Monday, December 20, 2010

"You Know I Would Never Give Up On This Marriage. And, I Know You Would Never Sleep With Inez."

Spoilers Mentioned.

Ok, for 3 episodes in a row now Bo looks like he is about to vomit all over the place like a 12 year old that had too much candy and then rode the teacups at Disney 3 times in a row. And, it looks like he never wanted a barf bag more than after Nora said the entitled quote. He has guilt written all over his face! Too bad Nora kicks him to the curb on Tuesday so that doesn't say much about her quote...for the time being, but I know in the end they come together and work to kick the person's ass who is behind all this...CLINT! OMG...he is playing them like fiddles! Clint did ask how Rex was and if he was going to be okay and all but I felt no emotion or genuine concern from him when he said it. Anyway... really Bo?! I mean really? You are going to tell Clint of all effing people that you cheated on Nora? The man who pulled a shotgun on you twice in the past year? (sidenote: how hilarious was the mini potted plant with that stiff balloon Clint strolled in with) I know they have to do this to Bo since it is a plot point but Bo would never be this naive. Oh, and Clint did NOT have a torrid love affair with Echo. It was like a one time thing. What was that about? Speaking of plot points, Jesus, they are making Nora look stupid. This character that is the smartest woman on the show (literally) would NEVER act like this. OMG...where is the Nora from the 90's?! She and Bo are just like "oh, I wonder who would want to break us up?" I want to just jump through the tv at them and shake them. On a positive note, I will say that the writing is clever in the sense that Bo is in the EXACT same position Nora was in in 1998 right down to the hospital bedside setting. Role reversal at its finest. I'm glad because now I feel that Bo and Nora will finally address their problems head-on once they get back together...about time. Their reunion was too quick! Enough of this tirade...

I love that Marty talks to herself out loud. Her conversations with herself are far more entertaining than any Ford/Land dialogue and any Starr/James discussion (which Starr/James please leave the canvas. Oh, and it's obvious James is gay. That's fine...peachy. But he needs to tell Starr and go hook up with someone else). Back to Marty and her Shakespearean-esque soliloquies. She is unraveling more and more each episode and I'm sure that the two people she wanted to see at her doorstep today were both Natalie and Todd....LOL. Eh...Todd going to Marty's was stupid. Granted she loathes Todd but he is trying to think of ANYONE who could have planted those cufflinks...Marty being his first instinct. But let's be serious, it sure as hell wasn't Marty the martyr. I do love him making fun of her, though. Oh, and how awesome is it that whenever Natalie shows up at Marty's office or house she always barges in and demands like a little diva that Martyr's guest or patient get out?! Haha. She kicked Inez out of Martyr's office and now Todd out of her house...lurve this shiz. Keep it up. Yes, I'm calling Marty just "Martyr" now...that wasn't a typo. ;)

Ooohh....Hello Officer Price. I'd like to catch you under the mistletoe. Nice to have you back.

Who is this John?!?! He just pretended to talk like a gingerbread man while talking to Natalie. And, he was affectionate with her! Obviously this behavior can be explained since, remember folks, Mercury is still in retrograde. I kid, I kid. The sad thing is...I think John sincerely LOVES Natalie. This is the first time since John "I have so much emotion I'm going to explode" McBain has told anyone anything remotely romantic. He didn't even do this with Evangeline. Now, as soon as he finally loves someone it's gonna get ruined since Natalie has been a dipshit and lied to him. Ah...this drives me crazy. Thankfully, I'm not a diehard Jolie fan like a lot of people are but it is unfair to the fanbase. Not to mention, they have hardly gotten any alone time to be happy and have serious conversations. I haven't read to many spoilers about when Martyr drops the bomb. Hopefully John and Natalie can work through all this mess.

Ok, I'm convinced Vicki is the only person at Llanfair that has a brain. God knows Natalie, Jess (she hardly had all her marbles to begin with), and Joey don't have one and certainly Charlie doesn't. Again saying Vicki is the ONLY one with a brain is saying a lot since, ummm I dunno, Vicki has DID and this damn fiasco is going to bring Nicki Smith or one of her other alters back into full effect if she isn't careful. She needs to get rid of Charlie's ass! Ugh, I'm so tired of him being there for Echo. Every time Vicki turns a corner in her own damn house, Echo and Charlie are in an embrace. This story is so messed up cause it is patently obvious that no woman in her right mind would allow this to happen! Vicki is smarter than that and it's an insult to her character. Thank God Dorian is on tomorrow. She needs to zap some bitchiness into Vicki ASAP. I'll say this that I do love Vicki in that purple top. Looks pretty on her. Oh, and by the way. I love how all the Christmas decorations are up and on Wednesday it will be Christmas Eve in Llanview...REALLY?!?! I mean, technically it's only the Saturday night/evening after Thanksgiving on the show. Think about it, Nora went to Vicki's on Black Friday and got saved by Rex late that night and then the wreck happened and she was saved mid-morning on Saturday. Yet Christmas Eve is this Wednesday...supposedly, according to spoilers. Absurd, I tell you!

So, Ford was NOT at the hospital the whole time?! Gosh, I give up. I am kinda confused about all this. I need the flashbacks to become more elaborate. I'll wait until this week is over and then discuss my suspect list...again. le sigh. HOWEVER, I still think that Matthew maybe prime suspect number one. I'm telling you...this is Georgie Phillips 2.0. I feel it.

Oh, and I didn't discuss James and Starr because you know why? They have had the same conversation for a week now and the horse has just been beaten to hell and back. Enough!

Until tomorrow!

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