, Sam was a good mentor for Todd...for awhile. Then OLTL pretty much dropped that relationship. Stop...the Vimal stuff. Someone drop a hippo on me immediately.

    @Young Grieving Boots Whannnn!!!!! These last two months are gonna be sad enough as it is...NEED your spectacular wit, madame! But, I totally understand. We can't be cheery all the time...that's for damn sure. I agree though...the show could be epic right now but I'd still have a twinge of sadness. Just boo. Hopefully we will cheer up soon. Buy new moisturizer, p.s.

    @R to the C ;) OMG in total agreement! Lurve all the scenes you did! I mean...yes, Tea looks phenom! Bitch is glowing! I demand her moisturizer! But, I do not want to be pregs...lemme fake that glow, please. Oh BDV is too cool for school and he was refreshing yesterday. I love it. STOOOOOPPPPPP!!!! I cannot deal with Neela and NuJack...simply cannot and I can't even entertain this shit. I mean...insulting. REALLY, OLTL?! I mean REALLY?! Oh I am sooo looking forward to the Lindsanity to return to the canvas, too. I'd like to see her and Norago a round or two. Eh...Gabrielle...kinda don't give a shit but whatevs. You know that Ty Treadway is supposedly returning. Le sigh. Ummmm total agreement about Todd and Blair...just do the damn thing. ha!

    @rac I'm sure some Gabrielle and Tina scenes would be good. I'm not sure how big Gabrielle's return is supposed to be and I haven't heard of who she is supposed to interact with etc. Now that I think about it, I actually hope she interacts with Tina because otherwise I really don't care about her intereacting with anyone else. I mean...I don't think Max Holden is returning. He would be the only other person I'd care to see her with...I think...